Cave Spring, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beckner, Emory Noah  1 Dec 1882Cave Spring, Virginia I6687 Virts 
2 Campbell, Mary Margaret  7 Sep 1874Cave Spring, Virginia I15309 Virts 
3 Carter, Howard Teford  27 Sep 1875Cave Spring, Virginia I5076 Virts 
4 Deaton, Lucille Frances  7 Jan 1882Cave Spring, Virginia I25153 Virts 
5 Eller, Julia Catherine  6 Sep 1863Cave Spring, Virginia I108548 Virts 
6 Garst, Charles Edward Jr.  9 Dec 1909Cave Spring, Virginia I97522 Virts 
7 Garst, Dolly Gertrude  29 Oct 1904Cave Spring, Virginia I97521 Virts 
8 Hawley, Etha L.  10 Apr 1894Cave Spring, Virginia I67253 Virts 
9 Jamison, Christian Emory  11 May 1872Cave Spring, Virginia I1551 Virts 
10 Light, Minnie Elizabeth  17 Sep 1896Cave Spring, Virginia I97566 Virts 
11 Light, Robert Earl  13 Sep 1894Cave Spring, Virginia I97574 Virts 
12 Mabry, Christiana  28 Mar 1893Cave Spring, Virginia I8159 Virts 
13 Metz, Hattie Beatrice  12 Sep 1893Cave Spring, Virginia I97692 Virts 
14 Shaver, Annabell  10 Nov 1871Cave Spring, Virginia I97564 Virts 
15 Shaver, Jerry  15 Sep 1894Cave Spring, Virginia I97562 Virts 
16 Shaver, Pattie Lillie  25 Aug 1873Cave Spring, Virginia I33242 Virts 
17 Wert, David Elijah  10 Sep 1885Cave Spring, Virginia I16474 Virts 
18 Wert, Hettie Ellen  2 May 1893Cave Spring, Virginia I16476 Virts 
19 Wert, Nannie M.  2 May 1893Cave Spring, Virginia I16479 Virts 
20 Wertz, Anna  30 Mar 1822Cave Spring, Virginia I729 Virts 
21 Wertz, Catharine  28 Mar 1848Cave Spring, Virginia I777 Virts 
22 Wertz, Christian  19 Nov 1815Cave Spring, Virginia I775 Virts 
23 Wertz, Christian Jr.  21 Aug 1859Cave Spring, Virginia I3142 Virts 
24 Wertz, Della Gay  5 Nov 1872Cave Spring, Virginia I3532 Virts 
25 Wertz, Eliza  16 Apr 1854Cave Spring, Virginia I3138 Virts 
26 Wertz, Ferman Edward  21 Apr 1895Cave Spring, Virginia I23086 Virts 
27 Wertz, Ilona V. B.  11 Jan 1912Cave Spring, Virginia I23075 Virts 
28 Wertz, John B.  22 Nov 1844Cave Spring, Virginia I3128 Virts 
29 Wertz, Joseph Leslie  8 Jul 1894Cave Spring, Virginia I23084 Virts 
30 Wertz, Louise Estelle  28 Feb 1911Cave Spring, Virginia I8173 Virts 
31 Wertz, Mary (Polly)  31 Mar 1814Cave Spring, Virginia I700 Virts 
32 Wertz, Mary M.  29 Feb 1892Cave Spring, Virginia I16443 Virts 
33 Wertz, Noah Frantz  26 Jan 1819Cave Spring, Virginia I712 Virts 
34 Wertz, Rhoda Alice  25 Jul 1901Cave Spring, Virginia I8172 Virts 
35 Wertz, Robert Lee  29 Dec 1896Cave Spring, Virginia I23085 Virts 
36 Wertz, Rosa Alice  21 Oct 1875Cave Spring, Virginia I3533 Virts 
37 Wertz, Sarah (Sallie)  5 Jun 1838Cave Spring, Virginia I3118 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chattin, Alfred Glenn  18 Jun 1936Cave Spring, Virginia I8833 Virts 
2 Ellison, Sarah Jane  27 Feb 1923Cave Spring, Virginia I3096 Virts 
3 Ferguson, Lois  24 Dec 1943Cave Spring, Virginia I98034 Virts 
4 Garst, Charles Edward  10 Sep 1916Cave Spring, Virginia I61276 Virts 
5 Jamison, Samuel Henry  20 Feb 1927Cave Spring, Virginia I3132 Virts 
6 Wertz, Christian  2 Apr 1880Cave Spring, Virginia I775 Virts 
7 Wertz, John B.  12 Apr 1862Cave Spring, Virginia I56 Virts 
8 Wertz, John Wilson  2 Jun 1930Cave Spring, Virginia I3095 Virts 
9 Yates, Callie Lou  28 Feb 1921Cave Spring, Virginia I8819 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Jamison / Wertz  22 Oct 1866Cave Spring, Virginia F453 Virts 
2 Martin / Grisso  4 Apr 1899Cave Spring, Virginia F24369 Virts 
3 Minnix / Wertz  11 Feb 1892Cave Spring, Virginia F1552 Virts