Falls Church, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Margaret Lavinia  8 Dec 1985Falls Church, Virginia I61219 Virts 
2 Baker, June  12 Feb 1987Falls Church, Virginia I61891 Virts 
3 Baker, Paul Bliss Jr.  11 Jan 1972Falls Church, Virginia I61889 Virts 
4 Baxley, Theodore Oden  29 May 1970Falls Church, Virginia I60901 Virts 
5 Beans, Charles Robert  27 Mar 1981Falls Church, Virginia I23038 Virts 
6 Brawner, Dorothy Adams  8 Dec 2012Falls Church, Virginia I80874 Virts 
7 Brawner, Janice  20 Mar 1980Falls Church, Virginia I80873 Virts 
8 Brooks, Aubrey Elliott  13 Jun 1972Falls Church, Virginia I75872 Virts 
9 Brubaker, Mary Susan  14 Aug 1964Falls Church, Virginia I25803 Virts 
10 Bynum, Jennings  10 Mar 2009Falls Church, Virginia I18583 Virts 
11 Clements, Andrew Cornelius Jr.  17 May 1986Falls Church, Virginia I23521 Virts 
12 Clifton, Thomas Hesselberg  10 Oct 1996Falls Church, Virginia I102844 Virts 
13 Costello, James William  9 Jan 1973Falls Church, Virginia I56251 Virts 
14 Dalgleish, Charles Frederick  21 Sep 1976Falls Church, Virginia I68826 Virts 
15 Dyer, Maude May  28 Jul 1978Falls Church, Virginia I69082 Virts 
16 Egnor, Russell Darrell  17 Jun 1997Falls Church, Virginia I103422 Virts 
17 Emmons, Ronald Keith  6 Feb 2016Falls Church, Virginia I84315 Virts 
18 Ennis, Cecel Marie  16 May 2006Falls Church, Virginia I61202 Virts 
19 Fry, Mary Odell  12 Jul 1969Falls Church, Virginia I17296 Virts 
20 Frye, Mabel Rhoda  2 Aug 1980Falls Church, Virginia I75867 Virts 
21 George, Edna Virginia  2 Jun 1987Falls Church, Virginia I3648 Virts 
22 George, Emma Lucille  17 Aug 1983Falls Church, Virginia I3580 Virts 
23 Gray, Wanda Florence  17 Aug 2006Falls Church, Virginia I30158 Virts 
24 Hackley, Agnes Louis  30 Jan 2006Falls Church, Virginia I53379 Virts 
25 Hackley, Jessie Agnes  8 Dec 1970Falls Church, Virginia I112 Virts 
26 Harrison, Ella Jane  12 May 1972Falls Church, Virginia I13987 Virts 
27 Heflin, Alice  20 Nov 1976Falls Church, Virginia I53353 Virts 
28 Hunt, Florence L.  26 Feb 1976Falls Church, Virginia I35821 Virts 
29 Hunt, Harry  5 Aug 1962Falls Church, Virginia I35819 Virts 
30 Johnson, Leila Jane  26 May 1959Falls Church, Virginia I5680 Virts 
31 Lagomarsino, Francis William  5 Apr 1981Falls Church, Virginia I81325 Virts 
32 Lagomarsino, Norma Catherine  10 Aug 1987Falls Church, Virginia I81321 Virts 
33 Lewin, Mary Elmira  10 Apr 1972Falls Church, Virginia I61215 Virts 
34 Mason, Annie Gerturde  15 Jun 1984Falls Church, Virginia I25570 Virts 
35 Nuce, Bertha  18 Jun 2009Falls Church, Virginia I272 Virts 
36 Payne, Carlin Simpson  21 Dec 1971Falls Church, Virginia I39058 Virts 
37 Payne, Emma Nora  16 Jun 1978Falls Church, Virginia I39050 Virts 
38 Payne, Iva Foley  28 Jun 1986Falls Church, Virginia I61718 Virts 
39 Peacock, Lillian Elizabeth  17 Feb 1969Falls Church, Virginia I20996 Virts 
40 Peer, Gary Mitchell  17 Jul 1974Falls Church, Virginia I42700 Virts 
41 Peer, Paul Elmer  22 Aug 1982Falls Church, Virginia I23533 Virts 
42 Plaugher, Earl Franklin  28 Sep 1968Falls Church, Virginia I23529 Virts 
43 Plaugher, Eula Virginia  29 Jul 1971Falls Church, Virginia I23499 Virts 
44 Rogers, Gen. Bernard William  27 Oct 2008Falls Church, Virginia I71754 Virts 
45 Rogers, Percy L.  31 Oct 1966Falls Church, Virginia I7785 Virts 
46 Russell, William Ellmore  22 Jun 1985Falls Church, Virginia I16983 Virts 
47 Schneider, James Nelson  30 Oct 1986Falls Church, Virginia I20321 Virts 
48 Smith, Coleman Adam  13 Jul 1983Falls Church, Virginia I97145 Virts 
49 Stone, Benton  30 Nov 1981Falls Church, Virginia I15 Virts 
50 Tharp, William Davis  6 Nov 1974Falls Church, Virginia I103163 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bosworth / Chadwell  Mar 1968Falls Church, Virginia F11008 Virts 
2 Coumbe / Hunt  11 Oct 1886Falls Church, Virginia F20911 Virts 
3 Myers / Thompson  16 Oct 1907Falls Church, Virginia F13797 Virts 
4 Virts / Hackley  16 Mar 1946Falls Church, Virginia F71 Virts 
5 Youngman / Hamilton  13 Apr 1957Falls Church, Virginia F27543 Virts