Parsons, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blosser, Georgia Marie  11 Jun 1926Parsons, West Virginia I29251 Virts 
2 Blosser, Juanita Ruth  4 Aug 1921Parsons, West Virginia I29259 Virts 
3 Blosser, Mildred Louise  6 Dec 1914Parsons, West Virginia I29261 Virts 
4 Blosser, Rosella Pearl  8 Apr 1923Parsons, West Virginia I29249 Virts 
5 Bolyard, Bessie  1 Apr 1908Parsons, West Virginia I27283 Virts 
6 Bolyard, Ellen Sarah  12 Aug 1905Parsons, West Virginia I27284 Virts 
7 Fitzwater, Bessie  4 May 1918Parsons, West Virginia I28266 Virts 
8 Fitzwater, Howard Cecil  9 Nov 1909Parsons, West Virginia I28260 Virts 
9 Fitzwater, Ira Britton  6 Oct 1903Parsons, West Virginia I28253 Virts 
10 Fitzwater, Matthew John Tilden  16 Jul 1876Parsons, West Virginia I28252 Virts 
11 Fitzwater, Roy Brown  15 Oct 1921Parsons, West Virginia I28261 Virts 
12 Fitzwater, Troy Brown  15 Oct 1921Parsons, West Virginia I34399 Virts 
13 Jones, Dorsey Lee  11 Mar 1910Parsons, West Virginia I70952 Virts 
14 Long, Carl  9 Oct 1926Parsons, West Virginia I106440 Virts 
15 Minnix, Boyd Alonzo  13 Aug 1918Parsons, West Virginia I8603 Virts 
16 Minnix, Roy William  5 Sep 1916Parsons, West Virginia I8602 Virts 
17 Nestor, Fay Bronson  18 Apr 1904Parsons, West Virginia I28317 Virts 
18 Phillips, Adaline Rhoda  23 Sep 1883Parsons, West Virginia I28214 Virts 
19 Poling, Daniel James  11 Aug 1868Parsons, West Virginia I28193 Virts 
20 Runner, Beryl  12 Jul 1886Parsons, West Virginia I28267 Virts 
21 Runner, Cecil  27 Mar 1902Parsons, West Virginia I28218 Virts 
22 Runner, Charles  27 Feb 1880Parsons, West Virginia I28213 Virts 
23 Runner, Clara Ann  Jul 1878Parsons, West Virginia I28211 Virts 
24 Runner, Cletus  28 Jun 1903Parsons, West Virginia I28219 Virts 
25 Runner, Creed  26 Jan 1914Parsons, West Virginia I28227 Virts 
26 Runner, Eva Byrd  30 Mar 1908Parsons, West Virginia I28243 Virts 
27 Runner, Eva Mae  9 Mar 1891Parsons, West Virginia I42067 Virts 
28 Runner, Florence  26 May 1876Parsons, West Virginia I28192 Virts 
29 Runner, Grant W.  4 Jul 1873Parsons, West Virginia I28151 Virts 
30 Runner, Lamuel  28 Oct 1888Parsons, West Virginia I28268 Virts 
31 Runner, Lena Bird  Feb 1893Parsons, West Virginia I28273 Virts 
32 Runner, Lulia  1889Parsons, West Virginia I28269 Virts 
33 Runner, Mabel  3 Dec 1903Parsons, West Virginia I28224 Virts 
34 Runner, Marcellus J.  24 Nov 1874Parsons, West Virginia I28183 Virts 
35 Runner, Mary Jemima  27 Dec 1884Parsons, West Virginia I28251 Virts 
36 Runner, Opha Paul  13 May 1907Parsons, West Virginia I28216 Virts 
37 Simmons, Fred Milton  19 Jan 1932Parsons, West Virginia I29250 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blosser, Juanita Ruth  24 Apr 1991Parsons, West Virginia I29259 Virts 
2 Blosser, Samuel Bruce  15 Apr 2007Parsons, West Virginia I29264 Virts 
3 Bolyard, Minnie Martha  5 Apr 1971Parsons, West Virginia I27253 Virts 
4 Bolyard, Willis Arnold  29 Jul 1957Parsons, West Virginia I27430 Virts 
5 Bradley, Cora Iva  5 Jun 1963Parsons, West Virginia I70940 Virts 
6 Dumire, Ada Margaret  19 Oct 1958Parsons, West Virginia I27893 Virts 
7 Jones, Dorcy Earl  9 Feb 1956Parsons, West Virginia I70934 Virts 
8 Jones, James Berlin  5 May 1969Parsons, West Virginia I70933 Virts 
9 Martin, Gerald L.  31 May 1984Parsons, West Virginia I29260 Virts 
10 Nestor, Claude Farland  6 Apr 1930Parsons, West Virginia I28318 Virts 
11 Nestor, Gay Mont  24 May 1965Parsons, West Virginia I28316 Virts 
12 Nestor, Maude Sarah  7 Feb 2014Parsons, West Virginia I56806 Virts 
13 Nestor, Waitman Willie  4 Mar 1965Parsons, West Virginia I27506 Virts 
14 Nestor, Worthy Ashburn  1 Jul 1967Parsons, West Virginia I28299 Virts 
15 Runner, Agnes Ruth  9 Jul 2003Parsons, West Virginia I28298 Virts 
16 Runner, Cecil  27 Mar 1902Parsons, West Virginia I28218 Virts 
17 Runner, Cletus  28 Jun 1903Parsons, West Virginia I28219 Virts 
18 Runner, Harlow Weldon  18 Mar 1957Parsons, West Virginia I28534 Virts 
19 Shriver, Mary Lee  31 Jan 2014Parsons, West Virginia I70723 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Hansford / Blosser  22 Oct 1965Parsons, West Virginia F11690 Virts