Bethesda, Maryland



Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Speakes, Anna  1922Bethesda, Maryland I73023 Virts 


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ayers, Earl C.  29 Jul 1975Bethesda, Maryland I53262 Virts 
2 Cutts, Richard Malcom III  14 Jun 1973Bethesda, Maryland I42183 Virts 
3 Deitrick, William Alexander  6 May 1946Bethesda, Maryland I43706 Virts 
4 Frye, Mary Louise  30 Nov 1975Bethesda, Maryland I13953 Virts 
5 Gasch, Andrew F.  1 Aug 1952Bethesda, Maryland I52824 Virts 
6 George, Samuel Washington  21 Jul 1991Bethesda, Maryland I3617 Virts 
7 Glass, Webster W.  17 Jan 1954Bethesda, Maryland I4468 Virts 
8 Gott, Dorothy Virginia  14 Jan 1968Bethesda, Maryland I28716 Virts 
9 Hackley, Audley Wright  6 May 1989Bethesda, Maryland I21347 Virts 
10 Harper, Harry Ellsworth  7 Sep 1962Bethesda, Maryland I17232 Virts 
11 Keefer, Frank Royer  15 May 1954Bethesda, Maryland I90762 Virts 
12 Leith, David Harrison  May 1971Bethesda, Maryland I61886 Virts 
13 Lynn, Elsie V.  31 Jan 1972Bethesda, Maryland I84259 Virts 
14 Maedel, Julius Authur Jr.  4 Nov 1991Bethesda, Maryland I18476 Virts 
15 McCanner, Arthur Thomas Jr.  10 May 1973Bethesda, Maryland I62742 Virts 
16 Merkle, Francis Baldwin  8 Mar 1986Bethesda, Maryland I101064 Virts 
17 Milstead, Cornelius Roderick  3 May 1996Bethesda, Maryland I85037 Virts 
18 Moore, Lilly Catherine  8 Feb 1960Bethesda, Maryland I55680 Virts 
19 Mount, Stuart Warren  21 Aug 2008Bethesda, Maryland I49801 Virts 
20 Page, Walter George  10 Nov 1998Bethesda, Maryland I23962 Virts 
21 Paxson, Frances Helen  14 May 1950Bethesda, Maryland I8994 Virts 
22 Pool, Katherine  7 Feb 1976Bethesda, Maryland I55691 Virts 
23 Rabbitt, Joseph Bernard  28 Jun 2017Bethesda, Maryland I20185 Virts 
24 Ricketts, Bessie Joanne  10 Aug 1998Bethesda, Maryland I48934 Virts 
25 Seale, Coolidge Fred  22 Mar 2007Bethesda, Maryland I87764 Virts 
26 Sivertsen, Bruce Oheln  7 Mar 2005Bethesda, Maryland I18812 Virts 
27 Speakes, Levi Joseph  29 Mar 1948Bethesda, Maryland I73005 Virts 
28 Spring, Nona Bell  21 Jun 1963Bethesda, Maryland I483 Virts 
29 Stone, John Dunbar  30 May 1973Bethesda, Maryland I55690 Virts 
30 Terrell, Cornelia May  9 Oct 1957Bethesda, Maryland I90751 Virts 
31 Thompson, Margaret E.  2 Jan 1959Bethesda, Maryland I3718 Virts 
32 Titus, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1990Bethesda, Maryland I10457 Virts 
33 Tribby, Annie Jane  19 Mar 1968Bethesda, Maryland I62147 Virts 
34 Virts, Lucy Kate "Nannie"  3 Jul 1951Bethesda, Maryland I543 Virts 
35 Virts, Martha J.  17 Nov 1982Bethesda, Maryland I18813 Virts 
36 Virts, Susan Ann  16 Jul 1976Bethesda, Maryland I878 Virts 
37 Wall, David Lee  23 Mar 1995Bethesda, Maryland I23113 Virts 
38 Wright, Claude C.  24 Oct 1972Bethesda, Maryland I42892 Virts 
39 Wynkoop, Harry Delaney  8 Jun 2000Bethesda, Maryland I15685 Virts