Point of Rocks, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ayres, Mary B.  Abt 1884Point of Rocks, Maryland I102795 Virts 
2 Baker, Robert Clifton  5 Dec 1914Point of Rocks, Maryland I48962 Virts 
3 Barnhouse, Myrtle Louise  15 Feb 1923Point of Rocks, Maryland I20271 Virts 
4 Carey, Ralph Franklin  31 Oct 1934Point of Rocks, Maryland I23972 Virts 
5 Carey, Richard Leo  8 Mar 1907Point of Rocks, Maryland I23964 Virts 
6 Frye, Claud Samuel  20 Feb 1892Point of Rocks, Maryland I102820 Virts 
7 Frye, Marion James  15 Jul 1893Point of Rocks, Maryland I102819 Virts 
8 Hardy, George Edward  21 Oct 1911Point of Rocks, Maryland I17154 Virts 
9 Hardy, Lorraine B.  2 Feb 1913Point of Rocks, Maryland I26996 Virts 
10 Hardy, Louise Ritchie  4 Sep 1897Point of Rocks, Maryland I57018 Virts 
11 Harris, Mary Louise  19 Jul 1929Point of Rocks, Maryland I22478 Virts 
12 Hartman, Alice Bendella  22 Jul 1900Point of Rocks, Maryland I3731 Virts 
13 Hartman, Austin Earl  18 Apr 1914Point of Rocks, Maryland I3725 Virts 
14 Hartman, Charles Jacob  28 Nov 1923Point of Rocks, Maryland I3727 Virts 
15 Hartman, Cora Beatrice  5 Sep 1903Point of Rocks, Maryland I3732 Virts 
16 Hartman, Daniel Virts  21 Dec 1898Point of Rocks, Maryland I17157 Virts 
17 Hartman, George Frederick  19 Jan 1904Point of Rocks, Maryland I3723 Virts 
18 Hartman, Jacob Clayton  16 Feb 1839Point of Rocks, Maryland I964 Virts 
19 Hartman, Joseph Franklin  25 Mar 1910Point of Rocks, Maryland I18551 Virts 
20 Hartman, Leo Woodrow  22 Feb 1913Point of Rocks, Maryland I3724 Virts 
21 Hartman, Mary Elizabeth  13 Mar 1918Point of Rocks, Maryland I3733 Virts 
22 Hartman, Matilda Lutecia  6 Jun 1906Point of Rocks, Maryland I17163 Virts 
23 Hartman, Robert Hume Sr.  7 Jul 1921Point of Rocks, Maryland I3726 Virts 
24 Hickman, Rosalie  17 Oct 1875Point of Rocks, Maryland I8993 Virts 
25 Loy, Barbara June  4 Jun 1918Point of Rocks, Maryland I17809 Virts 
26 Mock, Armistead A.  22 Jan 1906Point of Rocks, Maryland I49274 Virts 
27 Mohler, David Ray  26 Oct 1947Point of Rocks, Maryland I20446 Virts 
28 Money, Williard L.  6 Sep 1920Point of Rocks, Maryland I2598 Virts 
29 Orrison, Leslie Willard Jr.  23 Aug 1926Point of Rocks, Maryland I97348 Virts 
30 Redman, Robert A.  5 Jan 1911Point of Rocks, Maryland I17837 Virts 
31 Rollison, Edgar Milton Jr.  19 May 1935Point of Rocks, Maryland I20026 Virts 
32 Shoemaker, Charles Orman  21 Oct 1916Point of Rocks, Maryland I18628 Virts 
33 Snapp, Henry Leslie  13 Feb 1879Point of Rocks, Maryland I17515 Virts 
34 Virts, Ashley Jackson Lee  4 Nov 1862Point of Rocks, Maryland I1717 Virts 
35 Virts, Benjamin Thomas  5 Jan 1851Point of Rocks, Maryland I981 Virts 
36 Virts, Edward Clayton  23 Nov 1864Point of Rocks, Maryland I1718 Virts 
37 Virts, Effie Bendella  13 Aug 1858Point of Rocks, Maryland I1714 Virts 
38 Virts, Emlia R.  2 Feb 1854Point of Rocks, Maryland I1710 Virts 
39 Virts, Emory Eugene  2 Aug 1927Point of Rocks, Maryland I1734 Virts 
40 Virts, Emory Leon  13 Nov 1900Point of Rocks, Maryland I1723 Virts 
41 Virts, Leon Junior  11 May 1922Point of Rocks, Maryland I1731 Virts 
42 Virts, Lucille Margaret  15 May 1905Point of Rocks, Maryland I1725 Virts 
43 Virts, Marshall L.  12 May 1867Point of Rocks, Maryland I1720 Virts 
44 Virts, Mary Rebecca  15 May 1898Point of Rocks, Maryland I1008 Virts 
45 Virts, Ralph Hume  9 Jul 1925Point of Rocks, Maryland I1733 Virts 
46 Virts, Rida  4 Sep 1894Point of Rocks, Maryland I1750 Virts 
47 Virts, Robert Franklin  5 Sep 1923Point of Rocks, Maryland I1732 Virts 
48 Virts, Roland Claude Duvall  May 1856Point of Rocks, Maryland I1716 Virts 
49 Virts, William H.  14 Feb 1855Point of Rocks, Maryland I1711 Virts 
50 Webb, James Bernard Sr.  3 Aug 1907Point of Rocks, Maryland I102843 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnhouse, Lillian Mary  12 Jul 1969Point of Rocks, Maryland I17153 Virts 
2 Brown, Joseph L.  25 Mar 1909Point of Rocks, Maryland I60650 Virts 
3 Carey, John  8 Jan 1844Point of Rocks, Maryland I294 Virts 
4 Clem, Lenzie Elizabeth  20 Feb 1999Point of Rocks, Maryland I16283 Virts 
5 Cordell, Jacob  27 Feb 1923Point of Rocks, Maryland I42902 Virts 
6 Everhart, Daniel  15 Jul 1904Point of Rocks, Maryland I55196 Virts 
7 Frye, David Luther  7 Nov 1952Point of Rocks, Maryland I19829 Virts 
8 Frye, Willie Lee  1 Jul 1970Point of Rocks, Maryland I75887 Virts 
9 Hardy, Harry Virts  12 Jul 1969Point of Rocks, Maryland I17152 Virts 
10 Hardy, Mary Evelyn  9 Nov 1916Point of Rocks, Maryland I57016 Virts 
11 Harper, Lena Mozella  17 Jul 1967Point of Rocks, Maryland I49272 Virts 
12 Harris, Mary Louise  18 Jun 2006Point of Rocks, Maryland I22478 Virts 
13 Hartman, Cora Beatrice  4 Jun 1914Point of Rocks, Maryland I3732 Virts 
14 Hartman, Daniel Virts  8 Nov 1893Point of Rocks, Maryland I2709 Virts 
15 Hartman, Donald Darr  Jul 1921Point of Rocks, Maryland I17819 Virts 
16 Hartman, George Frederick  24 Oct 1906Point of Rocks, Maryland I3723 Virts 
17 Hartman, Jacob Clayton  1 Jan 1895Point of Rocks, Maryland I964 Virts 
18 Hartman, Mary Elizabeth  7 Dec 1918Point of Rocks, Maryland I3733 Virts 
19 Hartman, Robert Hume Sr.  7 Jan 1973Point of Rocks, Maryland I3726 Virts 
20 Hawes, Cora Elizabeth  1 Dec 1928Point of Rocks, Maryland I17034 Virts 
21 Mock, Oscar Franklin  23 Mar 1946Point of Rocks, Maryland I49267 Virts 
22 Mossburg, Ann Rebecca  7 Apr 1901Point of Rocks, Maryland I1575 Virts 
23 Peomroy, Sarah Elizabeth Catherine  20 Jul 1940Point of Rocks, Maryland I17838 Virts 
24 Shellman, Della Olivia  24 Dec 1948Point of Rocks, Maryland I1000 Virts 
25 Virts, Ashley Jackson Lee  7 Feb 1864Point of Rocks, Maryland I1717 Virts 
26 Virts, Charles R.  3 Oct 1890Point of Rocks, Maryland I17834 Virts 
27 Virts, Emlia R.  2 Oct 1855Point of Rocks, Maryland I1710 Virts 
28 Virts, Emory Eugene  2 Aug 1928Point of Rocks, Maryland I1734 Virts 
29 Virts, Mary Rebecca  27 Jan 1916Point of Rocks, Maryland I1008 Virts 
30 Virts, Paul L.  27 Feb 1900Point of Rocks, Maryland I1001 Virts 
31 Virts, Roland Claude Duvall  7 Jan 1878Point of Rocks, Maryland I1716 Virts 
32 Virts, Vicki Darlene  31 Jan 1994Point of Rocks, Maryland I1077 Virts 
33 Williams, Ben  6 Sep 1993Point of Rocks, Maryland I26975 Virts 
34 Zimmerman, Caroline Susan  22 Feb 1912Point of Rocks, Maryland I2597 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Paxson / Hickman  22 Nov 1899Point of Rocks, Maryland F3716 Virts 
2 Roberson / Virts  9 Jan 1908Point of Rocks, Maryland F10327 Virts 
3 Virts / Shellman  11 Feb 1904Point of Rocks, Maryland F907 Virts