Prince William County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beavers, John T.  7 Sep 1870Prince William County, Virginia I72960 Virts 
2 Brady, Andrew Jackson  1858Prince William County, Virginia I60096 Virts 
3 Brawner, Claude Harrison  9 Feb 1880Prince William County, Virginia I80863 Virts 
4 Brawner, Elgin Calude  23 Jul 1923Prince William County, Virginia I80872 Virts 
5 Brawner, Genevieve Higgns  25 Jan 1893Prince William County, Virginia I80866 Virts 
6 Brawner, Gracie F.  6 Oct 1879Prince William County, Virginia I84353 Virts 
7 Brawner, Mildred V.  31 Aug 1920Prince William County, Virginia I80871 Virts 
8 Brawner, William  1 Jan 1831Prince William County, Virginia I84173 Virts 
9 Cannon, Robert Elmer  12 Oct 1880Prince William County, Virginia I42320 Virts 
10 Conner, Jessie Mae  23 Apr 1920Prince William County, Virginia I68739 Virts 
11 Cooper, Hazel Violet  16 Mar 1904Prince William County, Virginia I54266 Virts 
12 Cooper, Marshall G.  18 Sep 1902Prince William County, Virginia I61988 Virts 
13 Gallahan, Raymond G.  15 May 1888Prince William County, Virginia I61868 Virts 
14 Holtzclaw, Henry Nathaniel  28 May 1861Prince William County, Virginia I60063 Virts 
15 Keys, Magruder Jackson  14 Apr 1845Prince William County, Virginia I84289 Virts 
16 Leonard, Madie  14 Aug 1914Prince William County, Virginia I73136 Virts 
17 Leonard, Mary Frances  9 Feb 1908Prince William County, Virginia I36574 Virts 
18 Lynn, Abner Ashby  10 Nov 1842Prince William County, Virginia I81017 Virts 
19 Lynn, Aldewin Speak  14 Dec 1881Prince William County, Virginia I81018 Virts 
20 Merchant, Emmit Frances  7 Feb 1844Prince William County, Virginia I84172 Virts 
21 Merchant, Mary F.  11 Sep 1883Prince William County, Virginia I81043 Virts 
22 Merchant, Richard P.  12 May 1880Prince William County, Virginia I81044 Virts 
23 Merchant, Rufus Bainbridge  2 Apr 1838Prince William County, Virginia I84174 Virts 
24 Merchant, Violet Ish  15 Dec 1886Prince William County, Virginia I81042 Virts 
25 Pearson, Arvella May  26 Mar 1915Prince William County, Virginia I61869 Virts 
26 Smallwood, Lula O.  1866Prince William County, Virginia I55301 Virts 
27 Speake, Ann F.  19 Jun 1854Prince William County, Virginia I81031 Virts 
28 Speake, Henreitta  Abt 1817Prince William County, Virginia I80850 Virts 
29 Speake, Hezekiah  Abt 1800Prince William County, Virginia I81663 Virts 
30 Speake, Richard H.  1857Prince William County, Virginia I81034 Virts 
31 Speake, William Alfred  2 Feb 1861Prince William County, Virginia I81032 Virts 
32 Speakes, Clare Adeline  9 Jan 1927Prince William County, Virginia I72983 Virts 
33 Speakes, Everett Washington  25 May 1927Prince William County, Virginia I72962 Virts 
34 Speakes, Roger  8 Mar 1881Prince William County, Virginia I72959 Virts 
35 Speakes, Rose V.  May 1880Prince William County, Virginia I72956 Virts 
36 Speakes, William Harold  20 Feb 1911Prince William County, Virginia I72985 Virts 
37 Stone, Minnie Lee  9 Aug 1881Prince William County, Virginia I81019 Virts 
38 Thomas, Sarah Frances  7 Apr 1860Prince William County, Virginia I31015 Virts 
39 Watts, James Leslie  29 Jun 1905Prince William County, Virginia I84350 Virts 
40 Weber, Martha V.  5 Feb 1931Prince William County, Virginia I47181 Virts 
41 Wright, Dorothea  1743Prince William County, Virginia I39764 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Charles Wesley  20 Jan 1927Prince William County, Virginia I61811 Virts 
2 Brawner, William  29 Jun 1904Prince William County, Virginia I84173 Virts 
3 Brown, Frank Leslie  13 May 1997Prince William County, Virginia I80890 Virts 
4 Cornwell, Jerry Aubrey Sr.  3 Aug 1993Prince William County, Virginia I43670 Virts 
5 Cornwell, Solame O.  12 Oct 1917Prince William County, Virginia I61187 Virts 
6 Demory, Luther Raymond  2 Jan 2002Prince William County, Virginia I13922 Virts 
7 Duncan, Mary  7 Jun 1788Prince William County, Virginia I39260 Virts 
8 Gheen, Sally Ann  18 Feb 1895Prince William County, Virginia I71643 Virts 
9 Hackley, Joseph  1752Prince William County, Virginia I21126 Virts 
10 Merchant, Elizabeth  28 Dec 1858Prince William County, Virginia I81033 Virts 
11 Moody, Almenia  20 Oct 1885Prince William County, Virginia I73003 Virts 
12 Nalls, Levi Morgan  16 Mar 1963Prince William County, Virginia I61188 Virts 
13 Nisewarner, Leslie Edwin  12 Mar 1994Prince William County, Virginia I469 Virts 
14 Peer, Alma  11 Apr 2001Prince William County, Virginia I17801 Virts 
15 Peer, Edith W.  21 Jan 2009Prince William County, Virginia I17802 Virts 
16 Ritenour, Amanda Katherine  1971Prince William County, Virginia I61189 Virts 
17 Speak, Hezekiah  19 Jul 1771Prince William County, Virginia I78680 Virts 
18 Speake, Henreitta  8 Apr 1871Prince William County, Virginia I80850 Virts 
19 Speake, Richard H.  17 Jan 1857Prince William County, Virginia I81034 Virts 
20 Speakes, Ada May  4 Jul 1904Prince William County, Virginia I72958 Virts 
21 Speakes, Everett Washington  27 Mar 1907Prince William County, Virginia I72952 Virts 
22 Speakes, George W.  19 May 1896Prince William County, Virginia I72997 Virts 
23 Speakes, Joseph Levi  1909Prince William County, Virginia I72953 Virts 
24 Speakes, Lillie Winefred  23 Apr 1888Prince William County, Virginia I72996 Virts 
25 Speakes, Rose V.  30 Jan 1936Prince William County, Virginia I72956 Virts 
26 Speakes, William Harold  17 Sep 1990Prince William County, Virginia I72985 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bourne / Brawner  6 Jun 1944Prince William County, Virginia F32716 Virts 
2 Brawner / Martin  9 Aug 1945Prince William County, Virginia F32719 Virts 
3 Brown / Brawner  29 Jun 1946Prince William County, Virginia F32725 Virts 
4 Cooper / Baker  25 Jan 1912Prince William County, Virginia F15131 Virts 
5 Cooper / Pearson  29 Jun 1917Prince William County, Virginia F21570 Virts 
6 Lynn / Speake  17 Dec 1873Prince William County, Virginia F32780 Virts 
7 Nalls / Ritenour  2 Nov 1921Prince William County, Virginia F24316 Virts 
8 Sorg / Speakes  26 Jan 1904Prince William County, Virginia F29629 Virts 
9 Speakes / Baughton  30 Sep 1903Prince William County, Virginia F29607 Virts 
10 Speakes / Leonard  18 Oct 1944Prince William County, Virginia F29688 Virts 
11 Thomasson / Griffith  5 Oct 1935Prince William County, Virginia F29624 Virts 
12 Tribby / Grissom  15 Jun 1940Prince William County, Virginia F19088 Virts