Carroll County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bachman, Edward L.  24 Dec 1844Carroll County, Maryland I43784 Virts 
2 Bixler, William Henry  12 Jun 1861Carroll County, Maryland I43785 Virts 
3 Bowser, George  1859Carroll County, Maryland I44857 Virts 
4 Correll, Jacob Noll  6 Dec 1812Carroll County, Maryland I36682 Virts 
5 Eckis, Daniel  11 Dec 1808Carroll County, Maryland I45781 Virts 
6 Fair, Adam  6 Jan 1816Carroll County, Maryland I43323 Virts 
7 Fair, Adam  15 Dec 1837Carroll County, Maryland I44425 Virts 
8 Fair, Anna Barbara  15 Nov 1801Carroll County, Maryland I43739 Virts 
9 Fair, Catherine  15 Jun 1827Carroll County, Maryland I43326 Virts 
10 Fair, Elias D.  15 Feb 1846Carroll County, Maryland I44362 Virts 
11 Fair, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1818Carroll County, Maryland I43741 Virts 
12 Fair, Elizabeth  13 Sep 1833Carroll County, Maryland I43733 Virts 
13 Fair, Ellen  24 Aug 1842Carroll County, Maryland I44530 Virts 
14 Fair, Elsie M.  25 Dec 1882Carroll County, Maryland I43337 Virts 
15 Fair, Henry  16 Jan 1799Carroll County, Maryland I43731 Virts 
16 Fair, Jacob  8 Feb 1821Carroll County, Maryland I43324 Virts 
17 Fair, John Henry Jr.  3 Sep 1807Carroll County, Maryland I43743 Virts 
18 Fair, Mandilla  1 May 1840Carroll County, Maryland I43736 Virts 
19 Fair, Margaret  10 Oct 1803Carroll County, Maryland I43740 Virts 
20 Fair, Mary Ann  19 Oct 1840Carroll County, Maryland I44612 Virts 
21 Fair, Mary C.  1839Carroll County, Maryland I43737 Virts 
22 Fair, Michael  1812Carroll County, Maryland I44628 Virts 
23 Fair, Michael W.  9 Aug 1837Carroll County, Maryland I43735 Virts 
24 Fair, Rachel  24 Nov 1822Carroll County, Maryland I43742 Virts 
25 Fair, Rebecca E.  3 Sep 1851Carroll County, Maryland I44445 Virts 
26 Fair, Sarah  20 Sep 1805Carroll County, Maryland I43745 Virts 
27 Fair, Sarah A.  19 Feb 1839Carroll County, Maryland I44426 Virts 
28 Falckenstein, Samuel K.  21 Jul 1844Carroll County, Maryland I44801 Virts 
29 Hess, Elizabeth  15 Sep 1785Carroll County, Maryland I37384 Virts 
30 Hoffacker, Cora Elizabeth  13 May 1886Carroll County, Maryland I44187 Virts 
31 Hoffacker, George W.  4 Apr 1838Carroll County, Maryland I44043 Virts 
32 Hoffacker, George Washington  3 Jan 1840Carroll County, Maryland I44039 Virts 
33 Ickis, Johannes  3 Oct 1801Carroll County, Maryland I45747 Virts 
34 Keefer, William I.  30 Jul 1873Carroll County, Maryland I18601 Virts 
35 Kephart, Ann Eliza  20 Mar 1833Carroll County, Maryland I36634 Virts 
36 Kephart, Charles David  6 Nov 1920Carroll County, Maryland I36642 Virts 
37 Kephart, David Franklin  28 Mar 1840Carroll County, Maryland I36589 Virts 
38 Kephart, Dorothy  30 Sep 1910Carroll County, Maryland I36654 Virts 
39 Kephart, John Henry  11 Sep 1838Carroll County, Maryland I36584 Virts 
40 Kephart, Margaret Delila  12 Feb 1830Carroll County, Maryland I36585 Virts 
41 Kephart, Mary Ann  27 Apr 1825Carroll County, Maryland I36593 Virts 
42 Kephart, Mary Eleanor  2 Jul 1918Carroll County, Maryland I36647 Virts 
43 Kephart, Mary Elisabeth  6 Aug 1844Carroll County, Maryland I36587 Virts 
44 Kephart, Raymond A.  Apr 1880Carroll County, Maryland I36638 Virts 
45 Kephart, Russell O.  30 Aug 1886Carroll County, Maryland I36639 Virts 
46 Kephart, Solomon  11 Apr 1826Carroll County, Maryland I36588 Virts 
47 Kephart, Susan A. I.  11 May 1835Carroll County, Maryland I36635 Virts 
48 Kephart, Ursula  17 Jul 1844Carroll County, Maryland I36586 Virts 
49 Lambert, Ann Matilda  9 Apr 1854Carroll County, Maryland I36599 Virts 
50 Lambert, Ellen Ida  11 Oct 1861Carroll County, Maryland I36596 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fair, Henry Luther  11 Apr 1846Carroll County, Maryland I43327 Virts 
2 Fair, John Calvin  11 Apr 1846Carroll County, Maryland I43328 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah J.  15 Apr 1913Carroll County, Maryland I43996 Virts 
2 Fair, Adam  27 Oct 1834Carroll County, Maryland I43323 Virts 
3 Fair, Anna Barbara  23 Jun 1866Carroll County, Maryland I43739 Virts 
4 Fair, Henry  23 Aug 1868Carroll County, Maryland I43731 Virts 
5 Fair, Henry Luther  24 Aug 1899Carroll County, Maryland I43327 Virts 
6 Fair, Jacob  20 Apr 1878Carroll County, Maryland I43324 Virts 
7 Fair, John Henry  9 Oct 1861Carroll County, Maryland I43319 Virts 
8 Fair, Mandilla  21 Dec 1927Carroll County, Maryland I43736 Virts 
9 Fair, Margaret  13 Dec 1890Carroll County, Maryland I43740 Virts 
10 Fair, Michael W.  9 Aug 1837Carroll County, Maryland I43735 Virts 
11 Fair, Sarah  13 May 1893Carroll County, Maryland I43745 Virts 
12 Grimes, Marian Irene  27 Aug 1999Carroll County, Maryland I16506 Virts 
13 Hackley, Rose L.  5 Jul 2005Carroll County, Maryland I21618 Virts 
14 Hoffacker, Birdie  12 Nov 1959Carroll County, Maryland I44125 Virts 
15 Hoffacker, Catherine  6 Oct 1884Carroll County, Maryland I43325 Virts 
16 Hoffacker, Effie Cornelia  17 Dec 1964Carroll County, Maryland I44128 Virts 
17 Hoffacker, Mandela Alverta  3 Aug 1941Carroll County, Maryland I44119 Virts 
18 Hoffacker, Rosswell  16 Apr 1941Carroll County, Maryland I44124 Virts 
19 Hoffacker, Theodore Elmer  14 Mar 1967Carroll County, Maryland I44186 Virts 
20 Kephart, Ann Eliza  28 Jan 1864Carroll County, Maryland I36634 Virts 
21 Kephart, John Henry  13 Oct 1839Carroll County, Maryland I36584 Virts 
22 Kephart, Margaret Delila  19 Nov 1832Carroll County, Maryland I36585 Virts 
23 Kephart, Mary Ann  11 Jan 1827Carroll County, Maryland I36593 Virts 
24 Kephart, Mary Elisabeth  27 Oct 1863Carroll County, Maryland I36587 Virts 
25 Kephart, Susan A. I.  11 Oct 1866Carroll County, Maryland I36635 Virts 
26 Kephart, Ursula  21 Mar 1846Carroll County, Maryland I36586 Virts 
27 Lind, Joseph B.  20 Sep 1852Carroll County, Maryland I44940 Virts 
28 Lind, Mary  22 Mar 1866Carroll County, Maryland I43318 Virts 
29 Lind, Sarah A.  3 Sep 1876Carroll County, Maryland I44942 Virts 
30 Linn, Michael (Von Der Linden)  5 Jul 1827Carroll County, Maryland I40489 Virts 
31 Lucabaugh, Ellen  1 Mar 1893Carroll County, Maryland I43332 Virts 
32 Null, Anna Mary  11 Sep 1787Carroll County, Maryland I35852 Virts 
33 Ohler, Catherine  1817Carroll County, Maryland I35866 Virts 
34 Rhoades, Harvey James Tilden  23 Aug 1950Carroll County, Maryland I44130 Virts 
35 Roop, Catharine Ann  17 Feb 1888Carroll County, Maryland I44941 Virts 
36 Rosenbaum, Frederick Lynn  23 Dec 2003Carroll County, Maryland I72530 Virts 
37 Shearer, Ira  2 Oct 1890Carroll County, Maryland I44082 Virts 
38 Shearer, Jacob F.  1 Apr 1929Carroll County, Maryland I43995 Virts 
39 Warner, Elizabeth Fair  31 Jan 1860Carroll County, Maryland I43804 Virts 
40 Warner, Henrich Fair  6 Jul 1898Carroll County, Maryland I43801 Virts 
41 Warner, John W.  16 Aug 1858Carroll County, Maryland I43789 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Fair / Hare  12 May 1868Carroll County, Maryland F17184 Virts 
2 Fair / Lucabaugh  2 Jun 1871Carroll County, Maryland F17183 Virts 
3 Kephart / Lightner  12 Jan 1875Carroll County, Maryland F14633 Virts 
4 Landis / Hinkle  10 Feb 1880Carroll County, Maryland F17446 Virts 
5 Lind / Roop  31 Dec 1849Carroll County, Maryland F17785 Virts 
6 Lucabaugh / Rohrbaugh  31 May 1876Carroll County, Maryland F17392 Virts 
7 Lucabaugh / Sherman  16 Dec 1876Carroll County, Maryland F17393 Virts 
8 Peterman / Shearer  14 Jul 1883Carroll County, Maryland F17398 Virts 
9 Rhoades / Hoffacker  14 Jan 1898Carroll County, Maryland F17472 Virts 
10 Warner / Bish  5 Mar 1859Carroll County, Maryland F17362 Virts 
11 Warner / Landis  25 Aug 1882Carroll County, Maryland F17447 Virts