Grafton, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolyard, Alice D.  24 Nov 1928Grafton, West Virginia I27387 Virts 
2 Bolyard, Delbert Jr.  7 Apr 1933Grafton, West Virginia I27379 Virts 
3 Bolyard, Hallie  Abt 1914Grafton, West Virginia I71173 Virts 
4 Bolyard, Homer Aubry  2 Jul 1930Grafton, West Virginia I68070 Virts 
5 Bolyard, James Earl  27 Jul 1935Grafton, West Virginia I68071 Virts 
6 Bolyard, Julie Ann  12 Mar 1923Grafton, West Virginia I27498 Virts 
7 Bolyard, Reva May  8 May 1925Grafton, West Virginia I68098 Virts 
8 Bolyard, Ruby L.  9 Apr 1918Grafton, West Virginia I27976 Virts 
9 Bolyard, Walter Daniel  14 Jan 1887Grafton, West Virginia I27489 Virts 
10 Bolyard, William Thomas Jr.  10 Jun 1916Grafton, West Virginia I27974 Virts 
11 Boylen, Mary Lou  28 Feb 1935Grafton, West Virginia I29325 Virts 
12 Breedlove, Walter R.  1 Jan 1922Grafton, West Virginia I70903 Virts 
13 Deakins, Forrest Richard  16 Sep 1929Grafton, West Virginia I27992 Virts 
14 Gregory, John Robert  8 Aug 1961Grafton, West Virginia I70997 Virts 
15 Grow, Vivian May  14 Feb 1894Grafton, West Virginia I71091 Virts 
16 Hershman, Evelyn Francis  23 Oct 1934Grafton, West Virginia I41978 Virts 
17 Howell, Aubrey Arthur  Abt 1908Grafton, West Virginia I71178 Virts 
18 Matheny, Winifred  6 Jul 1902Grafton, West Virginia I25594 Virts 
19 McCartney  27 Oct 1944Grafton, West Virginia I28134 Virts 
20 McCartney, Bettie Lee  11 Jan 1936Grafton, West Virginia I28133 Virts 
21 McCartney, David Warren  7 Jan 1957Grafton, West Virginia I70876 Virts 
22 McCartney, James Gillispi Blaine  2 Sep 1886Grafton, West Virginia I28127 Virts 
23 McCartney, Robert Glenn  19 Oct 1922Grafton, West Virginia I28137 Virts 
24 McCartney, Robert Glenn Jr.  27 Dec 1957Grafton, West Virginia I70894 Virts 
25 McCartney, Wesley Chidester  24 Jan 1885Grafton, West Virginia I28126 Virts 
26 McCartney, Wilda L.  27 Dec 1930Grafton, West Virginia I70905 Virts 
27 Miller, Marilyn J.  1934Grafton, West Virginia I32990 Virts 
28 Mitter, Clyde Earl  21 Oct 1951Grafton, West Virginia I70865 Virts 
29 Murray, Debbie Sue  12 Sep 1959Grafton, West Virginia I42041 Virts 
30 Murray, Edward  7 Oct 1951Grafton, West Virginia I27182 Virts 
31 Nestor, Lloyd Burton  16 Oct 1925Grafton, West Virginia I70906 Virts 
32 Pitzer, Alice Sue  11 Aug 1934Grafton, West Virginia I68057 Virts 
33 Poling, Robert H.  11 Jul 1929Grafton, West Virginia I70803 Virts 
34 Richmond, Mary Catherine  13 Apr 1853Grafton, West Virginia I67893 Virts 
35 Runner, Arminda  11 Nov 1894Grafton, West Virginia I28535 Virts 
36 Runner, Clarence Columbus  18 Aug 1886Grafton, West Virginia I46748 Virts 
37 Shuttleworth, Thomas Robert  2 Dec 1912Grafton, West Virginia I70890 Virts 
38 Wolfe, Henry Malcai  6 Oct 1852Grafton, West Virginia I67892 Virts 
39 Wolfe, Herbert Miller  24 Jul 1873Grafton, West Virginia I27831 Virts 
40 Wolfe, John  18 Oct 1958Grafton, West Virginia I46992 Virts 
41 Wolfe, John Jonas  13 Aug 1875Grafton, West Virginia I67898 Virts 
42 Wolfe, Levi W.  24 Jul 1874Grafton, West Virginia I67894 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bohon, Catherine Marie  25 Nov 1983Grafton, West Virginia I27621 Virts 
2 Bolyard, Barbara Ellen  26 Jun 1927Grafton, West Virginia I27994 Virts 
3 Bolyard, Carl Robert  27 Oct 1934Grafton, West Virginia I27476 Virts 
4 Bolyard, Clifford  26 Feb 2008Grafton, West Virginia I68111 Virts 
5 Bolyard, Cora Pearl  22 Sep 1966Grafton, West Virginia I46914 Virts 
6 Bolyard, Delbert Jr.  7 Apr 1933Grafton, West Virginia I27379 Virts 
7 Bolyard, Della Jane  10 Jan 1940Grafton, West Virginia I27406 Virts 
8 Bolyard, Elias Clinton  9 Jul 1946Grafton, West Virginia I27311 Virts 
9 Bolyard, Ellis Ervin  Feb 1978Grafton, West Virginia I28418 Virts 
10 Bolyard, Emmit W.  13 Feb 1970Grafton, West Virginia I27491 Virts 
11 Bolyard, Enoch  19 Mar 1960Grafton, West Virginia I27251 Virts 
12 Bolyard, Everett  4 Sep 1923Grafton, West Virginia I27312 Virts 
13 Bolyard, Garrett Wilson  4 Jul 1945Grafton, West Virginia I27431 Virts 
14 Bolyard, George John  26 Sep 1960Grafton, West Virginia I41936 Virts 
15 Bolyard, Howard John Jr.  30 Oct 2006Grafton, West Virginia I27321 Virts 
16 Bolyard, Isaiah Greeland  29 May 1971Grafton, West Virginia I27428 Virts 
17 Bolyard, Jacob Marshall  8 Nov 1925Grafton, West Virginia I27981 Virts 
18 Bolyard, James  14 Nov 1945Grafton, West Virginia I68105 Virts 
19 Bolyard, Jonas Nelson  1 Sep 1950Grafton, West Virginia I47018 Virts 
20 Bolyard, Lula Frances  14 Nov 1937Grafton, West Virginia I27988 Virts 
21 Bolyard, Marshall E.  19 Dec 1963Grafton, West Virginia I28417 Virts 
22 Bolyard, Nathan  26 Sep 1960Grafton, West Virginia I27488 Virts 
23 Bolyard, Oder Ray  16 Apr 1966Grafton, West Virginia I27990 Virts 
24 Bolyard, Reva May  29 Apr 1926Grafton, West Virginia I68098 Virts 
25 Bolyard, Richard Lorn  27 Aug 1950Grafton, West Virginia I47103 Virts 
26 Bolyard, Ruby L.  2 May 1951Grafton, West Virginia I27976 Virts 
27 Bolyard, Ulysses Grant  1 Aug 1961Grafton, West Virginia I27429 Virts 
28 Bowmar, Aaron Moses  25 May 1959Grafton, West Virginia I46946 Virts 
29 Bunner, Ruth E.  2 Jun 2009Grafton, West Virginia I70893 Virts 
30 Colebank, Ernest Marshall  3 Mar 1963Grafton, West Virginia I27846 Virts 
31 Combs, Charles Henry  11 Nov 1950Grafton, West Virginia I27766 Virts 
32 DeMoss, Lois Enid  17 Jan 1947Grafton, West Virginia I28132 Virts 
33 Evans, Alice  22 Mar 1927Grafton, West Virginia I28118 Virts 
34 Funk, Virgil  4 Feb 1969Grafton, West Virginia I27173 Virts 
35 Goff, Joseph Ray  13 Sep 1918Grafton, West Virginia I27190 Virts 
36 Goff, Nathan Peter  10 Apr 1955Grafton, West Virginia I27165 Virts 
37 Gregory, John Robert  9 Aug 1961Grafton, West Virginia I70997 Virts 
38 Gregory, Robert Clarence  20 Mar 2005Grafton, West Virginia I70996 Virts 
39 Hayes, Emma  26 Mar 1961Grafton, West Virginia I47080 Virts 
40 Hayes, Franklin Scott Jr.  9 Oct 2010Grafton, West Virginia I46984 Virts 
41 Hershman, Evelyn Francis  10 Dec 1934Grafton, West Virginia I41978 Virts 
42 Huffman, Julius Caesar  10 Feb 1935Grafton, West Virginia I28521 Virts 
43 Huffman, Waitman Wise  13 Mar 1969Grafton, West Virginia I28522 Virts 
44 Jones, Everett Brannon  6 Mar 1967Grafton, West Virginia I70932 Virts 
45 Keener, George Washington  15 Aug 1969Grafton, West Virginia I27577 Virts 
46 Keener, James Franklin  21 Dec 1974Grafton, West Virginia I27620 Virts 
47 Kerns, Dorsey Everly  3 Jan 1970Grafton, West Virginia I34663 Virts 
48 Keyser, Rosalee Virginia  26 Dec 2007Grafton, West Virginia I70823 Virts 
49 Keyser, Vivian Geraldine  6 May 1925Grafton, West Virginia I35085 Virts 
50 Kisner, Dora Albertie  3 Aug 1923Grafton, West Virginia I70881 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Batch / McCartney  9 Jul 1910Grafton, West Virginia F28799 Virts 
2 Benfante / Keyser  31 Dec 1936Grafton, West Virginia F28772 Virts 
3 Bennett / McCartney  28 Mar 1937Grafton, West Virginia F11314 Virts 
4 Bolyard / Walker  6 Jul 1920Grafton, West Virginia F28903 Virts 
5 Breedlove / McCartney  24 May 1947Grafton, West Virginia F28811 Virts 
6 Combs / Bolyard  27 Oct 1938Grafton, West Virginia F28911 Virts 
7 Devers / Knotts  1 Feb 1952Grafton, West Virginia F28637 Virts 
8 Goff / Britton  19 Sep 1936Grafton, West Virginia F11234 Virts 
9 Hall / Virts  27 Mar 1932Grafton, West Virginia F2066 Virts 
10 Howell / Bolyard  22 Nov 1930Grafton, West Virginia F28915 Virts 
11 Johnson / Goff  6 Jul 1929Grafton, West Virginia F11235 Virts 
12 McCartney / Poe  21 Aug 1910Grafton, West Virginia F11310 Virts 
13 Mitchell / Bolyard  12 May 1934Grafton, West Virginia F11035 Virts 
14 Moran / McCartney  21 Dec 1923Grafton, West Virginia F28800 Virts 
15 Nestor / McCartney  5 Aug 1936Grafton, West Virginia F28813 Virts 
16 Phillips / Batch  11 Aug 1934Grafton, West Virginia F28807 Virts 
17 Shuttleworth / Rinker  18 Aug 1948Grafton, West Virginia F28806 Virts 
18 Watts / Burgoyne  3 Nov 1914Grafton, West Virginia F28634 Virts 
19 Wolfe / Moore  24 Sep 1908Grafton, West Virginia F11198 Virts