Taneytown, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albaugh, Esther Nadine  4 Jan 1929Taneytown, Maryland I83605 Virts 
2 Garner, Fred Buffington  24 Dec 1921Taneytown, Maryland I36609 Virts 
3 Hubert, Ruth V.  30 Apr 1909Taneytown, Maryland I55020 Virts 
4 Kephart, Burton Franklin  19 Apr 1907Taneytown, Maryland I36646 Virts 
5 Kephart, Charles Burton  28 Jan 1877Taneytown, Maryland I36637 Virts 
6 Lambert, Anna Virgini  7 Nov 1921Taneytown, Maryland I36606 Virts 
7 Lambert, Margaret Louise  14 Dec 1923Taneytown, Maryland I36608 Virts 
8 Lambert, Oliver Emanuel  17 Jan 1892Taneytown, Maryland I36602 Virts 
9 Lambert, Robert O.  18 Jan 1920Taneytown, Maryland I36605 Virts 
10 Lind, Jeremiah  14 Dec 1814Taneytown, Maryland I36576 Virts 
11 Lynn, Nicholas  21 Nov 1804Taneytown, Maryland I4578 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arvin, Wilbur Charles  11 Dec 1978Taneytown, Maryland I23304 Virts 
2 Bradley, Ross Everett  Nov 1967Taneytown, Maryland I67843 Virts 
3 Crone, Charles W.  1 Dec 2007Taneytown, Maryland I44958 Virts 
4 Kline, Harvey Ernest  8 Oct 1997Taneytown, Maryland I68067 Virts 
5 Lind, Nicholas (Von Der Linden)  21 Feb 1823Taneytown, Maryland I35851 Virts 
6 Sayler, Sandra Jean  30 May 2002Taneytown, Maryland I45564 Virts 
7 Virtz, Anna Marie  14 Apr 2002Taneytown, Maryland I2694 Virts