Ranson, West Virginia



Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartlett, Michael Scott  31 Jan 1968Ranson, West Virginia I33883 Virts 
2 Beahm, Willard Eugene  27 Oct 1926Ranson, West Virginia I7706 Virts 
3 Clevenger, Richard Lewis  16 Sep 1983Ranson, West Virginia I23490 Virts 
4 Ford, Mary L.  7 Nov 1925Ranson, West Virginia I70604 Virts 
5 Hackley, David Wayne  11 Oct 1968Ranson, West Virginia I41986 Virts 
6 Huffman, James Alan  29 Nov 1962Ranson, West Virginia I6313 Virts 
7 Kidwell, Richard Jouinor  1 Jan 1904Ranson, West Virginia I1022 Virts 
8 McDonald, Brian Scott  6 Sep 1980Ranson, West Virginia I39077 Virts 
9 Rankin, Patricia Lane  21 Sep 1942Ranson, West Virginia I52552 Virts 
10 Tribby, Larry Wayne  21 Jan 1961Ranson, West Virginia I53431 Virts 
11 Tribby, Steven Eugene  30 Mar 1956Ranson, West Virginia I53428 Virts 
12 Wiles, Matthew Russell  26 Sep 1974Ranson, West Virginia I21537 Virts 


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnett, Walter Harry  1 Oct 1959Ranson, West Virginia I70499 Virts 
2 Bageant, Evelyn L.  10 Nov 2007Ranson, West Virginia I38628 Virts 
3 Baker, Dallas Beatrice  14 Oct 2005Ranson, West Virginia I5266 Virts 
4 Bane, Rena  23 Jul 1972Ranson, West Virginia I102796 Virts 
5 Bratt, Mary Louise  9 Jul 2000Ranson, West Virginia I42276 Virts 
6 Chrisman, Louise Eliza  5 May 1990Ranson, West Virginia I91987 Virts 
7 Clevenger, Lillian Bernice  15 May 2013Ranson, West Virginia I23338 Virts 
8 Cogle, George Melvin  13 Feb 1965Ranson, West Virginia I21081 Virts 
9 Cogle, Oscar Craven  20 Feb 1964Ranson, West Virginia I39087 Virts 
10 Cotta, Moto Mike  25 Dec 1950Ranson, West Virginia I70602 Virts 
11 Darr, Henry Forrest  16 Dec 1961Ranson, West Virginia I6539 Virts 
12 Darr, William Lewis  18 Nov 1952Ranson, West Virginia I6556 Virts 
13 Eagle, William Samuel  28 Jul 1998Ranson, West Virginia I10309 Virts 
14 Ford, Mary L.  24 May 2005Ranson, West Virginia I70604 Virts 
15 Gosnell, Evelyn Bertella  10 Jan 2005Ranson, West Virginia I279 Virts 
16 Hackley, David Wayne  12 Oct 1968Ranson, West Virginia I41986 Virts 
17 Haines, Helen Marie  8 Feb 2004Ranson, West Virginia I17444 Virts 
18 Hammerly, William Saunders  1 Mar 1971Ranson, West Virginia I45006 Virts 
19 Hayes, Evelyn Jane  10 Mar 2008Ranson, West Virginia I26420 Virts 
20 Jacobs, Lawrence A.  27 Feb 2004Ranson, West Virginia I18658 Virts 
21 Jefferson, Jessie Lee  1 Jul 1990Ranson, West Virginia I33912 Virts 
22 Lincks, Freida Claudine  3 Jan 2019Ranson, West Virginia I63825 Virts 
23 McDonald, Brian Scott  28 Apr 2013Ranson, West Virginia I39077 Virts 
24 Miller, Charles Edward Sr.  5 Sep 1987Ranson, West Virginia I1519 Virts 
25 Mills, Ruth E.  17 Apr 2006Ranson, West Virginia I97188 Virts 
26 Murphy, Charles William  15 Oct 1987Ranson, West Virginia I21627 Virts 
27 Nokes, James Arthur  10 Feb 1999Ranson, West Virginia I14057 Virts 
28 Potterfield, Cora May  24 Sep 1949Ranson, West Virginia I2794 Virts 
29 Snyder, Charles Franklin  14 Nov 1970Ranson, West Virginia I11171 Virts 
30 Snyder, James Alberton  10 Sep 1950Ranson, West Virginia I38721 Virts 
31 Steadman, Frederick Arnold  2 Apr 1950Ranson, West Virginia I18697 Virts 
32 Stone, Edgar G.  11 May 1978Ranson, West Virginia I96686 Virts 
33 Thompson, Gertrude M.  14 Mar 1996Ranson, West Virginia I12695 Virts 
34 Thompson, Reed Temple III  16 Apr 2002Ranson, West Virginia I12681 Virts 
35 Titus, Harry Bernard Sr.  17 Apr 2009Ranson, West Virginia I91986 Virts 
36 Titus, Vernon Leon  1 Jul 2016Ranson, West Virginia I91983 Virts 
37 Via, Robert Lee  18 Jul 2003Ranson, West Virginia I13345 Virts 
38 Virts, Dorothy Etta  5 Feb 1992Ranson, West Virginia I3003 Virts 
39 Virts, Earl McKinley  14 Dec 1983Ranson, West Virginia I824 Virts