New Castle, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott, Frederick Book  14 Oct 1889New Castle, Virginia I70325 Virts 
2 Carper, Caroline Bailey  7 Feb 1830New Castle, Virginia I69994 Virts 
3 Carper, Emily F.  16 Sep 1859New Castle, Virginia I43383 Virts 
4 Carper, Howard Burns Jr.  22 Mar 1925New Castle, Virginia I43422 Virts 
5 Carper, James Ballard  17 Nov 1869New Castle, Virginia I69988 Virts 
6 Carper, Mary Elizabeth  24 Aug 1915New Castle, Virginia I43421 Virts 
7 Carper, Rosalie Eva  16 Dec 1872New Castle, Virginia I69989 Virts 
8 Carper, William Earl  14 Dec 1900New Castle, Virginia I43462 Virts 
9 Kale, Norma Mabel  1 Apr 1877New Castle, Virginia I43416 Virts 
10 Kipler, Amanda Elizabeth  5 Oct 1862New Castle, Virginia I69991 Virts 
11 Lucas, Emma  16 Nov 1873New Castle, Virginia I70244 Virts 
12 Ruble, Sarah Frances  7 Apr 1871New Castle, Virginia I70035 Virts 
13 Sublett, Virginia Dare  2 Feb 1928New Castle, Virginia I43437 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott, Rev. Byrdine Akers  24 Jun 1936New Castle, Virginia I43378 Virts 
2 Andrews, Edna Ruth  29 Mar 1985New Castle, Virginia I43469 Virts 
3 Carper, Allen  25 May 1902New Castle, Virginia I43390 Virts 
4 Carper, Charles Edward Jr.  15 Nov 1881New Castle, Virginia I43397 Virts 
5 Carper, Elizabeth  25 Jul 1854New Castle, Virginia I43371 Virts 
6 Carper, Emily F.  13 Mar 1896New Castle, Virginia I43383 Virts 
7 Carper, Ola Star  19 Jul 1885New Castle, Virginia I70233 Virts 
8 Eakin, Ann Eliza  1 Aug 1864New Castle, Virginia I70021 Virts 
9 Givens, Addison Craig  26 Mar 1950New Castle, Virginia I43366 Virts 
10 Huffman, Josephine M. Leona  16 Jun 1954New Castle, Virginia I43466 Virts 
11 Hutchison, Gillie Beatrice  11 Oct 1971New Castle, Virginia I70078 Virts 
12 Hutchison, Hilda Ruth  1 Aug 2013New Castle, Virginia I70108 Virts 
13 Kibler, Gerald Hamilton  30 Apr 1984New Castle, Virginia I70088 Virts 
14 Lee, Byron Arlington  22 Aug 1968New Castle, Virginia I70327 Virts 
15 Martin, William Otaway  27 Oct 1949New Castle, Virginia I43364 Virts 
16 Nutter, Ethel B.  11 Jun 1963New Castle, Virginia I43365 Virts 
17 Ruble, Sarah Frances  26 Apr 1950New Castle, Virginia I70035 Virts 
18 Sublett, Fred Hampton  7 Dec 2007New Castle, Virginia I43436 Virts 
19 Sublett, Oather Hampton  11 Jan 1987New Castle, Virginia I43434 Virts 
20 Taylor, William Pendleton  2 Sep 1974New Castle, Virginia I70080 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Abbott / Carper  1 Jul 1888New Castle, Virginia F17202 Virts 
2 Farrier / Hutchison  18 Feb 1967New Castle, Virginia F28446 Virts 
3 Lange / Keffer  4 Nov 1950New Castle, Virginia F28531 Virts