Charleston, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andre, Bernard Edgar  16 Sep 1886Charleston, West Virginia I20343 Virts 
2 Barger, William Campbell  14 Sep 1922Charleston, West Virginia I69336 Virts 
3 James, Mary Lou  25 Feb 1930Charleston, West Virginia I47592 Virts 
4 Lowe, Carlyle Marsden  Abt 1921Charleston, West Virginia I97541 Virts 
5 Miller, Almeda Jane  2 Jan 1880Charleston, West Virginia I58879 Virts 
6 Potterfield, Clarence A.  22 Jul 1917Charleston, West Virginia I20333 Virts 
7 Potterfield, Garland Blair  2 Mar 1893Charleston, West Virginia I20331 Virts 
8 Potterfield, Marcelline  1887Charleston, West Virginia I20342 Virts 
9 Potterfield, Nina  1898Charleston, West Virginia I20336 Virts 
10 Potterfield, Thomas Garland  28 Jul 1921Charleston, West Virginia I20334 Virts 
11 Ratliff, Marie H.  20 Aug 1925Charleston, West Virginia I50199 Virts 
12 Robson, Eleanor Ruth  18 Jan 1911Charleston, West Virginia I70295 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blair, Katherine D.  27 Sep 1926Charleston, West Virginia I20330 Virts 
2 Clingenpeel, Floyd Jay  5 Jul 2004Charleston, West Virginia I10718 Virts 
3 Henderson, Phyliss  10 Aug 1961Charleston, West Virginia I20332 Virts 
4 Menefee, Lawrence V.  28 Sep 1968Charleston, West Virginia I27083 Virts 
5 Midkiff, Carter Simm  21 Mar 1954Charleston, West Virginia I59465 Virts 
6 Miller, Almeda Jane  23 Jun 1961Charleston, West Virginia I58879 Virts 
7 Mills, Frank Madison  1979Charleston, West Virginia I23138 Virts 
8 Nienke, Guy Hampton  Jan 1978Charleston, West Virginia I8116 Virts 
9 Nuzum, James Robrert  2 Sep 2003Charleston, West Virginia I62563 Virts 
10 Potterfield, Clarence Asbury  9 Jun 1927Charleston, West Virginia I20329 Virts 
11 Potterfield, Garland Blair  24 May 1964Charleston, West Virginia I20331 Virts 
12 Potterfield, Katharine B.  22 Jul 2012Charleston, West Virginia I25464 Virts 
13 Potterfield, Marcelline  7 Nov 1936Charleston, West Virginia I20342 Virts 
14 Runyan, Ferry M.  25 Mar 1991Charleston, West Virginia I59477 Virts 
15 Runyan, Ohley Ola  6 Jun 1978Charleston, West Virginia I59458 Virts 
16 Runyan, Vera Louelle  22 Dec 2004Charleston, West Virginia I59460 Virts 
17 Shuck, Robert L.  3 May 2004Charleston, West Virginia I20288 Virts 
18 Singleton, Charlotte  9 May 2007Charleston, West Virginia I30223 Virts 
19 Tackett, Ida Velma  28 Dec 1959Charleston, West Virginia I59459 Virts 
20 White, Dorothy Virginia  30 Jan 2004Charleston, West Virginia I14968 Virts 
21 Wilson, Curtis Jolliffe  12 Feb 2005Charleston, West Virginia I5188 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Mills / Nichols  19 Oct 1941Charleston, West Virginia F8289 Virts 
2 Stinson / Ballard  Charleston, West Virginia F3636 Virts