Crawfordsville, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Overfelt, Marlene F.  19 May 1963Crawfordsville, Indiana I69458 Virts 
2 Overfelt, Michael D.  5 Apr 1959Crawfordsville, Indiana I10989 Virts 
3 Sparks, Earl Jr.  4 Sep 1963Crawfordsville, Indiana I89039 Virts 
4 Sparks, Roy Kendall  27 Apr 1918Crawfordsville, Indiana I88996 Virts 
5 Virts, Claude Harold  15 Oct 1886Crawfordsville, Indiana I452 Virts 
6 Virts, Donald Dudley  24 Nov 1912Crawfordsville, Indiana I733 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker, Mary Amanda  1918Crawfordsville, Indiana I339 Virts 
2 Bayless, Hazel Ellen  28 Jul 1994Crawfordsville, Indiana I34608 Virts 
3 Harrell, Hezekiah Ferris  30 Sep 1944Crawfordsville, Indiana I3157 Virts 
4 Jackson, Martha E.  25 May 1910Crawfordsville, Indiana I62849 Virts 
5 Lineback, Harold Cookson  10 Jun 1962Crawfordsville, Indiana I34194 Virts 
6 Mathes, Mildred  26 Jun 1967Crawfordsville, Indiana I100466 Virts 
7 Matthews, Laura Alice  5 Apr 2000Crawfordsville, Indiana I63657 Virts 
8 Newkirk, Glenn Dettbenner  27 Jul 1972Crawfordsville, Indiana I24704 Virts 
9 Ottinger, Wilma Aldean  9 Apr 1989Crawfordsville, Indiana I78140 Virts 
10 Piggott, Samuel  15 Mar 1863Crawfordsville, Indiana I288 Virts 
11 Virts, Mary Florence  30 Sep 1967Crawfordsville, Indiana I451 Virts 
12 Virts, Richard Henry  2 Feb 1923Crawfordsville, Indiana I74 Virts