Knoxville, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ambrose, William Nelson  7 Feb 1949Knoxville, Maryland I1580 Virts 
2 Brawner, Doris Virginia  9 Aug 1952Knoxville, Maryland I108118 Virts 
3 Cooper, Lorena Malinda May  3 Sep 1938Knoxville, Maryland I75843 Virts 
4 Eagle, Donald Paul  11 Feb 1926Knoxville, Maryland I10352 Virts 
5 Eagle, Harvey George Sr.  23 Feb 1920Knoxville, Maryland I10313 Virts 
6 Eagle, James Richard  30 Nov 1931Knoxville, Maryland I10316 Virts 
7 Eagle, John Levin Sr.  12 Jan 1930Knoxville, Maryland I10354 Virts 
8 Eagle, Josephine Ruth  2 Dec 1921Knoxville, Maryland I10344 Virts 
9 Eagle, Thomas Virts  2 Aug 1915Knoxville, Maryland I10314 Virts 
10 Eagle, William Samuel  25 Dec 1913Knoxville, Maryland I10309 Virts 
11 Gosnell, Charles Ervin  31 Oct 1923Knoxville, Maryland I38530 Virts 
12 Gosnell, Evelyn Bertella  10 Jan 1920Knoxville, Maryland I279 Virts 
13 Gosnell, Howard William Jr.  4 Oct 1924Knoxville, Maryland I278 Virts 
14 Gosnell, Millard Elgin  11 Jan 1922Knoxville, Maryland I253 Virts 
15 Gosnell, Oscar Cleveland  7 May 1926Knoxville, Maryland I159 Virts 
16 Holmes, John Henry  3 Jun 1888Knoxville, Maryland I25905 Virts 
17 Kern, Robert William  13 Aug 1952Knoxville, Maryland I16764 Virts 
18 Leopold, John William  16 Dec 1862Knoxville, Maryland I63899 Virts 
19 Leopold, Marie Betty  4 Mar 1901Knoxville, Maryland I14085 Virts 
20 Lynn, Carrie Lorraine  15 May 1927Knoxville, Maryland I37858 Virts 
21 Lynn, Lee Eugene  20 Feb 1924Knoxville, Maryland I37852 Virts 
22 Miller, Daniel Willard  Jul 1876Knoxville, Maryland I36407 Virts 
23 Miller, Daniel Willard Jr.  1907Knoxville, Maryland I62278 Virts 
24 Miller, Harry Job  13 Oct 1870Knoxville, Maryland I36402 Virts 
25 Myers, Eugene William  4 Aug 1919Knoxville, Maryland I33816 Virts 
26 Swope, George Kenneth  23 Jun 1904Knoxville, Maryland I1602 Virts 
27 Swope, Mildred Louise  2 Jun 1902Knoxville, Maryland I1601 Virts 
28 Taulton, Dorothy N.  17 Feb 1927Knoxville, Maryland I37880 Virts 
29 Theiss, Pearl Elizabeth  2 Apr 1925Knoxville, Maryland I23683 Virts 
30 Tribby, Beatrice Pauline  10 Aug 1914Knoxville, Maryland I53435 Virts 
31 Tribby, Levin West  1911Knoxville, Maryland I53404 Virts 
32 Tribby, Willard Grayson Jr.  Abt 1928Knoxville, Maryland I66492 Virts 
33 Tritapoe, Calvin Thomas  3 Feb 1901Knoxville, Maryland I20407 Virts 
34 Tritapoe, Levin Edward  9 Jul 1903Knoxville, Maryland I20403 Virts 
35 Tritapoe, Robert M.  30 May 1929Knoxville, Maryland I20454 Virts 
36 Tritapoe, Russell Lee Sr.  13 Sep 1908Knoxville, Maryland I20405 Virts 
37 Virts, Charles Edgar  31 Dec 1873Knoxville, Maryland I2769 Virts 
38 Virts, Edgar Cornelius Sr.  5 Dec 1893Knoxville, Maryland I810 Virts 
39 Virts, Edgar Cornelius Jr.  22 Dec 1922Knoxville, Maryland I1196 Virts 
40 Virts, Ella Gertrude  6 Jul 1874Knoxville, Maryland I2781 Virts 
41 Virts, Emma McClellan  10 Nov 1860Knoxville, Maryland I2783 Virts 
42 Virts, Dr. Grace Gue  26 Jan 1878Knoxville, Maryland I2787 Virts 
43 Virts, Martha Mary  4 May 1920Knoxville, Maryland I2774 Virts 
44 Virts, Mary E. "Mollie"  10 Sep 1859Knoxville, Maryland I2779 Virts 
45 Virts, Nellie May  4 May 1892Knoxville, Maryland I2775 Virts 
46 Virts, Pearl Estell May  5 Nov 1870Knoxville, Maryland I2785 Virts 
47 Virts, Sarah Lillian  15 Dec 1863Knoxville, Maryland I2789 Virts 
48 Webber, Ruby Eleanor  5 Feb 1929Knoxville, Maryland I3017 Virts 
49 Wickham, Floyd Calvin  6 Aug 1921Knoxville, Maryland I10372 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barger, William Oakland  3 Apr 1964Knoxville, Maryland I33821 Virts 
2 Bingham, Margaret Jane  11 Jul 2012Knoxville, Maryland I18613 Virts 
3 Cooper, Dennis Rutherford  1959Knoxville, Maryland I54284 Virts 
4 Cooper, Eva R.  1 Jan 1940Knoxville, Maryland I37847 Virts 
5 Cooper, Leroy William Martin  27 Nov 1973Knoxville, Maryland I75836 Virts 
6 Cooper, Lovetta Viola  29 Jun 1949Knoxville, Maryland I63818 Virts 
7 Cooper, William H.  7 Jun 1923Knoxville, Maryland I54248 Virts 
8 Dean, Paul Woodrow  23 May 1970Knoxville, Maryland I26088 Virts 
9 Eagle, Harvey George Sr.  22 Nov 2005Knoxville, Maryland I10313 Virts 
10 Eagle, James Richard  13 Aug 1999Knoxville, Maryland I10316 Virts 
11 Eagle, Mary Margaret  27 Dec 1966Knoxville, Maryland I10327 Virts 
12 Everhart, William Joseph  1 Apr 1927Knoxville, Maryland I3785 Virts 
13 Gosnell, Charles Ervin  26 May 1998Knoxville, Maryland I38530 Virts 
14 Gosnell, Eurly Ebenezer  17 Nov 2005Knoxville, Maryland I54233 Virts 
15 Gosnell, Oscar Cleveland  11 Dec 1926Knoxville, Maryland I159 Virts 
16 Green, Johnie Richard  19 Mar 2015Knoxville, Maryland I3016 Virts 
17 Green, Mark Anthony  19 Mar 2015Knoxville, Maryland I56991 Virts 
18 Grimm, Mary Sophia  12 Dec 1953Knoxville, Maryland I569 Virts 
19 Hackley, Daisy Bendella  24 Feb 1969Knoxville, Maryland I21158 Virts 
20 Hackley, Elmer Charles Jr.  2 Jun 2017Knoxville, Maryland I21638 Virts 
21 Himes, Lucy Virginia  13 Sep 1952Knoxville, Maryland I53401 Virts 
22 Hoffman, Marguerite E.  14 Mar 2011Knoxville, Maryland I23393 Virts 
23 Hoffmaster, Mary Jane  12 Apr 1982Knoxville, Maryland I23440 Virts 
24 Holmes, George Samuel  20 Apr 1976Knoxville, Maryland I63936 Virts 
25 Jacobs, Ollie Arlene  11 Jun 1985Knoxville, Maryland I17335 Virts 
26 Kern, Robert William  6 Dec 2018Knoxville, Maryland I16764 Virts 
27 Koogle, Martin B.  10 Feb 1912Knoxville, Maryland I39196 Virts 
28 Leopold, George Lewis Sr.  8 Feb 1924Knoxville, Maryland I256 Virts 
29 Leopold, John William  13 Dec 1935Knoxville, Maryland I63899 Virts 
30 Lerch, Wesley  4 Dec 2004Knoxville, Maryland I39167 Virts 
31 Lincks, Greta Ann  18 Jun 2010Knoxville, Maryland I39165 Virts 
32 Lloyd, Helen Louise  19 Aug 2012Knoxville, Maryland I22372 Virts 
33 Lloyd, Melvin Vernon  10 Feb 1998Knoxville, Maryland I23438 Virts 
34 Lynn, Lewis Luther  31 Mar 1948Knoxville, Maryland I37846 Virts 
35 Magaha, Harry Leory III  7 Apr 2017Knoxville, Maryland I97111 Virts 
36 Mann, Margaret Elizabeth  12 Aug 1894Knoxville, Maryland I36395 Virts 
37 Mann, Sarah Victoria  19 Nov 1913Knoxville, Maryland I36391 Virts 
38 McBride, Cora  2 Apr 1958Knoxville, Maryland I54296 Virts 
39 Miller, Daniel Willard Jr.  26 Sep 1935Knoxville, Maryland I62278 Virts 
40 Miller, Harry Job  13 Jun 1923Knoxville, Maryland I36402 Virts 
41 Miller, Job Madison  9 Oct 1907Knoxville, Maryland I36392 Virts 
42 Miller, John Madison  6 Jan 1945Knoxville, Maryland I36405 Virts 
43 Mohler, David Ray  20 Apr 2002Knoxville, Maryland I20446 Virts 
44 Moler, Harry Lee  2 Dec 2013Knoxville, Maryland I20458 Virts 
45 Moler, Patricia Darlene  24 May 2000Knoxville, Maryland I20456 Virts 
46 Mundy, Samuel Vincent  2 May 1980Knoxville, Maryland I17344 Virts 
47 Myers, James Lee  23 Aug 1956Knoxville, Maryland I257 Virts 
48 Myers, Virginia Gertrude  7 Aug 1985Knoxville, Maryland I33817 Virts 
49 Poffinberger, Mary Elizabeth  21 Dec 2012Knoxville, Maryland I55043 Virts 
50 Swope, Hazel Irene  25 May 1921Knoxville, Maryland I1603 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gaver / Virts  13 Aug 1914Knoxville, Maryland F1398 Virts 
2 Kern / Kelbaugh  21 Jul 1972Knoxville, Maryland F6116 Virts 
3 Tribby / Lake  Apr 1927Knoxville, Maryland F26566 Virts 
4 Virts / Grimm  18 Jun 1893Knoxville, Maryland F1392 Virts