Barbour County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alford, James Harvey  11 Jul 1871Barbour County, West Virginia I28401 Virts 
2 Auvil, James Quinter  16 Dec 1867Barbour County, West Virginia I70665 Virts 
3 Bolyard, Catharine  26 Sep 1821Barbour County, West Virginia I27867 Virts 
4 Bolyard, Colean  24 Oct 1926Barbour County, West Virginia I70699 Virts 
5 Bolyard, Dayton Gordon  18 Sep 1898Barbour County, West Virginia I27340 Virts 
6 Bolyard, Della  15 Feb 1879Barbour County, West Virginia I27256 Virts 
7 Bolyard, Elmer Elsworth  1 Feb 1881Barbour County, West Virginia I41945 Virts 
8 Bolyard, Enoch  10 Apr 1871Barbour County, West Virginia I27251 Virts 
9 Bolyard, Ethel Mae  4 Jul 1903Barbour County, West Virginia I27282 Virts 
10 Bolyard, Exava  11 Apr 1883Barbour County, West Virginia I27258 Virts 
11 Bolyard, Gary Lynn  7 Jul 1949Barbour County, West Virginia I27378 Virts 
12 Bolyard, Homer Troy  26 Aug 1901Barbour County, West Virginia I27369 Virts 
13 Bolyard, Howard John  17 Nov 1908Barbour County, West Virginia I27319 Virts 
14 Bolyard, Jasper Lawson  27 Apr 1887Barbour County, West Virginia I41934 Virts 
15 Bolyard, John Wesley  12 Jan 1873Barbour County, West Virginia I27252 Virts 
16 Bolyard, Laura  Dec 1874Barbour County, West Virginia I27305 Virts 
17 Bolyard, Raymond H.  21 Jan 1899Barbour County, West Virginia I27368 Virts 
18 Bolyard, William Peter  30 Mar 1867Barbour County, West Virginia I27249 Virts 
19 Cobun, Dennis B.  18 Jan 1908Barbour County, West Virginia I70707 Virts 
20 Cox, Anzonettie Columbia  22 May 1858Barbour County, West Virginia I28000 Virts 
21 Cox, Leola May  26 Jun 1894Barbour County, West Virginia I27307 Virts 
22 Cox, Ulysses Clark  20 May 1866Barbour County, West Virginia I27306 Virts 
23 Duckworth, Ruth  20 Mar 1917Barbour County, West Virginia I41981 Virts 
24 Dugan, Howard  7 May 1913Barbour County, West Virginia I70744 Virts 
25 England, Elizabeth Anna  6 Oct 1881Barbour County, West Virginia I27728 Virts 
26 Ford, James Leonard  16 Apr 1886Barbour County, West Virginia I70666 Virts 
27 Haller, Ira Bliss  17 May 1908Barbour County, West Virginia I70745 Virts 
28 Harshberger, Isaac Garfield  4 Jun 1880Barbour County, West Virginia I27229 Virts 
29 Hoffman, Ruby Gail  13 Oct 1913Barbour County, West Virginia I70678 Virts 
30 Hovator, Sarah  2 Apr 1849Barbour County, West Virginia I28150 Virts 
31 Jones, Bernettie  1 Sep 1927Barbour County, West Virginia I70968 Virts 
32 Jones, John Earl  1 Jun 1854Barbour County, West Virginia I28116 Virts 
33 Keyser, Gordon Roscoe  25 Jun 1898Barbour County, West Virginia I35083 Virts 
34 Keyser, Rosalee Virginia  27 Jul 1919Barbour County, West Virginia I70823 Virts 
35 Miller, Franklin J.  23 Oct 1908Barbour County, West Virginia I27286 Virts 
36 Miller, Howard  20 Oct 1913Barbour County, West Virginia I27288 Virts 
37 Moore, Aubrey  1905Barbour County, West Virginia I70680 Virts 
38 Reed, Chester  19 Aug 1879Barbour County, West Virginia I42601 Virts 
39 Richmond, Ruth  3 Feb 1922Barbour County, West Virginia I70999 Virts 
40 Runner, Lenna Fay  6 Jun 1899Barbour County, West Virginia I27119 Virts 
41 Shaw, Arlie Russel  6 Jun 1907Barbour County, West Virginia I70673 Virts 
42 Shaw, James Everett  9 Jul 1879Barbour County, West Virginia I70672 Virts 
43 Shaw, Lura Naomi  16 May 1905Barbour County, West Virginia I70675 Virts 
44 Shaw, Mabel E.  1912Barbour County, West Virginia I70674 Virts 
45 Shingleton, Frederick Bruce  3 Nov 1891Barbour County, West Virginia I28311 Virts 
46 Smith, Charles Wesley  Jun 1862Barbour County, West Virginia I69801 Virts 
47 Summers, Ellen May  1 Dec 1871Barbour County, West Virginia I27215 Virts 
48 Trimble, Harold J.  9 Feb 1901Barbour County, West Virginia I70904 Virts 
49 Watring, Isora Belle  13 May 1877Barbour County, West Virginia I27367 Virts 
50 Watts, Charles Elmer  19 Apr 1882Barbour County, West Virginia I28553 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolyard, Boyd W.  Jun 1988Barbour County, West Virginia I27337 Virts 
2 Bolyard, Elias  22 Feb 1925Barbour County, West Virginia I27246 Virts 
3 Bolyard, Greenland Earl  Dec 1978Barbour County, West Virginia I27986 Virts 
4 Bolyard, Howard John  31 Oct 1977Barbour County, West Virginia I27319 Virts 
5 Bolyard, Mary Alice  1 Oct 1913Barbour County, West Virginia I27245 Virts 
6 Bolyard, Orpha Agnes  26 Feb 1973Barbour County, West Virginia I27222 Virts 
7 Goff, Sylvia Ruth  29 Apr 1974Barbour County, West Virginia I27192 Virts 
8 Haddix, Winnie Belle  Dec 1978Barbour County, West Virginia I27490 Virts 
9 Harshberger, Isaac Garfield  18 Oct 1973Barbour County, West Virginia I27229 Virts 
10 Knotts, Barbara Ellen  27 Oct 1909Barbour County, West Virginia I27247 Virts 
11 Miller, Howard  23 Mar 1988Barbour County, West Virginia I27288 Virts 
12 Phillips, Margaret O.  26 Mar 1950Barbour County, West Virginia I27267 Virts 
13 Poling, Robert H.  2 Dec 2004Barbour County, West Virginia I70803 Virts 
14 Shaw, Arlie Russel  Sep 1970Barbour County, West Virginia I70673 Virts 
15 Shaw, James Everett  25 Jun 1947Barbour County, West Virginia I70672 Virts 
16 Wilmoth, Viola  20 Dec 1898Barbour County, West Virginia I27266 Virts 
17 Wilson, William Groves  9 Aug 1923Barbour County, West Virginia I34660 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bolyard / Duckworth  7 Aug 1937Barbour County, West Virginia F16638 Virts 
2 Bolyard / Phillips  1 Sep 1892Barbour County, West Virginia F11021 Virts 
3 Bolyard / Poling  22 Apr 1917Barbour County, West Virginia F11059 Virts 
4 Bolyard / Summers  21 Jul 1897Barbour County, West Virginia F10992 Virts 
5 Bolyard / Watring  9 May 1898Barbour County, West Virginia F11034 Virts 
6 Bolyard / Wilmoth  19 May 1895Barbour County, West Virginia F11003 Virts 
7 Cox / Bolyard  27 Aug 1893Barbour County, West Virginia F11017 Virts 
8 Devers / Runner  1946Barbour County, West Virginia F11404 Virts 
9 Ford / Bolyard  13 Oct 1886Barbour County, West Virginia F28710 Virts 
10 Hershman / Bolyard  28 Nov 1927Barbour County, West Virginia F16637 Virts 
11 Keener / Shaw  5 Sep 1925Barbour County, West Virginia F28720 Virts 
12 Miller / Bolyard  13 Mar 1902Barbour County, West Virginia F11002 Virts 
13 Runner / Hovator  Oct 1872Barbour County, West Virginia F11317 Virts 
14 Shaw / Hoffman  6 Jun 1936Barbour County, West Virginia F28715 Virts 
15 Watts / Moore  1948Barbour County, West Virginia F27241 Virts