Casey Creek, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abell, James Emmanuel  13 Oct 1921Casey Creek, Kentucky I74853 Virts 
2 Abell, Joseph Clarence Sr.  3 Oct 1895Casey Creek, Kentucky I74852 Virts 
3 Abell, Joseph Kenneth  15 Sep 1896Casey Creek, Kentucky I74840 Virts 
4 Abell, Mary Elizabeth  11 May 1901Casey Creek, Kentucky I74850 Virts 
5 Abell, Theodore Anthony  9 Nov 1898Casey Creek, Kentucky I74844 Virts 
6 Beard, Leona  12 Jan 1907Casey Creek, Kentucky I75180 Virts 
7 Chelf, Ermine  4 Apr 1891Casey Creek, Kentucky I75168 Virts 
8 Clements, John F.  16 Jun 1853Casey Creek, Kentucky I73151 Virts 
9 Clements, Lucy Ann  13 Apr 1857Casey Creek, Kentucky I73160 Virts 
10 Clements, Mary Sophia  11 Jun 1855Casey Creek, Kentucky I73152 Virts 
11 Cunningham, Nora Edna  24 Dec 1874Casey Creek, Kentucky I74965 Virts 
12 Gribbins, Mary Eunice  17 Oct 1915Casey Creek, Kentucky I90406 Virts 
13 Hendrickson, Eliza Ellen  28 Nov 1858Casey Creek, Kentucky I75532 Virts 
14 Hendrickson, Urban Green  18 May 1842Casey Creek, Kentucky I75120 Virts 
15 Jones, Cleo F.  19 Sep 1901Casey Creek, Kentucky I74841 Virts 
16 Land, George Alford  23 Apr 1883Casey Creek, Kentucky I90548 Virts 
17 Montgomery, James Logan  22 Dec 1860Casey Creek, Kentucky I73965 Virts 
18 Montgomery, Joseph  1834Casey Creek, Kentucky I73909 Virts 
19 Montgomery, Martin  1803Casey Creek, Kentucky I73903 Virts 
20 Sanders, William Riley  12 Sep 1830Casey Creek, Kentucky I75124 Virts 
21 Speake, Malinda Ellen  17 Dec 1844Casey Creek, Kentucky I90197 Virts 
22 Speake, William  20 Sep 1810Casey Creek, Kentucky I73144 Virts 
23 Speaks, Mary Ann  1808Casey Creek, Kentucky I73443 Virts 
24 Speaks, Rebecca  1801Casey Creek, Kentucky I73145 Virts 
25 Stayton, Esther Bell  28 Mar 1882Casey Creek, Kentucky I75210 Virts 
26 Stayton, Joseph Green  3 Aug 1871Casey Creek, Kentucky I75207 Virts 
27 Stayton, Samuel Caldwell  5 Apr 1873Casey Creek, Kentucky I75226 Virts 
28 Wethington, Benedict W.  1811Casey Creek, Kentucky I74195 Virts 
29 Wethington, Eleanor  1816Casey Creek, Kentucky I75115 Virts 
30 Wethington, Green R.  1837Casey Creek, Kentucky I74731 Virts 
31 Wethington, Helen  22 Sep 1839Casey Creek, Kentucky I77612 Virts 
32 Wethington, Joel  1849Casey Creek, Kentucky I74913 Virts 
33 Wethington, John  17 Dec 1816Casey Creek, Kentucky I74762 Virts 
34 Wethington, John Richard  Jan 1868Casey Creek, Kentucky I74927 Virts 
35 Wethington, Mary Gertrude  19 Sep 1905Casey Creek, Kentucky I74848 Virts 
36 Wethington, Mary Jane  13 May 1852Casey Creek, Kentucky I74914 Virts 
37 Wethington, Matilda  1815Casey Creek, Kentucky I75004 Virts 
38 Wethington, Nancy Ellen  1 Apr 1862Casey Creek, Kentucky I74921 Virts 
39 Wethington, Philip Basil  18 Oct 1877Casey Creek, Kentucky I74950 Virts 
40 Wethington, Richard  1812Casey Creek, Kentucky I74830 Virts 
41 Wethington, Sarah Eliza  31 Dec 1887Casey Creek, Kentucky I74755 Virts 
42 Wethington, Urban W.  1841Casey Creek, Kentucky I73475 Virts 
43 Wolford, William Herby  23 Mar 1900Casey Creek, Kentucky I73201 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abell, Joseph Clarence Sr.  18 Mar 1976Casey Creek, Kentucky I74852 Virts 
2 Beard, Stella May  12 Feb 1925Casey Creek, Kentucky I75188 Virts 
3 Chelf, George Washington  22 Mar 1945Casey Creek, Kentucky I75163 Virts 
4 Christerson, Joannah M.  5 Aug 1929Casey Creek, Kentucky I75158 Virts 
5 Clements, Alice Cristeen  23 Sep 1913Casey Creek, Kentucky I74035 Virts 
6 Clements, Mary Sophia  30 May 1916Casey Creek, Kentucky I73152 Virts 
7 Dillingham, Eva  20 Apr 1951Casey Creek, Kentucky I75172 Virts 
8 Hendrickson, Joseph Isaac  22 Jun 1944Casey Creek, Kentucky I75157 Virts 
9 Hendrickson, William Thomas Sr.  20 Sep 1907Casey Creek, Kentucky I75119 Virts 
10 Miles, Wilford  Apr 1825Casey Creek, Kentucky I76671 Virts 
11 Montgomery, Joseph  1840Casey Creek, Kentucky I73909 Virts 
12 Montgomery, Joseph Ezechiel  10 Feb 1855Casey Creek, Kentucky I73902 Virts 
13 Montgomery, Martin  1846Casey Creek, Kentucky I73903 Virts 
14 Mourning, Jane  24 Jan 1834Casey Creek, Kentucky I74808 Virts 
15 Pelley, Elizabeth Gather  27 Mar 1915Casey Creek, Kentucky I75123 Virts 
16 Peyton, Rhoda  1810Casey Creek, Kentucky I74809 Virts 
17 Sanders, William Riley  8 Jun 1872Casey Creek, Kentucky I75124 Virts 
18 Speaks, Matilda  1858Casey Creek, Kentucky I74793 Virts 
19 Speaks, Rebecca  22 Apr 1841Casey Creek, Kentucky I73901 Virts 
20 Tucker, Hettie  27 Dec 1916Casey Creek, Kentucky I73167 Virts 
21 Tucker, Myrtle  15 Dec 1915Casey Creek, Kentucky I73168 Virts 
22 Wethington, Benedict W.  2 Feb 1880Casey Creek, Kentucky I74195 Virts 
23 Wethington, George Manuel  8 Nov 1913Casey Creek, Kentucky I74243 Virts 
24 Wethington, Helen  20 Feb 1929Casey Creek, Kentucky I77612 Virts 
25 Wethington, John  30 Apr 1886Casey Creek, Kentucky I74762 Virts 
26 Wethington, Marvin Bradford  4 Jan 1931Casey Creek, Kentucky I74009 Virts 
27 Wethington, Nancy Ellen  18 Feb 1879Casey Creek, Kentucky I74921 Virts 
28 Wethington, Richard  1830Casey Creek, Kentucky I74801 Virts 
29 Wethington, Richard  1870Casey Creek, Kentucky I74830 Virts 
30 Woodrum, Cordelia  30 Aug 1935Casey Creek, Kentucky I75125 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Clements / Phillips  16 Dec 1851Casey Creek, Kentucky F29695 Virts