Martinsburg, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arvin, Albert Michael  24 Sep 1889Martinsburg, West Virginia I18134 Virts 
2 Binns, Michael Otway  4 Jul 1947Martinsburg, West Virginia I66402 Virts 
3 Brown, Arthur Junior Sr.  1924Martinsburg, West Virginia I38670 Virts 
4 Buxton, Marie  20 Aug 1883Martinsburg, West Virginia I29592 Virts 
5 Carter, Jerry Wilson  14 Mar 1943Martinsburg, West Virginia I33287 Virts 
6 Chambers, James A.  20 Aug 1889Martinsburg, West Virginia I62197 Virts 
7 Clatterbuck, Meredith Vaughn  3 Jul 1938Martinsburg, West Virginia I5653 Virts 
8 Cogle, Linda Adell  23 Jul 1951Martinsburg, West Virginia I106767 Virts 
9 Cooper, Derek Alan  9 Jan 1987Martinsburg, West Virginia I22564 Virts 
10 Copenhaver, Paul Richard  14 Jun 1944Martinsburg, West Virginia I49194 Virts 
11 Davis, Elsie A.  28 Jul 1903Martinsburg, West Virginia I101062 Virts 
12 Funk, Clara Elizabeth  23 Apr 1875Martinsburg, West Virginia I54518 Virts 
13 Funk, Edward D.  12 Apr 1871Martinsburg, West Virginia I54516 Virts 
14 Funk, Harry Benjamin  22 Jun 1872Martinsburg, West Virginia I3430 Virts 
15 Harris, Nellie Virginia  Abt 1914Martinsburg, West Virginia I81524 Virts 
16 Kackley, Raymond F. Sr.  14 Jul 1934Martinsburg, West Virginia I108346 Virts 
17 Kifer, David Drexel  4 Mar 1913Martinsburg, West Virginia I3995 Virts 
18 Kohne  11 Aug 1935Martinsburg, West Virginia I38694 Virts 
19 Mahoney, Robert Vincent Sr.  20 Jun 1906Martinsburg, West Virginia I10331 Virts 
20 Mays  23 May 1939Martinsburg, West Virginia I18259 Virts 
21 Moler, John Jeffery Charles  9 Aug 1954Martinsburg, West Virginia I14175 Virts 
22 Mussetter, Sarah  1798Martinsburg, West Virginia I29535 Virts 
23 Myers, Adam B. Jr.  Martinsburg, West Virginia I61150 Virts 
24 Roudabousch, Samuel Robert  21 Mar 1941Martinsburg, West Virginia I41446 Virts 
25 Shaffer, Elizabeth Anna  11 Nov 1823Martinsburg, West Virginia I29588 Virts 
26 Shaffer, John Dryer  7 Aug 1828Martinsburg, West Virginia I29597 Virts 
27 Shaffer, Margaret Faith  17 Aug 1894Martinsburg, West Virginia I29627 Virts 
28 Shaffer, Philip Anderson  20 Sep 1881Martinsburg, West Virginia I29617 Virts 
29 Shaffer, Regina Lauck  28 Jun 1896Martinsburg, West Virginia I29651 Virts 
30 Slaughter, George Alonza  19 Nov 1899Martinsburg, West Virginia I21635 Virts 
31 Southard, Charles Eugene  18 Oct 1873Martinsburg, West Virginia I50189 Virts 
32 Stewart, Adam R.  1825Martinsburg, West Virginia I29544 Virts 
33 Stewart, David Miller  1834Martinsburg, West Virginia I29540 Virts 
34 Stewart, Margaret  1829Martinsburg, West Virginia I29543 Virts 
35 Stewart, Maria Catherine  1820Martinsburg, West Virginia I29545 Virts 
36 Sullivan, Margaret Ann  1904Martinsburg, West Virginia I53986 Virts 
37 Thompson, Edward Raymond  23 Aug 1888Martinsburg, West Virginia I3717 Virts 
38 Thompson, Florence Virginia  18 Dec 1886Martinsburg, West Virginia I3716 Virts 
39 Thompson, Ida C.  29 May 1878Martinsburg, West Virginia I3714 Virts 
40 Thompson, Melvin Vernon  14 Aug 1890Martinsburg, West Virginia I7693 Virts 
41 Virts, Patrick Shawn  22 Jan 1969Martinsburg, West Virginia I14498 Virts 
42 Virts, Thomas Lee  19 Jan 1946Martinsburg, West Virginia I1132 Virts 
43 Watkins, Ernestine Ann  4 Apr 1947Martinsburg, West Virginia I28005 Virts 
44 Youtz, James McLane  11 Dec 1916Martinsburg, West Virginia I3243 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albright, David Lewis  31 Dec 1999Martinsburg, West Virginia I60183 Virts 
2 Ambrose, Donna Jean  27 Feb 2007Martinsburg, West Virginia I10036 Virts 
3 Anderson, Hannah Dyer  9 Dec 1918Martinsburg, West Virginia I29616 Virts 
4 Anderson, Robert Lee Jr.  22 Aug 1987Martinsburg, West Virginia I2976 Virts 
5 Ashbaugh, Catherine Marie  23 Mar 2011Martinsburg, West Virginia I21079 Virts 
6 Avey, Alice Lee  28 Nov 1994Martinsburg, West Virginia I7702 Virts 
7 Ayres, Earnie L.  2 Mar 2004Martinsburg, West Virginia I105190 Virts 
8 Bagent, James Edward  24 Jan 1962Martinsburg, West Virginia I38685 Virts 
9 Baldwin, Frank Eugene  18 Mar 1981Martinsburg, West Virginia I101058 Virts 
10 Bolyard, Mildred A.  15 Mar 1993Martinsburg, West Virginia I27959 Virts 
11 Bowman, Edna Irene  29 Jan 1996Martinsburg, West Virginia I13346 Virts 
12 Bramhall, Alfred Franklin  4 Feb 2015Martinsburg, West Virginia I13365 Virts 
13 Brawner, Doris Virginia  29 Jun 2015Martinsburg, West Virginia I108118 Virts 
14 Buxton, George Washington  20 Oct 1918Martinsburg, West Virginia I29590 Virts 
15 Carr, Comeail Virginia  1 May 2005Martinsburg, West Virginia I12697 Virts 
16 Carr, Russell Albert  2 Jan 1964Martinsburg, West Virginia I12696 Virts 
17 Carter, Calvin Reed  1980Martinsburg, West Virginia I12699 Virts 
18 Carter, Jacob Calvin  24 Mar 1980Martinsburg, West Virginia I7701 Virts 
19 Carter, Jerry Wilson  30 Mar 1943Martinsburg, West Virginia I33287 Virts 
20 Claggett, Roscoe F.  1 Jul 2007Martinsburg, West Virginia I19841 Virts 
21 Clevenger, Chirs Kenneth  9 Oct 2000Martinsburg, West Virginia I23365 Virts 
22 Clevenger, George Thomas  25 Apr 1999Martinsburg, West Virginia I23344 Virts 
23 Clevenger, Marjorie May  29 Sep 2008Martinsburg, West Virginia I23340 Virts 
24 Collins, Enos Lee  17 Apr 2015Martinsburg, West Virginia I13107 Virts 
25 Conner, William Cecil  21 Jan 1984Martinsburg, West Virginia I38737 Virts 
26 Cooper, Derek Alan  7 Jun 2012Martinsburg, West Virginia I22564 Virts 
27 Cooper, Roy Franklin Sr.  31 Jan 2014Martinsburg, West Virginia I61991 Virts 
28 Cooper, Roy Franklin Jr.  24 Oct 2017Martinsburg, West Virginia I104982 Virts 
29 Copenhaver, Paul Gilmore  25 Jan 2001Martinsburg, West Virginia I12698 Virts 
30 Copenhaver, Paul Richard  23 Jun 2015Martinsburg, West Virginia I49194 Virts 
31 Darr, Millard Grafton  25 Feb 1990Martinsburg, West Virginia I21177 Virts 
32 Davis, Elsie A.  11 Mar 1984Martinsburg, West Virginia I101062 Virts 
33 Demory, Beulah Jane  11 Feb 2014Martinsburg, West Virginia I3443 Virts 
34 Demory, Edwin Lee  5 Jul 2005Martinsburg, West Virginia I13933 Virts 
35 Demory, Emma Marie  25 May 2009Martinsburg, West Virginia I13968 Virts 
36 Demory, John Edgar  26 Feb 2005Martinsburg, West Virginia I13966 Virts 
37 Demory, Lee Elwood  22 Apr 2007Martinsburg, West Virginia I13961 Virts 
38 Dixon, Bertha Bell  5 Apr 1970Martinsburg, West Virginia I7696 Virts 
39 Earley, Raymond Bruce  17 Nov 1960Martinsburg, West Virginia I10024 Virts 
40 Eversole, Laura Virginia  20 Sep 1946Martinsburg, West Virginia I1013 Virts 
41 Fields, Catherine Virginia  29 Nov 2014Martinsburg, West Virginia I60527 Virts 
42 Fleming, Robert Mason  9 Jul 1983Martinsburg, West Virginia I18228 Virts 
43 Fox, Elmer Thomas  19 Jul 1972Martinsburg, West Virginia I3887 Virts 
44 Fry, Oscar Henry  16 Jan 1974Martinsburg, West Virginia I17573 Virts 
45 Fuller, Michael Owen  5 May 1952Martinsburg, West Virginia I10364 Virts 
46 Gosnell, William Henry  19 Aug 1962Martinsburg, West Virginia I54301 Virts 
47 Graham, Doris Lee  17 Feb 2006Martinsburg, West Virginia I108345 Virts 
48 Green, Ernest Otley  8 May 1986Martinsburg, West Virginia I17115 Virts 
49 Hackley, James Bernard Jr.  26 Jun 1964Martinsburg, West Virginia I53249 Virts 
50 Hackley, Richard Wayne  27 Apr 2005Martinsburg, West Virginia I21942 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Balwanz / Bageant  4 Sep 1948Martinsburg, West Virginia F15392 Virts 
2 Brown / Bagent  11 Jul 1951Martinsburg, West Virginia F15408 Virts 
3 Buxton / Shaffer  30 Mar 1881Martinsburg, West Virginia F11790 Virts 
4 Coontz / Riley  2 Dec 1949Martinsburg, West Virginia F15451 Virts 
5 Cotta / DeVall  2 Feb 1964Martinsburg, West Virginia F28692 Virts 
6 Crawford / Shaffer  26 Apr 1922Martinsburg, West Virginia F11809 Virts 
7 Funk / Dixon  23 Feb 1871Martinsburg, West Virginia F21609 Virts 
8 Gasbarra / Hackley  26 Jul 1945Martinsburg, West Virginia F15553 Virts 
9 Martin / Buxton  27 Oct 1909Martinsburg, West Virginia F11792 Virts 
10 Martin / Thompson  15 Apr 1950Martinsburg, West Virginia F11793 Virts 
11 Mussetter / Laufer  Abt 1794Martinsburg, West Virginia F369 Virts 
12 Payne / Racer  20 Aug 1927Martinsburg, West Virginia F39300 Virts 
13 Ramey / Payne  5 Jan 1926Martinsburg, West Virginia F39275 Virts 
14 Shaffer / Mussetter  8 Sep 1814Martinsburg, West Virginia F11787 Virts 
15 Shaffer / Potts  26 May 1923Martinsburg, West Virginia F11789 Virts 
16 Slaughter / Foster  7 Dec 1920Martinsburg, West Virginia F28217 Virts 
17 Speaks / Smith  7 Apr 1924Martinsburg, West Virginia F15303 Virts 
18 Teal / Shaffer  25 Jun 1919Martinsburg, West Virginia F11802 Virts 
19 Virts / Bowman  26 Jan 1943Martinsburg, West Virginia F61 Virts