Kingwood, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Irene Sylvia  27 Mar 1910Kingwood, West Virginia I29063 Virts 
2 Blosser, Kenneth A.  8 May 1914Kingwood, West Virginia I29374 Virts 
3 Cartwright, Jason Lee  16 Aug 1978Kingwood, West Virginia I29350 Virts 
4 Cobun, Mary Elizabeth  13 Sep 1895Kingwood, West Virginia I29372 Virts 
5 Everly, Mary Emily  3 Dec 1904Kingwood, West Virginia I27811 Virts 
6 Everly, Paul Darlington  20 Aug 1901Kingwood, West Virginia I27809 Virts 
7 Field, Joseph Edgar  15 Mar 1905Kingwood, West Virginia I27551 Virts 
8 Keener, Thelma Winifred  10 Aug 1922Kingwood, West Virginia I27612 Virts 
9 Knotts, Robin Dawn  23 Sep 1966Kingwood, West Virginia I28054 Virts 
10 LaMar, Charles B.  11 Nov 1933Kingwood, West Virginia I25599 Virts 
11 Lipscomb, Grover Cleveland  31 Oct 1886Kingwood, West Virginia I67702 Virts 
12 Martin, Karen Francis  6 Aug 1941Kingwood, West Virginia I108489 Virts 
13 Martin, Paul Hermans  1 Mar 1884Kingwood, West Virginia I29593 Virts 
14 Matheny, Barbara Ellen  12 Nov 1940Kingwood, West Virginia I25598 Virts 
15 McNear, Nancy Ellen  7 Oct 1922Kingwood, West Virginia I25597 Virts 
16 Messenger, Nancy Lee  6 Oct 1948Kingwood, West Virginia I71125 Virts 
17 Reed, Brooks G.  18 Sep 1914Kingwood, West Virginia I42602 Virts 
18 Runner, Edith Bertha  13 Apr 1882Kingwood, West Virginia I28648 Virts 
19 Runner, Francis Milton  30 Aug 1879Kingwood, West Virginia I28649 Virts 
20 Runner, Rodney Bradford  5 Feb 1968Kingwood, West Virginia I70479 Virts 
21 Runner, Sanford Scott  9 Feb 1881Kingwood, West Virginia I28650 Virts 
22 Runner, William D.  1844Kingwood, West Virginia I29101 Virts 
23 Sterling, Norine Ann  16 Jun 1918Kingwood, West Virginia I70371 Virts 
24 Stone, Emily C.  May 1853Kingwood, West Virginia I28647 Virts 
25 Taylor, Alda Maud  12 Aug 1879Kingwood, West Virginia I89155 Virts 
26 Watts, Dorsey Raymond  31 Mar 1919Kingwood, West Virginia I68117 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arve, Marjorie  30 Aug 1967Kingwood, West Virginia I35023 Virts 
2 Blosser, Lulu Marie  30 Apr 1979Kingwood, West Virginia I29371 Virts 
3 Blosser, Robert John  22 Jun 1973Kingwood, West Virginia I29335 Virts 
4 Blosser, Ross Richard  13 Dec 1920Kingwood, West Virginia I29373 Virts 
5 Blosser, Viola Marie  2 Nov 2007Kingwood, West Virginia I29289 Virts 
6 Bolyard, Hamilton Amos  25 Jun 1969Kingwood, West Virginia I46917 Virts 
7 Bolyard, Lenora Grace  23 Aug 1964Kingwood, West Virginia I41959 Virts 
8 Bolyard, Loar Wayne  15 Aug 1991Kingwood, West Virginia I68043 Virts 
9 Bolyard, Ralph Kermit  20 Nov 1947Kingwood, West Virginia I68031 Virts 
10 Bolyard, Russell F.  14 Oct 1980Kingwood, West Virginia I46931 Virts 
11 Cale, Alma  29 Feb 2008Kingwood, West Virginia I106160 Virts 
12 Cobun, Callie Louella  25 May 1958Kingwood, West Virginia I28559 Virts 
13 Criss, Ella Ades  14 Sep 1984Kingwood, West Virginia I41937 Virts 
14 Everly, John Amiziah  29 Mar 1930Kingwood, West Virginia I27782 Virts 
15 Everly, John Donald  25 May 1993Kingwood, West Virginia I27813 Virts 
16 Fortney, Merle Edith  9 Apr 1978Kingwood, West Virginia I27127 Virts 
17 Gamble, Calvin O.  19 Sep 2017Kingwood, West Virginia I29004 Virts 
18 Gamble, Charles Edward  9 Jul 2012Kingwood, West Virginia I29027 Virts 
19 Gamble, William Wesley  5 Feb 1983Kingwood, West Virginia I29022 Virts 
20 Goff, Harold Samuel  10 Mar 2000Kingwood, West Virginia I4518 Virts 
21 Greaser, Dale Wilson  17 Nov 1991Kingwood, West Virginia I27613 Virts 
22 Hamilton, Norman Lane  29 Jun 2014Kingwood, West Virginia I70734 Virts 
23 Iman, Thomas Gerald  31 Dec 1986Kingwood, West Virginia I47004 Virts 
24 Keener, Marian Joan  30 Apr 2005Kingwood, West Virginia I27590 Virts 
25 Keener, Thelma Winifred  26 Sep 2000Kingwood, West Virginia I27612 Virts 
26 Keener, Virginia Augustine  31 May 1992Kingwood, West Virginia I27578 Virts 
27 Knotts, Ona Paris  14 Jan 1972Kingwood, West Virginia I46986 Virts 
28 Kuklis, Shirley Ann  1 Apr 1995Kingwood, West Virginia I27592 Virts 
29 Kuklis, Victor J.  26 Nov 1997Kingwood, West Virginia I27591 Virts 
30 Long, Lora Byrne  16 Aug 1968Kingwood, West Virginia I46916 Virts 
31 Martin, Karen Francis  6 Aug 1941Kingwood, West Virginia I108489 Virts 
32 Martin, Lloyd Steven  15 Nov 2000Kingwood, West Virginia I27970 Virts 
33 Matlick, Marie Gladys  14 Sep 2010Kingwood, West Virginia I70713 Virts 
34 Messenger, Charles Washington  20 Jun 1962Kingwood, West Virginia I27076 Virts 
35 Messenger, Nancy Lee  25 Jan 2013Kingwood, West Virginia I71125 Virts 
36 Morgan, May Fairfax  13 Nov 1957Kingwood, West Virginia I27773 Virts 
37 Myers, Bessie Virginia  26 Oct 2009Kingwood, West Virginia I46918 Virts 
38 Nestor, Ida May  13 Oct 1958Kingwood, West Virginia I27505 Virts 
39 Phillips, Juanita M.  30 May 2013Kingwood, West Virginia I27865 Virts 
40 Runner, Amanda Clisson  15 Jul 1960Kingwood, West Virginia I28425 Virts 
41 Runner, Edith Bertha  4 Sep 1963Kingwood, West Virginia I28648 Virts 
42 Runner, Francis Milton  12 Feb 1933Kingwood, West Virginia I28649 Virts 
43 Runner, Joseph Allen  9 Jul 1931Kingwood, West Virginia I28646 Virts 
44 Runner, Sanford Scott  29 Oct 1962Kingwood, West Virginia I28650 Virts 
45 Scheuvront, Dorothy Evelyn  9 Jan 2009Kingwood, West Virginia I29311 Virts 
46 Shay, Ezra Burdette  14 Jan 1988Kingwood, West Virginia I27714 Virts 
47 Shay, Geraldine Verlyn  21 Jan 2006Kingwood, West Virginia I27649 Virts 
48 Shay, Nellie Gertrude  13 May 1969Kingwood, West Virginia I27667 Virts 
49 Sigley, Mary Virginia  31 May 1963Kingwood, West Virginia I46940 Virts 
50 Singer, Mable Virginia  3 Sep 1926Kingwood, West Virginia I106626 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ball / Runner  13 Jan 1909Kingwood, West Virginia F11616 Virts 
2 Blosser / Cobun  24 Oct 1910Kingwood, West Virginia F11730 Virts 
3 Gamble / Powell  31 Jul 1919Kingwood, West Virginia F11611 Virts 
4 Gamble / Rogers  8 Dec 1934Kingwood, West Virginia F11604 Virts 
5 Menefee / Bolyard  21 Sep 1910Kingwood, West Virginia F10941 Virts 
6 Nose / Lyons  9 Aug 1917Kingwood, West Virginia F28845 Virts 
7 Ruble / Runner  16 Aug 1877Kingwood, West Virginia F11452 Virts 
8 Van Sickle / Neff  25 Aug 1917Kingwood, West Virginia F43683 Virts