Washington County, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beard, John F.  15 Aug 1836Washington County, Maryland I21953 Virts 
2 Cole, Frances M.  30 Dec 1940Washington County, Maryland I23605 Virts 
3 Eldridge, Russell Andrew  29 Mar 1897Washington County, Maryland I4591 Virts 
4 Eldridge, Ruth Christine  11 Aug 1913Washington County, Maryland I17998 Virts 
5 Follin, Helen Mae  30 Jan 1916Washington County, Maryland I33456 Virts 
6 Gosnell, William Henry  1870Washington County, Maryland I54301 Virts 
7 Grimm, Mary Sophia  18 Apr 1866Washington County, Maryland I569 Virts 
8 Himes, Lucy Virginia  7 Oct 1909Washington County, Maryland I53401 Virts 
9 Hovis, Cora Mable  28 Dec 1889Washington County, Maryland I39094 Virts 
10 Jones, Leroy B.  20 Jan 1897Washington County, Maryland I20420 Virts 
11 Lowry, William Sherman Sr.  14 Nov 1897Washington County, Maryland I3799 Virts 
12 Mann, Rebecca  15 Oct 1821Washington County, Maryland I40970 Virts 
13 Margaret, Ellen  1918Washington County, Maryland I22362 Virts 
14 Nokes, James Lee  13 Jul 1940Washington County, Maryland I14058 Virts 
15 Semler, Scott  15 Sep 1898Washington County, Maryland I7777 Virts 
16 Slaughter, Garland Frederick  1 May 1922Washington County, Maryland I69599 Virts 
17 Smith, Bertha Mae  20 Jan 1909Washington County, Maryland I38400 Virts 
18 Snider, Peter  1835Washington County, Maryland I637 Virts 
19 Springer, Nellie Mae  23 Oct 1908Washington County, Maryland I1023 Virts 
20 Stotler, Isaac William  24 Jun 1895Washington County, Maryland I24016 Virts 
21 Tritapoe, Edward Maurice  1 Jun 1924Washington County, Maryland I20425 Virts 
22 Tritapoe, Richard Wayne  7 Nov 1938Washington County, Maryland I20422 Virts 
23 Virts, Bessie Kathrine  3 Sep 1894Washington County, Maryland I2772 Virts 
24 Virts, George Milton  Nov 1898Washington County, Maryland I499 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Derr, Sophia  31 Jan 1995Washington County, Maryland I40391 Virts 
2 Eldridge, Charles Alfred  8 Jul 1975Washington County, Maryland I4587 Virts 
3 Eldridge, John Harp  7 Aug 1930Washington County, Maryland I4580 Virts 
4 Elliott, Fulton Nelson  1957Washington County, Maryland I17990 Virts 
5 Hutzell, Glenn D.  18 Aug 1972Washington County, Maryland I54243 Virts 
6 Virts, Charles Franklin  11 May 1972Washington County, Maryland I789 Virts 
7 Virts, Sarah Lillian  14 Jan 1901Washington County, Maryland I2789 Virts 
8 Warford, Elizabeth  25 Aug 1872Washington County, Maryland I40969 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Eldridge / Remsburg  24 Feb 1909Washington County, Maryland F2093 Virts 
2 Eldridge / Virts  30 Nov 1881Washington County, Maryland F1404 Virts 
3 Runner / Miller  23 Jun 1817Washington County, Maryland F18269 Virts 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cotta /   1959Washington County, Maryland F28696 Virts