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This site is dedicated to the descendants of Wilhelm Wurtz, Henry Hackley, George Thomas Lay, Johannes Von Der Lindt, John Georg Mann, Thomas Speake, Christian Deyo and Hermann Hommel


This site is dedicated to the descendants of Wilhelm Wurtz, Henry Hackley, John George Mann, Johannes Von Der Lindt and George Thomas Lay. Their descendants intertwine many times from the late 1700’s until today and many of those descendants can trace their roots to anyone of these individuals and in some cases to all of them. I am one of those descendants that can trace my roots to all of them, and that is why I have dedicated my research to all of them.

Wilhelm Wurtz - was born about 1703 in the Tauberbischofsheim, Baden area of Germany. Arrived on the ship Neptune in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on September 23, 1753, and settled in the Lovettsville, Loudoun County Virginia area in 1772. He died in 1782 in Lovettsville, Loudoun County Virginia. Many of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren moved to the Roanoke area of Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, Illinois and Ohio. Over the years the spelling of the last name has taken on many variations such as Verts, Vertz, Virts, Virtz, Werts, Wertz, Wirtz and Wirts.

Henry Hackley - was born in 1535 in Calbourne Parish, Isle of Wright England and died there in 1600. The Hackley descendants on this website are from Henry’s great-grandsons, Richard Hackley, born 1627 in England and died 1665 in Virginia and Richard’s brother John, born about 1634 in England, died in Virginia. Their earliest ancestors settled in Virginia and some migrated to Kentucky, Mississippi and Florida.

Johannes Von Der Lindt - was born about 1719 in Germany and died in 1790 in Pennsylvania. His descendants migrated to into Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia. The Von Der Lindt name quickly gave away to the last name of Linn in the mid 1700’s, and Lind and Lynn by the late 1700’s. You will find all three spelling variations today.

John Georg Mann - was born August 8, 1723 and died May 9, 1810 in Loudoun County Virginia. It is still undetermined his place of birth. Some of his descendants remained in Loudoun County Virginia and other migrated to Maryland and Ohio. It is believed that John Georg Mann is related or a descendant of Johan Jacob Mann and Christina Catherine Menold, both born in Germany and died in Pennsylvania. Many of their early descendants are known to have migrated to Ohio, Maryland and Virginia.

George Thomas Lay - was born late 1700’s in Virginia, possibility Loudoun County and died before 1850 in Loudoun County Virginia. There are two known variations of the last name, Lay and Leigh. We know two of his children stayed in the Loudoun County Virginia area with the last name of Leigh, and one child went to Missouri and maintained the last name of Lay. There is little known about George before 1820.

Thomas Speake - was born January 1, 1633 in Dowham, Lancashire England. He settled in Saint Marys County Maryland and married Elizabeth Bowling. They had two children, John and Bowling Speake. Their descendants settled through Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky with their descendants moving onward to Kentucky, Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri.

Christian Deyo - was born about 1620 in France and married Jeane Verbeau and settled in New Paltz, New York. They are the original settlers of the historic Huguenot Street in New Paltz, New York.

Hermann Hommel - was born about 1687 in Germany and married Anna Margaretha Schneider about 1710. They migrated to the Ulster County New York area.

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