Jefferson County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bageant, Donald Wayne  24 Sep 1932Jefferson County, West Virginia I38630 Virts 
2 Bageant, Elizabeth  31 Oct 1917Jefferson County, West Virginia I38631 Virts 
3 Bageant, Lester Herman  21 Dec 1920Jefferson County, West Virginia I38626 Virts 
4 Bagent, Edna Louise  4 May 1929Jefferson County, West Virginia I38673 Virts 
5 Bagent, James William  4 Dec 1929Jefferson County, West Virginia I38686 Virts 
6 Carter, Dixie Lee  29 Aug 1940Jefferson County, West Virginia I33288 Virts 
7 Carter, Wilson Berry  11 Sep 1912Jefferson County, West Virginia I7703 Virts 
8 Chrisman, Louise Eliza  10 Mar 1929Jefferson County, West Virginia I91987 Virts 
9 Clevenger, Paul H.  15 Nov 1894Jefferson County, West Virginia I83668 Virts 
10 Cogle  30 Oct 1953Jefferson County, West Virginia I106772 Virts 
11 Cogle  4 Mar 1957Jefferson County, West Virginia I106773 Virts 
12 Cogle, George Melvin  23 Apr 1910Jefferson County, West Virginia I21081 Virts 
13 Cotta, Ethel Estella  19 Sep 1930Jefferson County, West Virginia I70618 Virts 
14 Cotta, Mary Ann  8 Jul 1929Jefferson County, West Virginia I70614 Virts 
15 Crews, Jay Eugene Jr.  23 Jul 1975Jefferson County, West Virginia I16456 Virts 
16 Curry, Ann Elizabeth  31 Dec 1848Jefferson County, West Virginia I26193 Virts 
17 Curry, Joseph Missouri  1846Jefferson County, West Virginia I26195 Virts 
18 Curry, Mary Jane  1 Feb 1851Jefferson County, West Virginia I26194 Virts 
19 Demory, Almacia Violette  13 Aug 1875Jefferson County, West Virginia I3446 Virts 
20 Demory, Emma Marie  18 Feb 1935Jefferson County, West Virginia I13968 Virts 
21 Demory, Garland Raleigh  12 Oct 1921Jefferson County, West Virginia I13963 Virts 
22 Demory, Howard Wesley  30 Aug 1901Jefferson County, West Virginia I13919 Virts 
23 Demory, Walter Virts  31 May 1909Jefferson County, West Virginia I13902 Virts 
24 Dignazio, Rose  25 Sep 1925Jefferson County, West Virginia I70631 Virts 
25 Dillow, Guilda Inade  20 Apr 1931Jefferson County, West Virginia I104981 Virts 
26 Furtney, Emma Gertrude  6 Jan 1890Jefferson County, West Virginia I6545 Virts 
27 Hackley, Bessie Ellamay  27 Mar 1925Jefferson County, West Virginia I39211 Virts 
28 Hackley, Elizabeth  Sep 1885Jefferson County, West Virginia I21675 Virts 
29 Hackley, George Washington  26 Sep 1858Jefferson County, West Virginia I21207 Virts 
30 Hackley, Guy Ranson  24 Oct 1889Jefferson County, West Virginia I21557 Virts 
31 Hackley, Jacob Alexander  3 Oct 1878Jefferson County, West Virginia I21650 Virts 
32 Hackley, Millard Filmore  25 Oct 1856Jefferson County, West Virginia I21204 Virts 
33 Hackley, Robert Lee  26 Jul 1876Jefferson County, West Virginia I21624 Virts 
34 Hackley, William Rutherford  31 Jan 1861Jefferson County, West Virginia I21206 Virts 
35 Jenkins, Walter Olson  19 Jul 1896Jefferson County, West Virginia I21190 Virts 
36 Jones, Robert Ashton  15 Sep 1881Jefferson County, West Virginia I35904 Virts 
37 Link, Rebecca  11 Feb 1795Jefferson County, West Virginia I54124 Virts 
38 Lowe, Betty Ann  1928Jefferson County, West Virginia I66409 Virts 
39 Lowe, John Douglas Jr.  12 Jul 1930Jefferson County, West Virginia I66364 Virts 
40 Lyons, Ethel Mattie  12 Apr 1895Jefferson County, West Virginia I70994 Virts 
41 McAtee, Corrine E.  9 Sep 1903Jefferson County, West Virginia I62870 Virts 
42 McAtee, Grandvill Franklin  Jan 1900Jefferson County, West Virginia I21227 Virts 
43 Mock, Jack Willard Jr.  1 Apr 1929Jefferson County, West Virginia I62880 Virts 
44 Mohler, Irene Mable  14 Feb 1891Jefferson County, West Virginia I13926 Virts 
45 Riley, Annie Oliva  3 Apr 1855Jefferson County, West Virginia I21211 Virts 
46 Ross, Turner Ashby  18 Aug 1871Jefferson County, West Virginia I21218 Virts 
47 Sagle, William Rhodus  18 Oct 1868Jefferson County, West Virginia I52624 Virts 
48 Sheppard, Fannie Irene  7 Sep 1896Jefferson County, West Virginia I13941 Virts 
49 Sheppard, Linda Isabelle  21 Oct 1897Jefferson County, West Virginia I13942 Virts 
50 Sheppard, William Franklin  7 Jul 1869Jefferson County, West Virginia I3447 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagent, George Wilson Jr.  25 Jan 1963Jefferson County, West Virginia I38682 Virts 
2 Bagent, Gertrude Elizabeth  31 Jul 1928Jefferson County, West Virginia I42227 Virts 
3 Bagent, James William  4 Dec 1929Jefferson County, West Virginia I38686 Virts 
4 Bartlett, Michael Scott  8 Apr 2000Jefferson County, West Virginia I33883 Virts 
5 Bell, Alice Elizabeth  15 Aug 1984Jefferson County, West Virginia I21251 Virts 
6 Birkitt, John William  10 May 1947Jefferson County, West Virginia I62854 Virts 
7 Clevenger, Norman L.  1 Jan 1995Jefferson County, West Virginia I97208 Virts 
8 Cogle  30 Oct 1953Jefferson County, West Virginia I106772 Virts 
9 Cogle  4 Mar 1957Jefferson County, West Virginia I106773 Virts 
10 Conard, Lear Ann  1893Jefferson County, West Virginia I590 Virts 
11 Cotta, Mary Ann  20 Apr 1966Jefferson County, West Virginia I70614 Virts 
12 Curry, Joseph Missouri  1847Jefferson County, West Virginia I26195 Virts 
13 Demory, Georgia May  30 Jun 1929Jefferson County, West Virginia I13962 Virts 
14 Demory, Walter Virts  21 Dec 1910Jefferson County, West Virginia I13902 Virts 
15 Edwards, Charles Asbarry  30 Nov 1957Jefferson County, West Virginia I21176 Virts 
16 Hackley, Catherine Louise  6 Aug 1954Jefferson County, West Virginia I21253 Virts 
17 Hackley, Elizabeth Jane  Mar 1970Jefferson County, West Virginia I21254 Virts 
18 Hackley, James Eugene  3 Mar 1970Jefferson County, West Virginia I21252 Virts 
19 Hunt, Cora Isabella  8 Aug 1949Jefferson County, West Virginia I24759 Virts 
20 Jenkins, Walter Olson  Aug 1984Jefferson County, West Virginia I21190 Virts 
21 Kain, Mary Louise  29 Jan 1957Jefferson County, West Virginia I38804 Virts 
22 Lanham, Henry Walter  4 Feb 1953Jefferson County, West Virginia I96757 Virts 
23 Lowe, Betty Ann  30 Oct 1928Jefferson County, West Virginia I66409 Virts 
24 Mock, Jack Willard Jr.  5 Apr 1929Jefferson County, West Virginia I62880 Virts 
25 Mock, Jack Willard Sr.  13 Aug 1959Jefferson County, West Virginia I62858 Virts 
26 Potterfield, Luther Truman  19 Jun 1916Jefferson County, West Virginia I60672 Virts 
27 Potts, Mary Edna  11 Sep 1970Jefferson County, West Virginia I61725 Virts 
28 Rockenbaugh, Earl Glen  27 Nov 1935Jefferson County, West Virginia I33859 Virts 
29 Shumaker, Betty Jane  29 Jun 1960Jefferson County, West Virginia I53331 Virts 
30 Shumaker, Guy William  3 Sep 1957Jefferson County, West Virginia I53327 Virts 
31 Shumaker, Lela M.  Mar 1987Jefferson County, West Virginia I21189 Virts 
32 Shumaker, Robert Lee  23 Dec 1961Jefferson County, West Virginia I53332 Virts 
33 Shumaker, Virgie Mae  11 Sep 1952Jefferson County, West Virginia I38761 Virts 
34 Silveous, Harry Lee  4 Jan 1955Jefferson County, West Virginia I38693 Virts 
35 Snider, Lula May  2 Nov 1933Jefferson County, West Virginia I23677 Virts 
36 Staubs, Arnold Snyder  28 Oct 1972Jefferson County, West Virginia I38715 Virts 
37 Staubs, Ellis Bailey  28 Oct 1944Jefferson County, West Virginia I39207 Virts 
38 Staubs, Harry Washington  Oct 1974Jefferson County, West Virginia I33861 Virts 
39 Staubs, Leo Curtis  6 Sep 1969Jefferson County, West Virginia I33915 Virts 
40 Staubs, Melva May  28 Apr 1935Jefferson County, West Virginia I33858 Virts 
41 Stouts, David Lee  24 May 1980Jefferson County, West Virginia I69572 Virts 
42 Thompson, Charles F.  14 Feb 1886Jefferson County, West Virginia I7688 Virts 
43 Tribby, Linda Patricia  31 Oct 1970Jefferson County, West Virginia I53408 Virts 
44 Via, Kenneth Allen  3 Jun 1957Jefferson County, West Virginia I56154 Virts 
45 Whittington, Maurice William  6 Feb 1947Jefferson County, West Virginia I6557 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagent, James William  Jefferson County, West Virginia I38686 Virts 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arnett / Bagent  23 Jun 1910Jefferson County, West Virginia F28642 Virts 
2 Bagent / Donegan  31 Jul 1920Jefferson County, West Virginia F15397 Virts 
3 Carr / Colbert  4 Apr 1928Jefferson County, West Virginia F1479 Virts 
4 Dawson / Birkitt  1946Jefferson County, West Virginia F25086 Virts 
5 Demory / Milburn  7 May 1928Jefferson County, West Virginia F5214 Virts 
6 Demory / Miller  1898Jefferson County, West Virginia F12847 Virts 
7 Demory / Mohler  3 Dec 1919Jefferson County, West Virginia F5209 Virts 
8 Dignazio / Bagent  23 Dec 1918Jefferson County, West Virginia F15404 Virts 
9 Edwards / Hackley  29 Jan 1899Jefferson County, West Virginia F7461 Virts 
10 Everhart / Mundy  16 Jun 1891Jefferson County, West Virginia F1853 Virts 
11 Field / Furtney  30 May 1914Jefferson County, West Virginia F2812 Virts 
12 Hackley / Bell  Jun 1920Jefferson County, West Virginia F7490 Virts 
13 Hackley / Nuce  1911Jefferson County, West Virginia F7456 Virts 
14 Hackley / Shull  1931Jefferson County, West Virginia F7738 Virts 
15 Harris / Hackley  1931Jefferson County, West Virginia F23970 Virts 
16 Hawk / Hunt  17 Sep 1888Jefferson County, West Virginia F25089 Virts 
17 Jenkins / Shumaker  1920Jefferson County, West Virginia F7469 Virts 
18 Luna / Sheppard  15 Oct 1922Jefferson County, West Virginia F5236 Virts 
19 Snyder / Miley  1949Jefferson County, West Virginia F15429 Virts 
20 Thompson / Oden  1914Jefferson County, West Virginia F3251 Virts 
21 Virts / Derry  30 May 1898Jefferson County, West Virginia F92 Virts 
22 Waters / Hackley  1909Jefferson County, West Virginia F7480 Virts 
23 Whetzle / Shumaker  1914Jefferson County, West Virginia F15460 Virts