Adamstown, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biser, Martin Roland  25 Aug 1923Adamstown, Maryland I2668 Virts 
2 Grimes, Charles William  26 Sep 1935Adamstown, Maryland I2697 Virts 
3 Hawes, Charles Henry  19 Jul 1913Adamstown, Maryland I38450 Virts 
4 Hawes, George W.  25 Jul 1920Adamstown, Maryland I38462 Virts 
5 Hawes, Mary E.  1 Jul 1922Adamstown, Maryland I38448 Virts 
6 Heffner, Adaline Pearl  25 Apr 1914Adamstown, Maryland I16327 Virts 
7 Heffner, Erma Lavada  26 Feb 1900Adamstown, Maryland I18616 Virts 
8 Hoffman, Lawrence Oliver  12 Dec 1902Adamstown, Maryland I32457 Virts 
9 Oland, Catherine Doll  26 Mar 1923Adamstown, Maryland I32437 Virts 
10 Stup, Evelyn Lorraine  1 Dec 1926Adamstown, Maryland I2667 Virts 
11 Stup, Frances Lucille  17 Mar 1929Adamstown, Maryland I2669 Virts 
12 Stup, George Thomas Sr.  12 Aug 1898Adamstown, Maryland I1727 Virts 
13 Stup, Howard Joseph Jr.  Dec 1934Adamstown, Maryland I2671 Virts 
14 Thomas, Mary K.  11 Sep 1910Adamstown, Maryland I23981 Virts 
15 Virts, Helen Virginia  30 Apr 1915Adamstown, Maryland I19809 Virts 
16 Whitter, Margaret  1 Aug 1893Adamstown, Maryland I24047 Virts 
17 Wilt, Thelma Eleanor  4 Dec 1922Adamstown, Maryland I18596 Virts 
18 Wilt, Wiliam Walter Jr.  26 Nov 1929Adamstown, Maryland I18593 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagent, Mary Elizabeth  12 Aug 2010Adamstown, Maryland I38551 Virts 
2 Carey, Joseph Henry  10 Feb 1951Adamstown, Maryland I3756 Virts 
3 Davis, Mary Jane  28 Nov 2009Adamstown, Maryland I24055 Virts 
4 Frye, Ollie May  5 Oct 1965Adamstown, Maryland I23960 Virts 
5 Hahn, Pauline Jane  29 May 1997Adamstown, Maryland I33922 Virts 
6 Hoffman, John William  25 Jul 1945Adamstown, Maryland I32448 Virts 
7 Hoffman, Mary Frances  13 Dec 1994Adamstown, Maryland I32459 Virts 
8 Ott, Wilbert Woodrow  19 Jul 1996Adamstown, Maryland I24053 Virts 
9 Schaeffer, Annie Cecilia  26 Mar 1954Adamstown, Maryland I32454 Virts 
10 Stup, Mary E.  7 Sep 1981Adamstown, Maryland I24050 Virts 
11 Stup, Natalie Marie  17 May 1934Adamstown, Maryland I2660 Virts 
12 Thompson, Minnie America  22 Apr 1947Adamstown, Maryland I1007 Virts 
13 Virts, Wallace Leon  22 Mar 1930Adamstown, Maryland I1006 Virts 
14 Wilt, Sandra Lee  2 Apr 1976Adamstown, Maryland I18587 Virts