Sulphur Springs, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Duff, Harry Otis  18 Jan 1892Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I99030 Virts 
2 Foreman, Sarah Mary  30 Dec 1870Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20637 Virts 
3 Huff, John William  19 Dec 1908Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I98727 Virts 
4 Huff, Leslie  15 Jan 1933Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I98692 Virts 
5 Magan, Edgar  19 Oct 1889Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20765 Virts 
6 Magan, Ernest Bryan  4 Jul 1896Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20772 Virts 
7 Magan, James Franklin  2 Jul 1866Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20749 Virts 
8 Midkiff, Allen Wayne  2 Aug 1888Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20632 Virts 
9 Midkiff, Anne Irene  7 Mar 1912Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I99136 Virts 
10 Midkiff, Ernestine  27 Nov 1904Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I99099 Virts 
11 Midkiff, Floyd Roosevelt  13 Jun 1901Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I99127 Virts 
12 Wedding, Angie Grace  2 Jul 1896Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20728 Virts 
13 Wedding, Comma E.  27 Jun 1893Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20868 Virts 
14 Wedding, Cullie S.  13 Nov 1892Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20643 Virts 
15 Wedding, John Thomas  19 Feb 1855Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20595 Virts 
16 Wedding, Lenard P.  27 Aug 1894Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20869 Virts 
17 Wedding, Mary Dean  9 Jun 1905Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20871 Virts 
18 Wedding, Rudolph  Abt 1902Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20870 Virts 
19 Wedding, Washington Samuel  Abt 1826Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I13882 Virts 
20 Wysong, Ruth  29 Dec 1911Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I99034 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bean, Gabriel Brinton  22 Dec 1916Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I33338 Virts 
2 Cole, Dorcas E.  14 May 1926Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20622 Virts 
3 Harrison, Elic O.  25 Feb 1941Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20618 Virts 
4 Johnston, Martha Minerva  1 Feb 1936Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I98928 Virts 
5 Magan, James Franklin  6 Oct 1941Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20749 Virts 
6 Magan, Malissa Ann  27 Dec 1936Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20751 Virts 
7 Magan, Mary Isable  15 Oct 1923Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20750 Virts 
8 Midkiff, Marvin Crow  19 Jun 1925Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20634 Virts 
9 Midkiff, Parvin W.  20 Sep 1917Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20633 Virts 
10 Wedding, George R.  14 Mar 1895Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I13877 Virts 
11 Wedding, Ida  24 Sep 1939Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20598 Virts 
12 Wedding, Rebecca  17 Feb 1917Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20746 Virts 
13 Wedding, Thomas William  20 Apr 1913Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I13880 Virts 
14 Wright, John Henry  23 Apr 1935Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I20841 Virts 
15 Wrigtht, Mary  6 Dec 1896Sulphur Springs, Kentucky I13884 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Midkiff / Wedding  10 Mar 1867Sulphur Springs, Kentucky F7255 Virts 
2 Shook / Wedding  29 May 1879Sulphur Springs, Kentucky F7260 Virts