Harpers Ferry, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagent  1 May 1895Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38660 Virts 
2 Bagent, James Edward  18 Aug 1891Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38685 Virts 
3 Bagent, Margaret  14 Mar 1897Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38661 Virts 
4 Bagent, Nellie  28 May 1903Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38683 Virts 
5 Bagent, Susan Emma  9 May 1896Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38658 Virts 
6 Bagent, Virgie  3 Jan 1903Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38657 Virts 
7 Chew, Agnes  23 Nov 1895Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I91391 Virts 
8 Cooper, Addie Rebecca  Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I5423 Virts 
9 Crawford, Mary Elizabeth  20 May 1826Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I42314 Virts 
10 Demory, Minnie Estella  20 Dec 1904Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I13929 Virts 
11 Derry, Elizabeth V.  2 May 1850Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I18317 Virts 
12 Drew, Nellie B.  22 May 1889Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I18696 Virts 
13 Edwards, Bertha Lou  4 Mar 1896Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21564 Virts 
14 Everhart, Roger Glenn  8 Jul 1935Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I62458 Virts 
15 Furtney, Charles Howard  10 Jun 1885Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I6549 Virts 
16 Furtney, James Benton  8 Jan 1858Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I1087 Virts 
17 Griggs, Martha Ann  14 Apr 1846Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I42018 Virts 
18 Hackley, Catherine Louise  4 Jun 1921Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21253 Virts 
19 Kain, John Joseph  14 Apr 1880Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38802 Virts 
20 Kain, Joseph Leo  8 Jan 1907Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38803 Virts 
21 Kain, Mary Louise  24 Jan 1908Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38804 Virts 
22 Kaine, Ruth Yelleta  19 Aug 1918Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I2885 Virts 
23 Kalb, Elizabeth S.  24 Oct 1844Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I6560 Virts 
24 Kalb, Mary Jane  17 Oct 1847Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I6561 Virts 
25 Kalb, William A.  1841Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I6559 Virts 
26 Karn, Clarence Bernard  10 Aug 1890Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I26077 Virts 
27 Kidwell, Viola Virginia  31 Jul 1928Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I1017 Virts 
28 Longerbeam, Rosebud  24 Jun 1938Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I68595 Virts 
29 Moler, Madeline Captolia  15 Sep 1906Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I1351 Virts 
30 Murphy, Charles William  21 Jan 1918Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21627 Virts 
31 Myers, Shirley Temmple  1 Sep 1936Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I201 Virts 
32 Piper, Elsie May  24 Sep 1909Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I20021 Virts 
33 Potterfield, Betty Frances  12 Jun 1865Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I18693 Virts 
34 Potterfield, Clarence Asbury  5 May 1859Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I20329 Virts 
35 Potterfield, Cora May  10 Dec 1862Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I2794 Virts 
36 Potterfield, Harry D.  15 Jan 1868Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I20338 Virts 
37 Russell, Grace Ruth  14 Jul 1897Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I61173 Virts 
38 Staubs, Annabell Louise  11 Dec 1907Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I33867 Virts 
39 Staubs, Clarence Edward  4 Mar 1900Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I33865 Virts 
40 Staubs, Harry Washington  27 Sep 1893Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I33861 Virts 
41 Staubs, Paul Franklin  24 Oct 1913Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21320 Virts 
42 Steadman, Frederick Arnold  20 Jul 1882Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I18697 Virts 
43 Virts, Mary Elizabeth  1 Dec 1822Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I340 Virts 
44 Virts, Shirley Mae  17 Apr 1951Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I14852 Virts 
45 Waters, Irene Isabelle  25 Mar 1912Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21231 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clevenger, Charles Edward  4 Jan 2011Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I23342 Virts 
2 Dillow, Guilda Inade  17 Dec 1977Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I104981 Virts 
3 Edwards, Minnie Bell  26 Oct 1966Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I4438 Virts 
4 Goldsburry, Mary  3 Feb 1879Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I81060 Virts 
5 Green, Thelma Lee  25 Mar 2011Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I18200 Virts 
6 Hackley, Charles William  26 Sep 1929Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21224 Virts 
7 Hackley, Ruth Jane  22 Jul 1960Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21160 Virts 
8 Hawk, James Walter  29 Mar 1926Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I62891 Virts 
9 Heafer, Oliver V.  18 Sep 1985Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21637 Virts 
10 Henck, Louis Wheeler  1898Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I2786 Virts 
11 Hovis, Cora Mable  13 Feb 1947Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I39094 Virts 
12 Kain, John Joseph  22 May 1943Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38802 Virts 
13 Kain, Joseph Leo  30 Jul 1966Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38803 Virts 
14 Kidwell, Viola Virginia  18 Mar 2011Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I1017 Virts 
15 Kronk, Raymond Earl  18 Apr 1978Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21567 Virts 
16 Nuce, Archie A.  20 Mar 1936Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I54013 Virts 
17 Painter, Edith Evelyn  1 Dec 2017Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I102756 Virts 
18 Potterfield, Harry D.  30 Jul 1870Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I20338 Virts 
19 Potterfield, Truman W.  7 Jan 1910Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I348 Virts 
20 Speake, Francis Hamilton  1840Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I81059 Virts 
21 Speaks, Mary Catherine  9 Dec 1933Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38758 Virts 
22 Staubs, Grafton Woodrow  9 Jun 2005Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I38718 Virts 
23 Stoutsenberger, Ella May  9 Nov 1956Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21225 Virts 
24 Thayer, Nellie Elizabeth  2 Jun 1947Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I21257 Virts 
25 Thompson, Randolph Dixon  2 Jul 1972Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I7699 Virts 
26 Tobery, Norman Everett  11 May 2008Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I19999 Virts 
27 Tribby, Gene Larry  1 Mar 2000Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I53418 Virts 
28 Virts, Harold Stanley Jr.  5 Jan 2006Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I16896 Virts 
29 Virts, Margaret Jane  9 Jan 1914Harpers Ferry, West Virginia I347 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bagent / Buffington  30 Jan 1922Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F28641 Virts 
2 Hackley / Greenwalt  27 Nov 1910Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F7458 Virts 
3 Hackley / Riley  18 Apr 1881Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F7475 Virts 
4 Kohne / Bagent  17 Jul 1924Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F15411 Virts 
5 Nuce / Virts  27 Jul 1911Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F18 Virts 
6 Sine / Bagent  17 Jul 1926Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F15403 Virts 
7 Virts / Grimm  26 May 1891Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F340 Virts 
8 Virts / Leigh  10 Mar 1873Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F8 Virts 
9 Virts / Longerbean  12 Jun 1916Harpers Ferry, West Virginia F108 Virts