Jackson County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axline, Carrie Blanche  19 Aug 1871Jackson County, Missouri I26453 Virts 
2 Axline, David G.  13 Dec 1869Jackson County, Missouri I26454 Virts 
3 Axline, Joseph Ewing  17 Jul 1879Jackson County, Missouri I26467 Virts 
4 Beattie, Albert Franklin  20 Sep 1919Jackson County, Missouri I42854 Virts 
5 Beattie, Albert LeRoy  10 Oct 1912Jackson County, Missouri I42862 Virts 
6 Beattie, Anna Belle  Nov 1882Jackson County, Missouri I42856 Virts 
7 Beattie, Catherine M.  18 May 1885Jackson County, Missouri I42857 Virts 
8 Beattie, Charles E.  4 Sep 1895Jackson County, Missouri I42881 Virts 
9 Beattie, Elizabeth Gayle  30 May 1843Jackson County, Missouri I42831 Virts 
10 Beattie, George Edward  12 Dec 1851Jackson County, Missouri I42850 Virts 
11 Beattie, George Philip  20 Aug 1878Jackson County, Missouri I42852 Virts 
12 Beattie, Margaret Isabelle  26 Dec 1850Jackson County, Missouri I42837 Virts 
13 Beattie, Paul Kenneth  3 Nov 1917Jackson County, Missouri I42868 Virts 
14 Beattie, Ruby  30 Jun 1892Jackson County, Missouri I42875 Virts 
15 Beattie, Samuel Cordell  18 May 1885Jackson County, Missouri I42859 Virts 
16 Frost, Mary Florence  15 Jun 1913Jackson County, Missouri I7680 Virts 
17 Hackley, Eugene Paulson  4 Dec 1914Jackson County, Missouri I57395 Virts 
18 Mann, Frank Waggoner  5 Oct 1884Jackson County, Missouri I40547 Virts 
19 Mann, Maude L.  Jan 1876Jackson County, Missouri I40567 Virts 
20 Mann, Nell  30 Jan 1883Jackson County, Missouri I40565 Virts 
21 Mann, Odabelle  3 Dec 1881Jackson County, Missouri I40589 Virts 
22 Mann, Oscar Elton  31 Dec 1881Jackson County, Missouri I40566 Virts 
23 Mann, William Arthur  6 Dec 1879Jackson County, Missouri I40545 Virts 
24 Newby, Walter John  2 Mar 1922Jackson County, Missouri I40621 Virts 
25 Newby, Wilma L.  3 Nov 1920Jackson County, Missouri I40619 Virts 
26 Webb, Ruth Elaine  30 Jun 1920Jackson County, Missouri I42863 Virts 
27 Welsh, George Winston Jr.  23 May 1913Jackson County, Missouri I81688 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axline, Carrie Blanche  4 Nov 1871Jackson County, Missouri I26453 Virts 
2 Axline, David G.  15 Aug 1870Jackson County, Missouri I26454 Virts 
3 Beattie, Albert Franklin  20 Sep 1919Jackson County, Missouri I42854 Virts 
4 Beattie, Albert Guild  Jun 1852Jackson County, Missouri I42836 Virts 
5 Beattie, Albert LeRoy  26 May 1993Jackson County, Missouri I42862 Virts 
6 Beattie, Anna Belle  Jul 1883Jackson County, Missouri I42856 Virts 
7 Beattie, Elizabeth Gayle  26 May 1866Jackson County, Missouri I42831 Virts 
8 Beattie, Ruby  30 Oct 1918Jackson County, Missouri I42875 Virts 
9 Beattie, Samuel Cordell  Jun 1852Jackson County, Missouri I42835 Virts 
10 Brawner, Edward Patterson  31 May 1934Jackson County, Missouri I83969 Virts 
11 Bray, Edward C.  20 Apr 1932Jackson County, Missouri I86499 Virts 
12 Cole, Nona Inez  3 Oct 1951Jackson County, Missouri I42853 Virts 
13 Cordell, John Jacob  22 Jun 1852Jackson County, Missouri I42788 Virts 
14 Cordell, Martha Jane  22 Feb 1908Jackson County, Missouri I42799 Virts 
15 Gamble, Lummie Murle  10 Dec 1935Jackson County, Missouri I29042 Virts 
16 Griffith, Frances E.  31 Oct 2012Jackson County, Missouri I57532 Virts 
17 Hackley, John T.  2 Jul 1928Jackson County, Missouri I57515 Virts 
18 Kostenbader, Christine C.  24 Jan 1917Jackson County, Missouri I42877 Virts 
19 Kostenbader, Rose Magdaline Emma  30 Jan 1930Jackson County, Missouri I42851 Virts 
20 Lindsley, John Darwin  9 May 1919Jackson County, Missouri I56026 Virts 
21 Mann, Odabelle  1881Jackson County, Missouri I40589 Virts 
22 Simons, Edwin Vincent  7 Mar 1951Jackson County, Missouri I98049 Virts 
23 Thompson, Martha Ann  18 Mar 1846Jackson County, Missouri I42792 Virts 
24 Woodward, Florence  16 May 1886Jackson County, Missouri I26464 Virts 
25 Wyatt, Joseph Cleveland  28 Apr 1956Jackson County, Missouri I84020 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bray, Edward C.  Jackson County, Missouri I86499 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Axline / Hulse  12 Feb 1907Jackson County, Missouri F10726 Virts 
2 Brosius / Hackley  Jun 1913Jackson County, Missouri F23185 Virts 
3 Buckley / Stayton  9 May 1927Jackson County, Missouri F30487 Virts 
4 Hackley / Alley  20 Aug 1948Jackson County, Missouri F22903 Virts 
5 Hackley / Burbridge  1 Jul 1923Jackson County, Missouri F22700 Virts 
6 Hackley / Hawthorne  26 Jun 1919Jackson County, Missouri F22902 Virts 
7 Korte / Childs  18 Aug 1940Jackson County, Missouri F23099 Virts 
8 Mills / Virts  20 Jun 1959Jackson County, Missouri F707 Virts 
9 Moore / Waldron  7 Mar 1934Jackson County, Missouri F38637 Virts 
10 Nichols / Childs  7 May 1965Jackson County, Missouri F23100 Virts 
11 Oglesby / Hackley  23 Sep 1907Jackson County, Missouri F22693 Virts 
12 Thomason / St. Clair  5 Jun 1900Jackson County, Missouri F16103 Virts 
13 Virts / Patterson  12 Oct 1904Jackson County, Missouri F705 Virts 
14 Watkins / McNown  2 Sep 1908Jackson County, Missouri F27050 Virts