Shepherdstown, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carter, Jacob Calvin  19 Sep 1905Shepherdstown, West Virginia I7701 Virts 
2 Demory, Edwin Lee  15 Jan 1922Shepherdstown, West Virginia I13933 Virts 
3 Demory, Howard Griffith  5 Nov 1924Shepherdstown, West Virginia I13935 Virts 
4 Demory, Ida Irene  12 Sep 1907Shepherdstown, West Virginia I13930 Virts 
5 Demory, Juanita Moler  15 Mar 1929Shepherdstown, West Virginia I13938 Virts 
6 Demory, Lee Elwood  14 Jul 1925Shepherdstown, West Virginia I13961 Virts 
7 Demory, Marguerite Alberta  8 Oct 1920Shepherdstown, West Virginia I13932 Virts 
8 Demory, Velma Louise  1 Nov 1930Shepherdstown, West Virginia I13939 Virts 
9 Harris, Iva May  11 Sep 1934Shepherdstown, West Virginia I20922 Virts 
10 Kidwiler, Susan Ann  21 Dec 1856Shepherdstown, West Virginia I7689 Virts 
11 Lowe, Randolph Wilson  28 Nov 1915Shepherdstown, West Virginia I66383 Virts 
12 Osbourn, Charles William Jr.  10 Mar 1922Shepherdstown, West Virginia I14005 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bageant, Lester Herman  5 Feb 2005Shepherdstown, West Virginia I38626 Virts 
2 Baker, Renice Eugene  15 May 2014Shepherdstown, West Virginia I14038 Virts 
3 Binns, Michael Otway  5 Jun 2008Shepherdstown, West Virginia I66402 Virts 
4 Demory, Daniel Peter  29 Nov 1940Shepherdstown, West Virginia I5326 Virts 
5 Demory, Iris Anna Bell  1 Sep 2007Shepherdstown, West Virginia I13934 Virts 
6 Lowe, John Douglas Jr.  19 Jul 2002Shepherdstown, West Virginia I66364 Virts 
7 O'Connor, Rosellen Mary  16 Oct 1996Shepherdstown, West Virginia I21721 Virts 
8 Osbourn, Charles William Jr.  17 Feb 2013Shepherdstown, West Virginia I14005 Virts 
9 Osbourn, Larry William  8 Dec 2012Shepherdstown, West Virginia I14006 Virts 
10 Thompson, Louise Virginia  15 Mar 2012Shepherdstown, West Virginia I7700 Virts 
11 Virts, Mary Elizabeth  13 Sep 2006Shepherdstown, West Virginia I4439 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Alger / Knott  6 Oct 1926Shepherdstown, West Virginia F21974 Virts 
2 Lowe / Banks  14 Nov 1942Shepherdstown, West Virginia F26519 Virts 
3 Speaks / Gimbel  14 Jul 1956Shepherdstown, West Virginia F22374 Virts 
4 Thompson / Kidwiler  18 Sep 1878Shepherdstown, West Virginia F3244 Virts