Springfield, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Mary  15 Jun 1925Springfield, Missouri I92893 Virts 
2 Gray, George  Abt 1879Springfield, Missouri I15073 Virts 
3 Johnson, Martha Elizabeth  6 Sep 1925Springfield, Missouri I52795 Virts 
4 Lapham, Elizabeth L.  22 Apr 1895Springfield, Missouri I90836 Virts 
5 Lapham, Franics Frazier  19 Feb 1897Springfield, Missouri I90839 Virts 
6 Plank, Myrtle A.  18 Dec 1896Springfield, Missouri I84614 Virts 
7 Runner, Romaine Ruth  26 May 1927Springfield, Missouri I46177 Virts 
8 Speake, Amy Irene  4 Oct 1904Springfield, Missouri I90832 Virts 
9 Speake, Lawrence  20 Apr 1900Springfield, Missouri I90812 Virts 
10 Speake, Margaret  22 Apr 1897Springfield, Missouri I90810 Virts 
11 Speake, Sumpter Merrill Sr.  3 Feb 1902Springfield, Missouri I90804 Virts 
12 Starkey, Arvid Roy  3 Jul 1892Springfield, Missouri I34896 Virts 
13 Tindell, Alma Marguerite  25 May 1916Springfield, Missouri I96989 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartley, Dr. Richard Lee  20 Oct 2013Springfield, Missouri I71993 Virts 
2 Bishop, Opal Faye  28 Apr 1998Springfield, Missouri I89770 Virts 
3 Blaylock, Barbara Ethel  8 Oct 1940Springfield, Missouri I46166 Virts 
4 Coffman, Paul Robert  25 Nov 2003Springfield, Missouri I2409 Virts 
5 Copeland, Jimmy Richard  5 Jan 2010Springfield, Missouri I23863 Virts 
6 Culver, Marolyn Lorena  13 Jun 2007Springfield, Missouri I84421 Virts 
7 Edmondson, Ernest Morton  25 Oct 1962Springfield, Missouri I84596 Virts 
8 Gray, George  Abt 1879Springfield, Missouri I15073 Virts 
9 Gunda, Edith  23 Apr 1996Springfield, Missouri I23213 Virts 
10 Guthrey, Daisy Dean  24 Jun 1999Springfield, Missouri I57690 Virts 
11 Hackley, Jackson Cleveland  23 May 1962Springfield, Missouri I57682 Virts 
12 Handley, Thomas Frederick  Jan 1986Springfield, Missouri I98110 Virts 
13 Hardin, Floyd G.  11 Apr 1995Springfield, Missouri I107742 Virts 
14 Harrsion, Joseph C.  23 Oct 1938Springfield, Missouri I67077 Virts 
15 Johnson, Arthur Kirby  1 Aug 2004Springfield, Missouri I20817 Virts 
16 Johnson, Herman Dallas  7 Mar 2003Springfield, Missouri I20818 Virts 
17 Johnson, Hillis Eugene  12 Nov 2003Springfield, Missouri I20819 Virts 
18 Johnson, Martha Elizabeth  4 May 2012Springfield, Missouri I52795 Virts 
19 Magruder, Leroy Merchant  4 Feb 1960Springfield, Missouri I25647 Virts 
20 Magruder, Dr. Waverly T.  5 Jun 1944Springfield, Missouri I25645 Virts 
21 Matthews, Kenneth Wayne  13 Mar 2004Springfield, Missouri I63723 Virts 
22 Merchant, Bettie M.  10 Mar 1936Springfield, Missouri I25646 Virts 
23 Oglesby, Charles Thomas Jr.  20 Feb 2006Springfield, Missouri I57122 Virts 
24 Plank, Myrtle A.  1 Apr 1993Springfield, Missouri I84614 Virts 
25 Porter, Betty May  14 Dec 2008Springfield, Missouri I71795 Virts 
26 Rood, Mary Elizabeth  19 Aug 1931Springfield, Missouri I90783 Virts 
27 Runner, James Rolla  26 Jan 1942Springfield, Missouri I46165 Virts 
28 Runner, Romaine Ruth  7 Dec 1944Springfield, Missouri I46177 Virts 
29 Runner, Warren Tinsel  25 Mar 1956Springfield, Missouri I46170 Virts 
30 Rupert, Virginia D.  10 Sep 2010Springfield, Missouri I71994 Virts 
31 Sisco, Hazel Pauline  30 Oct 1975Springfield, Missouri I89735 Virts 
32 Speak, Joseph Dagley  6 Jul 1961Springfield, Missouri I72618 Virts 
33 Speake, John William  11 Nov 1916Springfield, Missouri I90728 Virts 
34 Speake, Lawrence  29 Jun 1901Springfield, Missouri I90812 Virts 
35 Speake, Lysle Rood  6 Oct 1918Springfield, Missouri I90811 Virts 
36 Speake, Margaret  25 Apr 1897Springfield, Missouri I90810 Virts 
37 Vick, Helen Ann  14 Feb 1999Springfield, Missouri I107738 Virts 
38 Virts, Ila  Oct 1975Springfield, Missouri I17136 Virts 
39 Wedding, Ressie Elsie  20 Apr 1987Springfield, Missouri I20810 Virts 
40 Werts, Loren Lee  29 Apr 1987Springfield, Missouri I2559 Virts 
41 Werts, Lorita Mae  7 May 2016Springfield, Missouri I2398 Virts 
42 Werts, Richard Robert  16 Feb 1993Springfield, Missouri I2241 Virts 
43 Wiggins, Dean Alvin  30 Jun 1997Springfield, Missouri I107723 Virts 
44 Wirts, Wallace Winfred  Mar 1987Springfield, Missouri I25523 Virts 
45 Yarberry, Eva Edith  1 Sep 2002Springfield, Missouri I23209 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barnes / Duffau  May 1938Springfield, Missouri F12647 Virts 
2 Lapham / Speake  27 Jun 1894Springfield, Missouri F36802 Virts 
3 Speake / Studer  22 Jan 1895Springfield, Missouri F36788 Virts