Cumberland, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Opal  24 Sep 1912Cumberland, Maryland I53965 Virts 
2 Billingsley, Grace Virginia  19 Jun 1919Cumberland, Maryland I23128 Virts 
3 Cunningham, David Macon  20 Mar 1937Cumberland, Maryland I105449 Virts 
4 English, Gary Richard  11 Jul 1940Cumberland, Maryland I117 Virts 
5 Forrest, Paul Burton  18 Nov 1893Cumberland, Maryland I20109 Virts 
6 Kington, Bettie June  22 Jan 1923Cumberland, Maryland I53969 Virts 
7 Knotts, George Humbird  11 Apr 1912Cumberland, Maryland I71312 Virts 
8 Mann, Robert Hyle  16 Feb 1910Cumberland, Maryland I42334 Virts 
9 Mann, Robert Hyle Jr.  28 Nov 1936Cumberland, Maryland I42336 Virts 
10 Nisewarner, Paul C.  19 Jul 1909Cumberland, Maryland I23662 Virts 
11 Smallwood, Harry Franklin Sr.  3 Jun 1931Cumberland, Maryland I105429 Virts 
12 Smallwood, Madora Edith  6 Feb 1930Cumberland, Maryland I105424 Virts 
13 Staggs, Charles H.  29 Jan 1933Cumberland, Maryland I5127 Virts 
14 Storer, James Cuthbertson  2 Mar 1903Cumberland, Maryland I24664 Virts 
15 Virts, Daisy Catherine  27 Jun 1894Cumberland, Maryland I4511 Virts 
16 Virts, Harry Thomas  28 Jan 1899Cumberland, Maryland I14243 Virts 
17 Virts, James Ray  3 Apr 1905Cumberland, Maryland I4515 Virts 
18 Virts, Verna Ellen  Sep 1900Cumberland, Maryland I4514 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowers, Peggy V.  2 Aug 2008Cumberland, Maryland I62226 Virts 
2 Brislin, Nettie E.  7 Apr 1954Cumberland, Maryland I42264 Virts 
3 Cobey, William Earl  2 Feb 1965Cumberland, Maryland I81277 Virts 
4 Conley, George Warren  19 Sep 2010Cumberland, Maryland I27943 Virts 
5 Davis, Glenn William Sr.  22 Nov 2002Cumberland, Maryland I5129 Virts 
6 Fraley, Charlotte Evelyn  11 Jul 1973Cumberland, Maryland I23661 Virts 
7 Green, Stanley Glenn  4 Aug 1974Cumberland, Maryland I25461 Virts 
8 Hines, Ruth Isabelle  15 Apr 1997Cumberland, Maryland I24662 Virts 
9 Keiper, William S.  22 Nov 1974Cumberland, Maryland I106589 Virts 
10 Knotts, George Humbird  23 Jul 2001Cumberland, Maryland I71312 Virts 
11 Knotts, Stephen Ellsworth  5 Sep 1939Cumberland, Maryland I71208 Virts 
12 Mann, Ivia  Apr 1974Cumberland, Maryland I62186 Virts 
13 Mann, Rev. Luther Ambrose  10 Nov 1908Cumberland, Maryland I36396 Virts 
14 Mann, Luther Ambrose Jr.  19 Dec 1930Cumberland, Maryland I42330 Virts 
15 Mann, Robert Hyle Jr.  13 Dec 1974Cumberland, Maryland I42336 Virts 
16 McKenzie, Mary Alice  21 Dec 1985Cumberland, Maryland I10021 Virts 
17 Mills, Annie F.  28 Oct 1945Cumberland, Maryland I62201 Virts 
18 Moon, Chester Hugh  22 Mar 1984Cumberland, Maryland I5330 Virts 
19 Nisewarner, John Paul  19 Jan 1958Cumberland, Maryland I23660 Virts 
20 Nisewarner, Paul C.  Nov 1978Cumberland, Maryland I23662 Virts 
21 Oyerly, Glenn Roy  9 Jun 1966Cumberland, Maryland I49066 Virts 
22 Robertson, Bessie Viola  21 Feb 1988Cumberland, Maryland I9013 Virts 
23 Sears, John Vernon Sr.  21 Oct 1997Cumberland, Maryland I5143 Virts 
24 Shriver, Janet Young  29 Aug 1984Cumberland, Maryland I42027 Virts 
25 Smallwood, Clarence Asbury  8 Oct 1945Cumberland, Maryland I105444 Virts 
26 Smallwood, Franklin M.  7 Mar 1921Cumberland, Maryland I2793 Virts 
27 Smallwood, George Odonald  9 Nov 1947Cumberland, Maryland I14390 Virts 
28 Storer, James Cuthbertson  22 Apr 1958Cumberland, Maryland I24664 Virts 
29 Virts  13 Dec 1897Cumberland, Maryland I17562 Virts 
30 Virts, Beulah Ann  14 Sep 1999Cumberland, Maryland I1125 Virts 
31 Virts, Guy Leonard  28 Oct 1961Cumberland, Maryland I11169 Virts 
32 Virts, James W.  Oct 1977Cumberland, Maryland I800 Virts 
33 Virts, Oscar C.  8 Mar 1941Cumberland, Maryland I363 Virts 
34 Virts, Wanda Elizabeth  16 Jan 2015Cumberland, Maryland I3004 Virts 
35 Wilt, Anna Jane  7 Aug 2012Cumberland, Maryland I5099 Virts 
36 Wynkoop, Elizabeth Mae  12 Jul 2005Cumberland, Maryland I15689 Virts 
37 Young, Rev. Martin Luther  12 Dec 1904Cumberland, Maryland I42332 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Goff / Virts  3 Jul 1927Cumberland, Maryland F2065 Virts 
2 Young / Mann  14 Jul 1903Cumberland, Maryland F16776 Virts