Rowlesburg, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolyard, Arizona Roberta  6 Jun 1923Rowlesburg, West Virginia I67822 Virts 
2 Bolyard, Kermit Q.  31 May 1919Rowlesburg, West Virginia I70843 Virts 
3 Bolyard, Ralph Kermit  31 May 1919Rowlesburg, West Virginia I68031 Virts 
4 Bolyard, Rosie E. C.  6 Oct 1896Rowlesburg, West Virginia I46944 Virts 
5 Britton, Mildred Geraldine  22 Nov 1920Rowlesburg, West Virginia I70821 Virts 
6 Butcher, Sarah Catherine  11 Feb 1874Rowlesburg, West Virginia I47009 Virts 
7 Gross, Violet Eveline  2 May 1918Rowlesburg, West Virginia I70451 Virts 
8 Owens, Juanita A.  12 Dec 1925Rowlesburg, West Virginia I46978 Virts 
9 Poling, Glayds Virginia  14 Feb 1923Rowlesburg, West Virginia I70452 Virts 
10 Sigley, Helen  9 Aug 1926Rowlesburg, West Virginia I71285 Virts 
11 Sigley, Leonard H.  2 Aug 1924Rowlesburg, West Virginia I71290 Virts 
12 Sigley, Mary Virginia  12 Aug 1870Rowlesburg, West Virginia I46940 Virts 
13 Sypolt, Edward Gay  11 Dec 1950Rowlesburg, West Virginia I28102 Virts 
14 Watkins, Anzonettie Learlean  14 Jun 1923Rowlesburg, West Virginia I28007 Virts 
15 Watkins, Clarence Otis  16 Dec 1917Rowlesburg, West Virginia I28015 Virts 
16 Watkins, Junior Foster  25 Sep 1919Rowlesburg, West Virginia I28030 Virts 
17 Watkins, Lewis Franklin  17 Jan 1890Rowlesburg, West Virginia I28002 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bolyard, Adeline  10 Apr 1972Rowlesburg, West Virginia I27424 Virts 
2 Bolyard, Ida Ethel  30 Mar 1930Rowlesburg, West Virginia I27066 Virts 
3 Bolyard, Jasper Lawson  8 Oct 1951Rowlesburg, West Virginia I41934 Virts 
4 Bolyard, Peter E.  19 Jan 1931Rowlesburg, West Virginia I35102 Virts 
5 Britton, Jefferson Rolandus  28 Aug 1954Rowlesburg, West Virginia I35051 Virts 
6 Felton, Paul Richard Sr.  11 Jul 2015Rowlesburg, West Virginia I68133 Virts 
7 Goff, John Clifford  10 Apr 1940Rowlesburg, West Virginia I27937 Virts 
8 Hollis, Harry Robert  10 Mar 1962Rowlesburg, West Virginia I27425 Virts 
9 Knotts, Cathy Jo  21 Feb 1957Rowlesburg, West Virginia I28057 Virts 
10 Runner, Goldie Pearl  4 Dec 1940Rowlesburg, West Virginia I28409 Virts 
11 Runner, Willima Forest Jr.  21 Mar 1942Rowlesburg, West Virginia I70453 Virts 
12 Sigley, Herbert Weightman  19 Dec 1926Rowlesburg, West Virginia I71203 Virts 
13 Sypolt, Edward Gay  27 Jan 1951Rowlesburg, West Virginia I28102 Virts 
14 Virts, James Ray  30 Apr 1945Rowlesburg, West Virginia I4515 Virts 
15 Virts, Jessie Frances  3 May 1979Rowlesburg, West Virginia I4516 Virts 
16 Wolfe, Idella  6 Feb 1943Rowlesburg, West Virginia I27826 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Runner, Willima Forest Jr.  Rowlesburg, West Virginia I70453 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fraley / Sigley  15 Sep 1926Rowlesburg, West Virginia F28955 Virts 
2 Moon / Virts  19 May 1923Rowlesburg, West Virginia F2063 Virts