Charles Town, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alger, Shirley Knott  15 Sep 1927Charles Town, West Virginia I55362 Virts 
2 Bailey, Creamer Henderson  19 Nov 1910Charles Town, West Virginia I26263 Virts 
3 Bane, Rena  17 Mar 1886Charles Town, West Virginia I102796 Virts 
4 Baxley, Theodore Oden  19 Oct 1922Charles Town, West Virginia I60901 Virts 
5 Birkett, John William Jr.  8 Aug 1900Charles Town, West Virginia I62856 Virts 
6 Birkitt, Donna Isabell  3 Aug 1898Charles Town, West Virginia I988 Virts 
7 Birkitt, Everett Randolph  6 Jan 1905Charles Town, West Virginia I62860 Virts 
8 Birkitt, Mary Virginia  21 Nov 1907Charles Town, West Virginia I62857 Virts 
9 Birkitt, Ralph Eugene  2 Nov 1902Charles Town, West Virginia I62855 Virts 
10 Birkitt, Vernon R.  22 Jan 1932Charles Town, West Virginia I62872 Virts 
11 Bryant, Benjamin E.  1882Charles Town, West Virginia I21937 Virts 
12 Cooper, Eric Scott  29 Mar 1973Charles Town, West Virginia I104987 Virts 
13 Darr, Norma Geraldine  11 Jun 1920Charles Town, West Virginia I6541 Virts 
14 Demory, Iris Anna Bell  15 Aug 1923Charles Town, West Virginia I13934 Virts 
15 Dillow, Delsie Virginia  21 May 1932Charles Town, West Virginia I23922 Virts 
16 Dillow, Delsie Virginia  21 May 1932Charles Town, West Virginia I104979 Virts 
17 Drew, Charles Joseph  30 Nov 1857Charles Town, West Virginia I18695 Virts 
18 Garrett, Geneva L.  23 Mar 1915Charles Town, West Virginia I16228 Virts 
19 Green, Mark Anthony  5 Mar 1959Charles Town, West Virginia I56991 Virts 
20 Johnston, Charles David  14 May 1903Charles Town, West Virginia I70502 Virts 
21 Kohne, Edna Louise  23 Mar 1928Charles Town, West Virginia I70374 Virts 
22 Lake, Barbara Arthine  28 Jun 1930Charles Town, West Virginia I808 Virts 
23 Lancaster, Violet June  26 Jun 1924Charles Town, West Virginia I836 Virts 
24 Lunsford, Esther R.  30 Jun 1894Charles Town, West Virginia I97207 Virts 
25 Magaha, Harry Leory III  17 Mar 1973Charles Town, West Virginia I97111 Virts 
26 Miley, Janet Pearl  8 Jul 1929Charles Town, West Virginia I38723 Virts 
27 Ott, Edward William  5 Aug 1948Charles Town, West Virginia I24057 Virts 
28 Ramey, Anna Amelia  13 Apr 1896Charles Town, West Virginia I38711 Virts 
29 Shackelford, Lacey Shalynn  1 Jan 1985Charles Town, West Virginia I21949 Virts 
30 Tribby, Judy Ann  27 Jun 1954Charles Town, West Virginia I53424 Virts 
31 Tribby, Sharon Diane  4 Sep 1951Charles Town, West Virginia I53413 Virts 
32 Virts, George William  18 Mar 1920Charles Town, West Virginia I989 Virts 
33 Virts, Guy Leonard  25 Oct 1893Charles Town, West Virginia I11169 Virts 
34 Virts, Lester Eugene Jr.  1 Aug 1964Charles Town, West Virginia I12091 Virts 
35 Virts, Lewis Royer  17 Jul 1919Charles Town, West Virginia I82 Virts 
36 Virts, Robert Eugene  24 Jul 1922Charles Town, West Virginia I4617 Virts 
37 Wenner, Tina Ann  10 Dec 1963Charles Town, West Virginia I2855 Virts 
38 Whittington, Ann Allen  17 Jan 1945Charles Town, West Virginia I20538 Virts 
39 Wilson, Cynthia Kaye  31 Jul 1953Charles Town, West Virginia I3638 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahalt, Francis Strother  24 Mar 1978Charles Town, West Virginia I68195 Virts 
2 Alger, Shirley Eldon  19 Apr 1963Charles Town, West Virginia I13341 Virts 
3 Arnett, Addie Marie  3 Apr 1938Charles Town, West Virginia I70501 Virts 
4 Ayres, Earnest Lewis  2 Aug 1976Charles Town, West Virginia I63902 Virts 
5 Bagent, Daniel Howard  19 Jul 1933Charles Town, West Virginia I38633 Virts 
6 Bagent, May Belle  26 Jun 1931Charles Town, West Virginia I70498 Virts 
7 Bagent, Susan Emma  10 Jun 1928Charles Town, West Virginia I38658 Virts 
8 Baker, Ernest Luther  24 Feb 1969Charles Town, West Virginia I18130 Virts 
9 Beahm, Willard Eugene  26 Apr 2004Charles Town, West Virginia I7706 Virts 
10 Bennett, Sydnor Hamilton Jr.  7 Aug 1973Charles Town, West Virginia I41895 Virts 
11 Birkitt, Ralph Eugene  26 May 1980Charles Town, West Virginia I62855 Virts 
12 Birkitt, Vernon R.  20 May 1973Charles Town, West Virginia I62872 Virts 
13 Bolyard, Kermit Q.  5 Mar 2005Charles Town, West Virginia I70843 Virts 
14 Butler, Louise  12 Feb 2010Charles Town, West Virginia I67202 Virts 
15 Butts, Charles William Isaac  28 Nov 1973Charles Town, West Virginia I62169 Virts 
16 Cole, Roger Lee  31 Mar 2008Charles Town, West Virginia I38702 Virts 
17 Cooper, Addie Rebecca  Charles Town, West Virginia I5423 Virts 
18 Cooper, Charles Edward  27 Dec 1963Charles Town, West Virginia I61989 Virts 
19 Cooper, Maude Stella  11 Sep 1977Charles Town, West Virginia I21249 Virts 
20 Cooper, Sylvester Keeler  31 Dec 1978Charles Town, West Virginia I23908 Virts 
21 Cotta, Dominic Sr.  24 May 2010Charles Town, West Virginia I70603 Virts 
22 Crawford, Naomi Temple  15 Jun 1977Charles Town, West Virginia I1409 Virts 
23 Cummings, Dorothy Mae  2 Mar 1967Charles Town, West Virginia I41896 Virts 
24 Damewood, Margaret Rebecca  21 May 1956Charles Town, West Virginia I36456 Virts 
25 Darr, Catherine Fleeta  6 Nov 2008Charles Town, West Virginia I39139 Virts 
26 Darr, Gladys Ruth  8 Nov 1970Charles Town, West Virginia I6543 Virts 
27 Darr, Kathryn Ann  13 Jan 2009Charles Town, West Virginia I6540 Virts 
28 Demory, Elwood Aglionby  3 Jun 1981Charles Town, West Virginia I13911 Virts 
29 Demory, Garland Raleigh  1 Jun 1993Charles Town, West Virginia I13963 Virts 
30 Demory, Howard Griffith  19 Nov 2012Charles Town, West Virginia I13935 Virts 
31 Dinkle, Carrie Biller  1 Jan 1992Charles Town, West Virginia I5431 Virts 
32 Donegan, Minnie Blanche  8 Feb 1971Charles Town, West Virginia I38646 Virts 
33 Edmonson, John Hout  9 Feb 1977Charles Town, West Virginia I1475 Virts 
34 Edwards, John Wilbert Jr.  13 Jan 1990Charles Town, West Virginia I21194 Virts 
35 Elmendorf, Phyllis May  8 Jun 1998Charles Town, West Virginia I98579 Virts 
36 Everhart, John Walter  6 Mar 1948Charles Town, West Virginia I3911 Virts 
37 Fields, Harvey Lawrence  3 Dec 1984Charles Town, West Virginia I24897 Virts 
38 Flagg, Claude Osbourn  16 Jul 1980Charles Town, West Virginia I41898 Virts 
39 Frye, Blanche Virginia  26 Nov 2011Charles Town, West Virginia I5301 Virts 
40 Furtney, Mary Susan  28 Nov 1997Charles Town, West Virginia I3126 Virts 
41 Hackley, Alice Laurinda  23 May 1949Charles Town, West Virginia I21175 Virts 
42 Hackley, Bessie Ellamay  14 Jan 1937Charles Town, West Virginia I39211 Virts 
43 Hackley, Nellie Mae  24 Feb 1945Charles Town, West Virginia I21226 Virts 
44 Hackley, Raymond Feltner  29 May 1959Charles Town, West Virginia I21248 Virts 
45 Hamilton, Bruce Franklin  14 Aug 2007Charles Town, West Virginia I39140 Virts 
46 Hamilton, Mabel Ruth  17 May 1973Charles Town, West Virginia I18692 Virts 
47 Hayes, Genevieve I.  21 Apr 2006Charles Town, West Virginia I18195 Virts 
48 Hedican, John Francis  5 Jul 1976Charles Town, West Virginia I21255 Virts 
49 Hunt, Annie Pleasant  20 Jan 1933Charles Town, West Virginia I24757 Virts 
50 Kesner, Carrie Viola  17 Oct 2006Charles Town, West Virginia I21200 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bagent / Snowden  15 Jun 1913Charles Town, West Virginia F15391 Virts 
2 Bagent / Viands  26 Dec 1923Charles Town, West Virginia F15405 Virts 
3 Bailey / Virts  1 Sep 1934Charles Town, West Virginia F10622 Virts 
4 Breeden / Cogle  14 Feb 1931Charles Town, West Virginia F15578 Virts 
5 Cotta / Bagent  11 Mar 1920Charles Town, West Virginia F28686 Virts 
6 Edwards / Hackley  Nov 1936Charles Town, West Virginia F7470 Virts 
7 Johnston / Arnett  8 Nov 1932Charles Town, West Virginia F28643 Virts 
8 Ross / Hackley  17 Mar 1864Charles Town, West Virginia F7476 Virts 
9 Segaloff / Hoffman  26 Sep 1923Charles Town, West Virginia F6001 Virts 
10 Speaks / Baker  18 Mar 1910Charles Town, West Virginia F15430 Virts 
11 Thompson / Conner  1 May 1877Charles Town, West Virginia F4789 Virts 
12 Vickers / Virts  17 Nov 1897Charles Town, West Virginia F858 Virts 
13 Virts / Birkitt  14 Apr 1919Charles Town, West Virginia F296 Virts