Star Tannery, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Stine, Ervin C.  18 Jun 1897Star Tannery, Virginia I21075 Virts 
2 Stine, Gladys Virginia  11 Jul 1911Star Tannery, Virginia I16092 Virts 
3 Stine, Lela Mariena  14 Sep 1905Star Tannery, Virginia I16091 Virts 
4 Stine, Raymond C.  18 Jun 1897Star Tannery, Virginia I21074 Virts 
5 Tabler, Frank Iverson  25 Jun 1899Star Tannery, Virginia I16133 Virts 
6 Utterback, Charles Edward  12 Aug 1947Star Tannery, Virginia I16102 Virts 
7 Utterback, Douglas Eugene  10 Jun 1943Star Tannery, Virginia I16129 Virts 
8 Utterback, Thomas Wilbur  21 Oct 1941Star Tannery, Virginia I16501 Virts 
9 Virts, Luther  1 Jun 1887Star Tannery, Virginia I11651 Virts 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barrow, Cristena  20 Jul 1932Star Tannery, Virginia I11653 Virts 
2 Stine, Ervin C.  6 May 1898Star Tannery, Virginia I21075 Virts 
3 Stine, Joseph William  28 Jan 1943Star Tannery, Virginia I11656 Virts 
4 Stine, Raymond C.  20 Feb 1898Star Tannery, Virginia I21074 Virts 
5 Utterback, Thomas Wilbur  28 Oct 1941Star Tannery, Virginia I16501 Virts 
6 Virts, Annie E.  5 Aug 1905Star Tannery, Virginia I11657 Virts 
7 Virts, Lorenza  18 Aug 1924Star Tannery, Virginia I3265 Virts 
8 Virts, Matilda Frances  23 Jan 1936Star Tannery, Virginia I11655 Virts