Monongalia County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackerson, Walter  6 Dec 1909Monongalia County, West Virginia I29210 Virts 
2 Bigam, Joanne  26 Dec 1928Monongalia County, West Virginia I106405 Virts 
3 Blaney  27 Jan 1944Monongalia County, West Virginia I29527 Virts 
4 Blaney, Rosa Zetta  10 Mar 1899Monongalia County, West Virginia I29512 Virts 
5 Blosser  1 Aug 1907Monongalia County, West Virginia I29207 Virts 
6 Blosser  1 Aug 1907Monongalia County, West Virginia I29208 Virts 
7 Blosser  16 Mar 1932Monongalia County, West Virginia I28685 Virts 
8 Blosser, Alice  9 Feb 1893Monongalia County, West Virginia I29291 Virts 
9 Blosser, Allen Runner  19 Apr 1857Monongalia County, West Virginia I29198 Virts 
10 Blosser, Ardeth  12 Sep 1922Monongalia County, West Virginia I29485 Virts 
11 Blosser, Arthur Rex  9 Jul 1910Monongalia County, West Virginia I106615 Virts 
12 Blosser, Benjamin  8 Apr 1872Monongalia County, West Virginia I29196 Virts 
13 Blosser, Chester  21 Dec 1907Monongalia County, West Virginia I106614 Virts 
14 Blosser, Coria Marie  13 Dec 1946Monongalia County, West Virginia I28980 Virts 
15 Blosser, Daisy Pearl  6 Aug 1899Monongalia County, West Virginia I29495 Virts 
16 Blosser, Daisy Pearl  8 Jul 1903Monongalia County, West Virginia I29206 Virts 
17 Blosser, Etta May  12 Sep 1905Monongalia County, West Virginia I29228 Virts 
18 Blosser, Francis Larence  14 Jun 1884Monongalia County, West Virginia I29268 Virts 
19 Blosser, Georgia Aleane  10 Feb 1911Monongalia County, West Virginia I29209 Virts 
20 Blosser, Gladys M.  4 Feb 1908Monongalia County, West Virginia I29490 Virts 
21 Blosser, Goldie May  18 Sep 1897Monongalia County, West Virginia I29493 Virts 
22 Blosser, Harriet Anne  10 May 1855Monongalia County, West Virginia I67762 Virts 
23 Blosser, James C.  1 Mar 1931Monongalia County, West Virginia I28686 Virts 
24 Blosser, James Lee  8 Jul 1861Monongalia County, West Virginia I29231 Virts 
25 Blosser, Laura Oleta  11 Jul 1913Monongalia County, West Virginia I29223 Virts 
26 Blosser, Lawrence  3 Jan 1885Monongalia County, West Virginia I106512 Virts 
27 Blosser, Lora Joyce  12 Jun 1946Monongalia County, West Virginia I28684 Virts 
28 Blosser, Lorna Jean  12 Jun 1946Monongalia County, West Virginia I28682 Virts 
29 Blosser, Lyda May  6 Jan 1899Monongalia County, West Virginia I29265 Virts 
30 Blosser, Mary Virginia  26 Oct 1908Monongalia County, West Virginia I29211 Virts 
31 Blosser, Mollie J.  1 Nov 1888Monongalia County, West Virginia I29202 Virts 
32 Blosser, Myrtle L.  24 Aug 1907Monongalia County, West Virginia I29370 Virts 
33 Blosser, Omer Clyde  6 Feb 1883Monongalia County, West Virginia I29200 Virts 
34 Blosser, Thelma Irene  22 Nov 1919Monongalia County, West Virginia I106616 Virts 
35 Blosser, Thorton Jacob  14 Mar 1895Monongalia County, West Virginia I29488 Virts 
36 Blosser, Virgil  18 Apr 1901Monongalia County, West Virginia I29270 Virts 
37 Blosser, Walter J.  9 Mar 1874Monongalia County, West Virginia I67764 Virts 
38 Bolyard, Ethel Marguerite  3 Jun 1907Monongalia County, West Virginia I71065 Virts 
39 Bolyard, Freda G.  8 May 1908Monongalia County, West Virginia I47016 Virts 
40 Chipps, Charles  Abt 1885Monongalia County, West Virginia I29088 Virts 
41 Chipps, Dorothy May  28 Jul 1918Monongalia County, West Virginia I29529 Virts 
42 Chipps, Edward Henry  9 Nov 1919Monongalia County, West Virginia I29530 Virts 
43 Chipps, Guy Frances  29 Jan 1917Monongalia County, West Virginia I29528 Virts 
44 Chipps, William  1914Monongalia County, West Virginia I106619 Virts 
45 Cobun, Arthur Dale  8 Jun 1905Monongalia County, West Virginia I106334 Virts 
46 Cress, Dallas Glenn  27 Feb 1958Monongalia County, West Virginia I106304 Virts 
47 Cress, Densil Howard  15 Oct 1909Monongalia County, West Virginia I106251 Virts 
48 Cress, Myrtle Merill  9 Sep 1931Monongalia County, West Virginia I106294 Virts 
49 Dalton, Valerie Virginia  29 Nov 1926Monongalia County, West Virginia I106202 Virts 
50 Daughtery, Eli  28 Apr 1887Monongalia County, West Virginia I67738 Virts 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ruby E.  7 Oct 1999Monongalia County, West Virginia I28988 Virts 
2 Blaney  27 Jan 1944Monongalia County, West Virginia I29527 Virts 
3 Blaney, Charles William  4 Jan 1992Monongalia County, West Virginia I29510 Virts 
4 Blaney, Clarence Junior  Dec 1976Monongalia County, West Virginia I29508 Virts 
5 Blosser  1 Aug 1907Monongalia County, West Virginia I29207 Virts 
6 Blosser  1 Aug 1907Monongalia County, West Virginia I29208 Virts 
7 Blosser  17 Mar 1932Monongalia County, West Virginia I28685 Virts 
8 Blosser, Alice  Nov 1983Monongalia County, West Virginia I29291 Virts 
9 Blosser, Allen Runner  31 Mar 1931Monongalia County, West Virginia I29198 Virts 
10 Blosser, Ardeth  15 Aug 1923Monongalia County, West Virginia I29485 Virts 
11 Blosser, Arlington Henry  21 Oct 1980Monongalia County, West Virginia I29454 Virts 
12 Blosser, Arthur Rex  29 Aug 1919Monongalia County, West Virginia I106615 Virts 
13 Blosser, Clyde George  19 Jul 1977Monongalia County, West Virginia I29456 Virts 
14 Blosser, Daisy Pearl  25 Nov 1987Monongalia County, West Virginia I29495 Virts 
15 Blosser, Earl Arthur  3 Nov 1957Monongalia County, West Virginia I28962 Virts 
16 Blosser, Francis Larence  18 Sep 1934Monongalia County, West Virginia I29268 Virts 
17 Blosser, Goldie May  25 Jul 1978Monongalia County, West Virginia I29493 Virts 
18 Blosser, Hester Ellen  17 Mar 1935Monongalia County, West Virginia I29083 Virts 
19 Blosser, James A.  18 Mar 1967Monongalia County, West Virginia I29455 Virts 
20 Blosser, James C.  9 Aug 1931Monongalia County, West Virginia I28686 Virts 
21 Blosser, Leonard  8 Sep 1927Monongalia County, West Virginia I29195 Virts 
22 Blosser, Lora Joyce  30 Sep 1946Monongalia County, West Virginia I28684 Virts 
23 Blosser, Nellie J.  18 May 1902Monongalia County, West Virginia I29201 Virts 
24 Blosser, Pearl Myrtle  25 Feb 1930Monongalia County, West Virginia I28986 Virts 
25 Blosser, Ray  20 Jan 2004Monongalia County, West Virginia I29481 Virts 
26 Blosser, Thorton Jacob  Feb 1974Monongalia County, West Virginia I29488 Virts 
27 Bolyard, Charles F.  4 Oct 1911Monongalia County, West Virginia I35093 Virts 
28 Bolyard, Edna Beatrice  16 Aug 2003Monongalia County, West Virginia I27416 Virts 
29 Chipps, Dorothy May  19 Jan 1919Monongalia County, West Virginia I29529 Virts 
30 Chipps, Edward Henry  23 Dec 1919Monongalia County, West Virginia I29530 Virts 
31 Chipps, James  5 Sep 2007Monongalia County, West Virginia I29517 Virts 
32 Chipps, Lonnie Calvin  Dec 1974Monongalia County, West Virginia I29516 Virts 
33 Chipps, Wilbur Leon  Jun 1982Monongalia County, West Virginia I29518 Virts 
34 Cobun, Thomas M.  3 Nov 1968Monongalia County, West Virginia I28563 Virts 
35 Cress, Dallas Glenn  27 Feb 1958Monongalia County, West Virginia I106304 Virts 
36 Cress, Myrtle Merill  9 Sep 1931Monongalia County, West Virginia I106294 Virts 
37 Dollane, Martha E.  18 Aug 1897Monongalia County, West Virginia I29199 Virts 
38 Gamble, Dorothy  30 Jan 2009Monongalia County, West Virginia I29006 Virts 
39 Gamble, Gilbert Forest  19 Jan 1969Monongalia County, West Virginia I28927 Virts 
40 Gamble, Lake Forest  28 Oct 1905Monongalia County, West Virginia I29056 Virts 
41 Gamble, Thomas Henry  10 Aug 1905Monongalia County, West Virginia I28992 Virts 
42 Goff, Susie Ruth  25 Sep 1931Monongalia County, West Virginia I27132 Virts 
43 Henry, A. H.  1 Oct 1924Monongalia County, West Virginia I29419 Virts 
44 Hess, Wanda May  15 Jan 1937Monongalia County, West Virginia I106136 Virts 
45 Isner, Harve  12 Mar 1970Monongalia County, West Virginia I70697 Virts 
46 Johnson, Alice N.  31 Oct 1879Monongalia County, West Virginia I106237 Virts 
47 Johnson, Catherine C.  4 Apr 1924Monongalia County, West Virginia I28629 Virts 
48 Johnson, Henry Thornton  10 Jun 1965Monongalia County, West Virginia I28642 Virts 
49 Johnson, Ivy C.  9 Feb 1890Monongalia County, West Virginia I106238 Virts 
50 Johnson, Jo Ann  17 Mar 1940Monongalia County, West Virginia I106282 Virts 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blaney / Murray  1930Monongalia County, West Virginia F11768 Virts 
2 Blosser / Dalton  1920Monongalia County, West Virginia F11726 Virts 
3 Blosser / Davis  26 May 1906Monongalia County, West Virginia F11729 Virts 
4 Blosser / Dollane  1878Monongalia County, West Virginia F11669 Virts 
5 Blosser / McGowan  1884Monongalia County, West Virginia F11679 Virts 
6 Blosser / Nicholson  7 Apr 1913Monongalia County, West Virginia F11759 Virts 
7 Blosser / Nuce  19 May 1894Monongalia County, West Virginia F11761 Virts 
8 Blosser / Nuce  17 Jun 1897Monongalia County, West Virginia F43931 Virts 
9 Blosser / Nuce  23 Apr 1904Monongalia County, West Virginia F11758 Virts 
10 Blosser / Price  19 May 1900Monongalia County, West Virginia F11670 Virts 
11 Bolyard / Laufer  17 May 1813Monongalia County, West Virginia F10935 Virts 
12 Brown / Ruble  29 Aug 1906Monongalia County, West Virginia F11454 Virts 
13 Chipps / Blaney  2 Feb 1914Monongalia County, West Virginia F11770 Virts 
14 Chipps / Runner  27 Aug 1910Monongalia County, West Virginia F11623 Virts 
15 Drake / Wolfe  1931Monongalia County, West Virginia F27100 Virts 
16 Hayes / Runner  30 Mar 1916Monongalia County, West Virginia F11440 Virts 
17 Henry / Blosser  1914Monongalia County, West Virginia F11697 Virts 
18 Johnson / Brock  9 Sep 1900Monongalia County, West Virginia F43758 Virts 
19 Johnson / Johnson  2 Jun 1907Monongalia County, West Virginia F43760 Virts 
20 Johnson / Runner  23 Dec 1866Monongalia County, West Virginia F11459 Virts 
21 Kennedy / Ruble  14 Oct 1911Monongalia County, West Virginia F11455 Virts 
22 Lipscomb / Combs  1915Monongalia County, West Virginia F27072 Virts 
23 Lipscomb / Miller  1911Monongalia County, West Virginia F27078 Virts 
24 Nicholson / Blosser  21 Mar 1921Monongalia County, West Virginia F11765 Virts 
25 Nuce / Blosser  12 Nov 1899Monongalia County, West Virginia F11747 Virts 
26 Phillips / Manear  1917Monongalia County, West Virginia F11627 Virts 
27 Rohr / Blosser  1912Monongalia County, West Virginia F11696 Virts 
28 Ruble / Runner  19 Feb 1834Monongalia County, West Virginia F11451 Virts 
29 Runner / Blosser  2 May 1889Monongalia County, West Virginia F11620 Virts 
30 Runner / Gump  30 Jul 1934Monongalia County, West Virginia F11624 Virts 
31 Runner / Phillips  19 Jul 1890Monongalia County, West Virginia F11615 Virts 
32 Runner / Rohr  13 Apr 1843Monongalia County, West Virginia F11458 Virts 
33 Runner / Rohr  1879Monongalia County, West Virginia F11469 Virts 
34 Runner / Wolfe  27 Jul 1813Monongalia County, West Virginia F11450 Virts 
35 Wolfe / Blosser  18 May 1928Monongalia County, West Virginia F11763 Virts 
36 Wolfe / Miller  1872Monongalia County, West Virginia F11199 Virts