Jefferson County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, John  10 Oct 1826Jefferson County, Kentucky I79154 Virts 
2 Allen, Teri Faye  1958Jefferson County, Kentucky I101971 Virts 
3 Allen, Traci Annette  15 Mar 1963Jefferson County, Kentucky I101972 Virts 
4 Barnes, Bertha  14 Jan 1912Jefferson County, Kentucky I65558 Virts 
5 Barnes, Ethel  22 May 1922Jefferson County, Kentucky I65561 Virts 
6 Barnes, Yvonne Mae  2 Jul 1909Jefferson County, Kentucky I65556 Virts 
7 Bayless, Dean C.  22 Jun 1925Jefferson County, Kentucky I64337 Virts 
8 Biermann, Stephen H.  12 Jan 1951Jefferson County, Kentucky I100381 Virts 
9 Breedlove, Bridgette Marie  1977Jefferson County, Kentucky I100267 Virts 
10 Breedlove, Harvey  17 Dec 1929Jefferson County, Kentucky I46559 Virts 
11 Breedlove, Melvin Garfield  28 Jul 1910Jefferson County, Kentucky I46556 Virts 
12 Breedlove, Robert Allen Sr.  3 Jul 1927Jefferson County, Kentucky I46558 Virts 
13 Brown, Lillian Elizabeth  17 Sep 1918Jefferson County, Kentucky I65743 Virts 
14 Bush, Barbara Ellen  8 Sep 1938Jefferson County, Kentucky I100337 Virts 
15 Bush, Shelby Thomas Jr.  1930Jefferson County, Kentucky I65574 Virts 
16 Conlin, Jesse Clifford Jr.  29 Oct 1928Jefferson County, Kentucky I99893 Virts 
17 Coppage, Evelyn  11 Sep 1920Jefferson County, Kentucky I99383 Virts 
18 Cowley, Edward Graham  24 Nov 1924Jefferson County, Kentucky I100355 Virts 
19 Cowley, Elizabeth A.  1932Jefferson County, Kentucky I100358 Virts 
20 Cowley, John Curtis Sr.  1950Jefferson County, Kentucky I100370 Virts 
21 Cowley, Mary C.  12 Jun 1917Jefferson County, Kentucky I100356 Virts 
22 Davis, Patricia Ann  30 Mar 1943Jefferson County, Kentucky I99701 Virts 
23 Dodd, Frank Gail  31 Jul 1913Jefferson County, Kentucky I100386 Virts 
24 Dodd, William Marshall  16 Feb 1912Jefferson County, Kentucky I100385 Virts 
25 Ernspiker  19 Jul 1931Jefferson County, Kentucky I99843 Virts 
26 Fryrear, Marion I.  16 Nov 1927Jefferson County, Kentucky I99736 Virts 
27 Goode, Joseph Eugene  29 Nov 1921Jefferson County, Kentucky I73947 Virts 
28 Harl, Eli Calvin  11 Apr 1878Jefferson County, Kentucky I23221 Virts 
29 Harris, June  8 Jun 1942Jefferson County, Kentucky I64048 Virts 
30 Head, Jane  4 Dec 1919Jefferson County, Kentucky I83437 Virts 
31 Heitz, Arthur Joseph  15 Sep 1940Jefferson County, Kentucky I100428 Virts 
32 Herr, Joyce M.  2 Nov 1931Jefferson County, Kentucky I98935 Virts 
33 Hill, Frank H. Sr.  9 Jan 1936Jefferson County, Kentucky I64047 Virts 
34 Hill, Walter Michael  22 Jun 1947Jefferson County, Kentucky I64094 Virts 
35 Holland, James Alvin  2 May 1926Jefferson County, Kentucky I48272 Virts 
36 Holland, Raymond Carl  3 Apr 1918Jefferson County, Kentucky I48270 Virts 
37 Holliger, Theodore William  25 Mar 1923Jefferson County, Kentucky I46561 Virts 
38 Huff, Edna  1926Jefferson County, Kentucky I98674 Virts 
39 Kendall, Mamie  1912Jefferson County, Kentucky I22553 Virts 
40 Kimble, Charles A.  14 Jul 1903Jefferson County, Kentucky I64136 Virts 
41 Lefler, Harry Bryan  20 Apr 1897Jefferson County, Kentucky I46659 Virts 
42 Mason, Delberta Marie  23 Oct 1956Jefferson County, Kentucky I98865 Virts 
43 McAllister, Brian D.  10 Dec 1960Jefferson County, Kentucky I98773 Virts 
44 Moorman, Gerald R.  2 Oct 1928Jefferson County, Kentucky I64288 Virts 
45 Morrison, Hugh  1754Jefferson County, Kentucky I62964 Virts 
46 Parks, Hansel Warren  1953Jefferson County, Kentucky I87568 Virts 
47 Parks, Kathy L.  spe 8 1958Jefferson County, Kentucky I87569 Virts 
48 Paschal, Helen Jean  1946Jefferson County, Kentucky I98734 Virts 
49 Petot, William James Jr.  25 Mar 1861Jefferson County, Kentucky I18729 Virts 
50 Phillips, Bessie B.  14 Jun 1910Jefferson County, Kentucky I86384 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jewell  29 Aug 1997Jefferson County, Kentucky I100094 Virts 
2 Mabel B.  28 Nov 1998Jefferson County, Kentucky I100057 Virts 
3 Albin, Courtney Fay  7 Jul 1988Jefferson County, Kentucky I98745 Virts 
4 Allen, John Edward  3 Dec 1980Jefferson County, Kentucky I46521 Virts 
5 Barnes, Ella Mae  22 Aug 1993Jefferson County, Kentucky I99711 Virts 
6 Bassett, Bertha E.  27 May 1970Jefferson County, Kentucky I100035 Virts 
7 Beasley, Phillip Grafton  2 Apr 1966Jefferson County, Kentucky I86712 Virts 
8 Beckham, Imogene  17 Oct 1986Jefferson County, Kentucky I64093 Virts 
9 Breedlove, Robert E. Lee  12 Jan 1907Jefferson County, Kentucky I108490 Virts 
10 Burch, Thomas Vincent  18 Jul 1981Jefferson County, Kentucky I85710 Virts 
11 Burgin, Robert  17 Aug 1980Jefferson County, Kentucky I46648 Virts 
12 Burns, Hazel E.  19 Mar 1994Jefferson County, Kentucky I99776 Virts 
13 Bush, Barbara Ellen  30 Dec 2013Jefferson County, Kentucky I100337 Virts 
14 Campbell, Lettie Lee  13 Sep 1954Jefferson County, Kentucky I64432 Virts 
15 Carroll, Williams Scott  19 Jul 1954Jefferson County, Kentucky I65324 Virts 
16 Chesher, Robert Burns  7 Jul 1912Jefferson County, Kentucky I56770 Virts 
17 Childers, Martha  15 Feb 1923Jefferson County, Kentucky I46318 Virts 
18 Colgate, Anna Lee  7 Nov 1985Jefferson County, Kentucky I98824 Virts 
19 Conlin, Charles C. Jr.  19 Sep 1967Jefferson County, Kentucky I99882 Virts 
20 Conlin, Garnetta  26 May 1995Jefferson County, Kentucky I99892 Virts 
21 Coomer, Elmer  Jan 1981Jefferson County, Kentucky I80475 Virts 
22 Coyle, Alton John  24 Aug 1985Jefferson County, Kentucky I46478 Virts 
23 Coyle, Joseph Alton  14 Aug 1986Jefferson County, Kentucky I99670 Virts 
24 Cummings, Clarence  17 Mar 1972Jefferson County, Kentucky I100083 Virts 
25 Darnell, Lelia Mae  29 Jan 1987Jefferson County, Kentucky I86077 Virts 
26 Darnell, Rastus  12 Nov 1975Jefferson County, Kentucky I86237 Virts 
27 Davenport, Nona Belle  26 Jan 1985Jefferson County, Kentucky I86777 Virts 
28 Davis, Patricia Ann  22 Oct 1985Jefferson County, Kentucky I99701 Virts 
29 Dickerson, Golda E.  28 May 1995Jefferson County, Kentucky I99891 Virts 
30 Dones, Melvina B.  11 May 1988Jefferson County, Kentucky I66610 Virts 
31 Dones, Reginald Grisby  27 Aug 1981Jefferson County, Kentucky I66612 Virts 
32 Dones, Walter M.  30 Aug 1984Jefferson County, Kentucky I66609 Virts 
33 Dudley, Susan Marie  15 Nov 1969Jefferson County, Kentucky I99705 Virts 
34 Ehlers, William Jordan  21 Apr 1977Jefferson County, Kentucky I46476 Virts 
35 Elder, John Raymond  25 Sep 1979Jefferson County, Kentucky I85545 Virts 
36 Ernspiker  19 Jul 1931Jefferson County, Kentucky I99843 Virts 
37 Ewing, James Lester  5 Jul 2006Jefferson County, Kentucky I78483 Virts 
38 Ewing, William Ivan  18 Feb 1986Jefferson County, Kentucky I78590 Virts 
39 Foreman, Jonas B.  8 Mar 1978Jefferson County, Kentucky I86196 Virts 
40 Fryrear, Elbert L.  17 Jul 1982Jefferson County, Kentucky I46403 Virts 
41 Geoghegan, Edward Ray  4 Feb 1990Jefferson County, Kentucky I66616 Virts 
42 Geoghegan, Katie  25 Aug 1988Jefferson County, Kentucky I66617 Virts 
43 Gilliam, Dr. Lawrence Ullis  25 Feb 1970Jefferson County, Kentucky I87691 Virts 
44 Goulder, Junius Randolph  25 Apr 1979Jefferson County, Kentucky I95453 Virts 
45 Graham, Clara S.  8 Jul 1974Jefferson County, Kentucky I86002 Virts 
46 Grant, Thomas Page  1 May 1907Jefferson County, Kentucky I63195 Virts 
47 Gray, Julia  1 Jun 1900Jefferson County, Kentucky I46249 Virts 
48 Greenwell, Hewitt Alonso  5 Oct 1977Jefferson County, Kentucky I85277 Virts 
49 Greenwell, William Wordell  7 Sep 1972Jefferson County, Kentucky I85274 Virts 
50 Gritton, Barbara Ann  28 Apr 1993Jefferson County, Kentucky I86188 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Breedlove / Smith  10 Jul 1978Jefferson County, Kentucky F18439 Virts 
2 Burk / Cowley  16 Nov 1978Jefferson County, Kentucky F40973 Virts 
3 Hill / Harris  2 Dec 1977Jefferson County, Kentucky F25583 Virts 
4 Muir / Stephens  18 Nov 1872Jefferson County, Kentucky F25630 Virts 
5 O'Bannon / Smith  23 Jul 1840Jefferson County, Kentucky F36902 Virts 
6 Otter / Lee  19 Sep 1900Jefferson County, Kentucky F25698 Virts 
7 Rogers / Moseley  18 Apr 1912Jefferson County, Kentucky F40910 Virts 
8 Runner / Coleman  10 Dec 1785Jefferson County, Kentucky F366 Virts 
9 Speak / Finn  21 Nov 1889Jefferson County, Kentucky F35761 Virts 
10 Speak / Riley  26 Mar 1807Jefferson County, Kentucky F36606 Virts 
11 Wethington / Speed  22 Aug 1900Jefferson County, Kentucky F31514 Virts