Taylor County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Batch, Alice Virginia  26 Jun 1913Taylor County, West Virginia I70889 Virts 
2 Bennett, Ralph Joseph  21 Dec 1909Taylor County, West Virginia I28142 Virts 
3 Bolyard  1886Taylor County, West Virginia I71146 Virts 
4 Bolyard  2 May 1941Taylor County, West Virginia I27995 Virts 
5 Bolyard, Hoza A.  16 Mar 1912Taylor County, West Virginia I27493 Virts 
6 Bolyard, Ida  1881Taylor County, West Virginia I71144 Virts 
7 Bolyard, Nathan  7 Oct 1876Taylor County, West Virginia I27488 Virts 
8 Bolyard, Pinnia Hazel  24 Apr 1913Taylor County, West Virginia I27494 Virts 
9 Bolyard, Rebecca  12 Aug 1885Taylor County, West Virginia I46910 Virts 
10 Bradley, Cora Iva  27 Sep 1880Taylor County, West Virginia I70940 Virts 
11 Bradley, David W.  18 Jan 1858Taylor County, West Virginia I70939 Virts 
12 Bradley, Ross Everett  24 May 1884Taylor County, West Virginia I67843 Virts 
13 Deakins, Forrest Meade  14 Feb 1885Taylor County, West Virginia I27991 Virts 
14 DeMoss, Lois Enid  27 Apr 1902Taylor County, West Virginia I28132 Virts 
15 Edwards, Guy  17 Apr 1900Taylor County, West Virginia I71200 Virts 
16 Fauley, Hannah Jane  23 Aug 1861Taylor County, West Virginia I27768 Virts 
17 Frye, Lena  Abt 1888Taylor County, West Virginia I70838 Virts 
18 Keyser, Shirley Lou  3 Mar 1932Taylor County, West Virginia I35086 Virts 
19 Kitzmiller, Irene P.  24 Sep 1902Taylor County, West Virginia I27993 Virts 
20 McCartney, Albert Randle  29 Aug 1896Taylor County, West Virginia I28130 Virts 
21 McCartney, Audra Virginia  1916Taylor County, West Virginia I28141 Virts 
22 McCartney, Ethel G.  10 Oct 1911Taylor County, West Virginia I28140 Virts 
23 McCartney, Icie Virginia  2 Apr 1884Taylor County, West Virginia I28119 Virts 
24 McCartney, John Nelson  26 Mar 1855Taylor County, West Virginia I28113 Virts 
25 McCartney, John William  31 Aug 1892Taylor County, West Virginia I28129 Virts 
26 McCartney, Kenneth Reese  27 Jun 1913Taylor County, West Virginia I28139 Virts 
27 McCartney, Margaret  23 Dec 1856Taylor County, West Virginia I28112 Virts 
28 McCartney, Nancy J.  8 May 1864Taylor County, West Virginia I28115 Virts 
29 McCartney, Ruth Virginia  19 Mar 1919Taylor County, West Virginia I28136 Virts 
30 McCartney, Sandford Weese  24 Mar 1881Taylor County, West Virginia I28125 Virts 
31 Moore, Mary  1867Taylor County, West Virginia I27820 Virts 
32 Nuzum, Jesse Hayes  8 Mar 1877Taylor County, West Virginia I62562 Virts 
33 Phillips, Adaline  8 Nov 1896Taylor County, West Virginia I71280 Virts 
34 Rinker, James Arthur  Abt 1880Taylor County, West Virginia I28124 Virts 
35 Rinker, Oceolia  24 May 1879Taylor County, West Virginia I70873 Virts 
36 Robinson, Charles W.  Abt 1905Taylor County, West Virginia I70426 Virts 
37 Scott, Martha Mae  Dec 1884Taylor County, West Virginia I29215 Virts 
38 Selvey, Rosa Lee  9 Jan 1885Taylor County, West Virginia I70883 Virts 
39 Shafer, Ollie Virginia  5 Nov 1893Taylor County, West Virginia I67875 Virts 
40 Stewart, Carl James  30 Nov 1939Taylor County, West Virginia I67834 Virts 
41 Thomas, L. C.  Abt 1882Taylor County, West Virginia I28121 Virts 
42 Thorn, Clarence Allen  19 Jul 1879Taylor County, West Virginia I28123 Virts 
43 Tighe, Sadie  18 Sep 1890Taylor County, West Virginia I25593 Virts 
44 Walker, Mary  Mar 1894Taylor County, West Virginia I71145 Virts 
45 Wolfe, Darl Ralph  6 Jan 1916Taylor County, West Virginia I67876 Virts 
46 Wolfe, Genevieve Virginia  10 Sep 1917Taylor County, West Virginia I67878 Virts 
47 Wolfe, Harrison Martin Jr.  21 Mar 1929Taylor County, West Virginia I67883 Virts 
48 Wolfe, Irma Virginia  22 Apr 1919Taylor County, West Virginia I67881 Virts 
49 Wolfe, Ralph Martin  19 Apr 1919Taylor County, West Virginia I67885 Virts 
50 Wotring, Susie E.  5 Apr 1905Taylor County, West Virginia I70825 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Melissia M.  8 Nov 1947Taylor County, West Virginia I71010 Virts 
2 Bolyard  1887Taylor County, West Virginia I71146 Virts 
3 Bolyard  2 May 1941Taylor County, West Virginia I27995 Virts 
4 Bolyard, Alexander  24 Aug 1918Taylor County, West Virginia I27391 Virts 
5 Bolyard, Ida  1881Taylor County, West Virginia I71144 Virts 
6 Bolyard, Melvin Eugene  5 Oct 1972Taylor County, West Virginia I27353 Virts 
7 Bolyard, Susan  15 Feb 1883Taylor County, West Virginia I28106 Virts 
8 Bolyard, Walter Daniel  11 Apr 1973Taylor County, West Virginia I27489 Virts 
9 Bradley, David W.  18 Jun 1881Taylor County, West Virginia I70939 Virts 
10 Funk, Mary C.  16 Jul 1924Taylor County, West Virginia I27487 Virts 
11 Gordon, Margaret Virginia  30 May 1901Taylor County, West Virginia I46028 Virts 
12 Haller, Ira Bliss  20 Jun 1988Taylor County, West Virginia I70745 Virts 
13 Keyser, Shirley Lou  3 Mar 1932Taylor County, West Virginia I35086 Virts 
14 Knotts, Henry Luther  1 Feb 1955Taylor County, West Virginia I71009 Virts 
15 Knotts, Mary Elizabeth  8 Jul 1916Taylor County, West Virginia I28111 Virts 
16 Nine, John Carl  19 Oct 1971Taylor County, West Virginia I27881 Virts 
17 Nines, Cora E.  14 Mar 1920Taylor County, West Virginia I70882 Virts 
18 Nose, Waitman Talbott  Apr 1976Taylor County, West Virginia I70993 Virts 
19 Peters, Edna Belle  20 Feb 1988Taylor County, West Virginia I46950 Virts 
20 Selvey, Rosa Lee  2 Nov 1945Taylor County, West Virginia I70883 Virts 
21 Shroyer, Zena Elizabeth  Dec 1974Taylor County, West Virginia I28138 Virts 
22 Wotring, Susie E.  15 Apr 1905Taylor County, West Virginia I70825 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bolyard / Funk  2 Oct 1881Taylor County, West Virginia F11076 Virts 
2 Bolyard / Haddix  1908Taylor County, West Virginia F11077 Virts 
3 Bolyard / May  1916Taylor County, West Virginia F12903 Virts 
4 Bradley / McCartney  6 May 1880Taylor County, West Virginia F28827 Virts 
5 Combs / Fauley  11 Aug 1897Taylor County, West Virginia F11182 Virts 
6 Edwards / Bolyard  3 Aug 1932Taylor County, West Virginia F28921 Virts 
7 Gore / Bailey  30 Sep 1906Taylor County, West Virginia F16572 Virts 
8 Jones / McCartney  21 Nov 1883Taylor County, West Virginia F11304 Virts 
9 Jones / Peters  19 Nov 1931Taylor County, West Virginia F18600 Virts 
10 Keller / Selvey  13 Jan 1917Taylor County, West Virginia F28804 Virts 
11 Kelley / Wolfe  1937Taylor County, West Virginia F27144 Virts 
12 Ludwick / Knotts  30 May 1927Taylor County, West Virginia F28855 Virts 
13 Matheny / Osborn  1909Taylor County, West Virginia F10346 Virts 
14 McCartney / Custer  28 Apr 1914Taylor County, West Virginia F11312 Virts 
15 McCartney / Shroyer  8 Nov 1908Taylor County, West Virginia F11313 Virts 
16 Moon / Coole  1937Taylor County, West Virginia F7360 Virts 
17 Nose / Miller  31 Dec 1910Taylor County, West Virginia F28844 Virts 
18 Post / Wolfe  1910Taylor County, West Virginia F11200 Virts 
19 Prichard / Wolfe  1922Taylor County, West Virginia F11201 Virts 
20 Shroyer / Wolfe  1909Taylor County, West Virginia F11202 Virts 
21 Sigley / Frye  3 Jul 1926Taylor County, West Virginia F28780 Virts 
22 Talbott / McCartney  20 Apr 1886Taylor County, West Virginia F11305 Virts 
23 Thorn / Selvey  22 Sep 1920Taylor County, West Virginia F28803 Virts 
24 Wolfe / Shafer  1914Taylor County, West Virginia F27142 Virts 
25 Wotring / Payne  6 Feb 1928Taylor County, West Virginia F28774 Virts