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Conrad Wirtz (1741-1821)

Son of Wilhelm Wurtz and Anna Catharina

Time Line


Arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the boat the Neptune , John Mason, Master, on September 23, 1753 from Rotterdam, 


Conrad and Maria marriage is estimated to be about 1765 and in Pennsylvania since their oldest son Peter was born in 1766 and in Pennsylvania.  Conrads wife has been noted as both Maria, Barbara and Barbaray.  This is proven in the Lutheran Church baptism records where they are sponsors for their children and others children.  Also in the deed for water rights sold to John Binns, Deed Book 2E, Loudoun County Virginia.


Conrad first appears in Loudoun County Virginia in 1767 in the Loudoun County Virginia Tax List as Conrod Werts.  The the 1768 Tax List he apperas as Conrad Verts, 1769 as Coonard Wurts,  1770 as Coonrod Verts, 1771 as Conrad Verts, 1772 as Cunrod Werts, 1774 as Cunrod Worts, 1775 as Cunrod Worts, 1781 as Conrod Verts, 1782 as Cunrade Warts, 1784 as Cunrod Verts along with his son Peter Verts, 1785 as Conrad Verts and son Peter Verts.  Loudoun County, Virginia Tithables, 1758-1786.  


November 27, 1772, Conrad appears in a lease between William Virtz and George William Farifax, naming wife Catharina and son Conrad, Deed Book I, pages 135 thru 139, Loudoun County Courthouse, Leesburg, Virginia.


In a Loudoun County Virginia court on April 9-10, 1782 public claims were presented for examination and approval of payment.  The claims were for property impressed or taken for public service during the Revolutionary War.  Conrad Warts was allowed 5 Pounds payment for 300 pounds of beef.  Virginia Public Claims, Loudoun County.


Conrad leased 105 acres in Loudoun County on May 2, 1787.  The lease was between Conrad Virtz and George William Farifax.  Deed Book Q, pages 87-91.  Conrad was to pay a yearly lease of 2 Pounds, 4 Shillings and 7 Pence-Half Penny, due the first day of May each year.  The property was in the Parish of Shelburne in the County of Loudoun on the braches of "Kittoctin", today known as the Catoctin. Three of Conrads sons, John, William and Adam Virtz are named as parties to the agreement which is for a term beginning as dated and extending during their natural lives.  

Conrad is listed in the book The 1787 Census of Virginia - Loudoun County, The Personal Property Tax List for the Year 1787 for Loudoun County Virginia.  He shown as Cunrad Verts, with 6 horses and 10 cattle.


Conrad is listed in the book, The Personal Property Tax List for the Year 1789 for Loudoun County, Virginia.  He is shown as Cunard Verts.  He paid taxes on 5 horses.


Conrad purchased 126 1/4 acres of land in Loudoun County, December 9, 1799.  He paid 507 Pounds.  The deed was between Conrad Wirts and Timothy Hixon and William Howell, execurtors of Hugh Howell.  Deed Book Z, Loudoun County Courthouse, Leesburg, Virginia.  The description of the land is noted as bounded along one side by property owned John Binns, along antoher side by property owned by John Hough and then on another side by that formerly owned by William Hixon.  The property is said to have been a part of a larger tract granted to Calesby Cooke and John Mercer.  The property was sold after Conrads death by his sons Peter and Adam.


Conrad sold the lease on 105 acres leased from George William Fairfax in 1787 to Joseph Smith.  Joseph paid 300 pounds.  The lease was transfered on May 8, 1802.  Deed Book 2B.  Conrad is shows as Conrad Virts in this transaction.

On May 13, 1802 Conrad purchased 16 1/4 acres in Loudoun County from Asa and Sarah M9oore.  He paid 421 dollars for the land.  Deed Book 2C.  Conrad is shown as Conrad Virts in this transaction.  The property was sold by Conrads sons Peter and Adam after his death.

Conrad paid 4 Pounds and 10 Shillings to Mr. Stouzenberger towards the construction of a new church building for the New Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lovettsville, Virginia on June 13, 1802.  Transcribed by George M. Smith form the origianl church register, 1784-1836.


Conrad and Barbara, his wife, sold water rights to John Binns on December 5, 1804.  Deed Book 2E in Loudoun County Courthouse, Leesburg, Virginia.  Both signed the document with an 'X'.  Conrad is noted as Conrad Verts.


March 3, 1821 Conrad purchased 27 acres in Loudoun County from William and Jane Paxson for 675 dollars.  Deed Book 2C.  In January 1824 Conrads sons Peter and William sold the land.


Conrad Virtz will, dated June 7, 1821, Will Book O, Loudoun County Courthouse, Leesburg, Virginia.

"Be it remembered that I Conard Virtz of Loudoun County calling to mind the uncertainty of this life and being desirous to dispose of my worldly Estate do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and four following viz. my will is that my eight children now living shall have equal shares of my estate that it is to be equally divided between Peter, John, William, Adam Virts and my Daughters Elizabeth, Caty, Barbary and Christinas after paying to my two grandchildren, William and Betsy Virts children of my son Henry three hundred dollars each when they become of age, my four sons to have one hundred dollars each more than my Daughters; my will is that my Negros is not be sold unless they wish to be but to be divided amongst my children.  My son Adam Virts to have my farm one year after my death clear of rent.  If a majority of my children should be of opinion that it would be more advantages to the Heirs to sell my land I hereby authorize my Executor to sell the same on such terms as my children as before stated.  Lastly I nominate and appoint my  two sons Peter and Adam Virts Executors of this my last will and Testament revoking all others I witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 7th day of June one Thousand eight hundred and twenty one-1821."

1822 Nov 11 - Estate appraisal of Conrad Wertz, note in hands of William Wertz for property sold before death of Conrad for $518.83, total  $2539.45 1/2.

The settlement of Conrad Wirts'  estate, who died 27 Dec 1821 in Lovettsville, Virginia.

18 Sep 1822 To amount of tax paid to Sheriff           $8.83
08 Dec 1822 To Cash padi Isaac Walker for burying clothes  2.46 ½
30 Jan 1823 Cash paid David Mock for service as clerk at sale  5.35
31 Jan 1823 Cash paid John ______ for crying sale  5.00
31 Jan 1823 Payton Drewy bill for recording certificate of probate of Will   5.18
31 Jan 1823 Cash paid George W. Shaven  8.00
31 Jan 1823 Amount of C. Binn fee bil1  5.33
31 Jan 1823 Cash paid John M. Lacman preaching funeral  3.00
31 Jan 1823 Cash paid Edward Dorsey for making coffin 12.00
1823 Amount received by Adam Virts at Sundry times
17 Feb 1823 Cash paid Robert Moffet for crying sale of land       5.00
10 Sep 1823 Amount of C. Binn's 2 fee bills 11.92
16 Oct 1823 Tax paid to Sheriff on land  3.70
Jan 1824 Cash paid for supporting negros              9.25
07 Apr 1824 Cashing paid Pansy French on account proved  2.50
02 Sep 1824 Cash paid M. Cordell for bringing negro woman and 2
children from Jefferson County                                     5.00
26 Oct 1824 Cash paid Sheriff for Tax            10.91
26 Dec 1824 Amount of two clerk notes  6.78
Apr 1825 Amount of Clerk fee bill              2.96
1825 To Peter Wirts account for clothing and boarding negro Boy for 2 ½ years @ $20.00 per year 50.00
1825 To Peter Wirts account for moving negros from Jefferson 3.00
1825 Sheriff account 1.06
1825 Amount paid Henry Mock at Sundry times 750.00
1825 Amount paid William Wirts at Sundry times 884.03
1825 Amount paid P. Fry at Sundry times 750.00
1825 Amount paid Taupinman (Tauberman) at Sundry times 700.00
1825 Amount paid Jon Wirts at Sundy times 850.00
1825 Amount paid Elizabeth Tribby 600.00
1825 Amount paid John Winer at Sundry times 750.00
1842 ? Fee bil 750.36
1842 Coinnipion (?) allows on $5049 at 3 percent of Land 151.47
1842 Coinnipion allow on $1982.36 ½ percent property 99.10
1842 Lawyers fee  5.00
1842 Coinnipioncy (?) fee for making this testament

 $6698.45 ½

1842 Peter Wirts' share of the estate           $741.50
TOTAL $7438.85 ½

1823 By amount of sale of personal property           $1982.36 ½
1824 By amount of first payment of land  1262.25
1825 By amount of second payment on land  1262.25
1826 By amount of thirdy payment on land  1262.25
1827 By amount of fourth payment on land  1262.25
By _of_ in the foregoing -__?__   4     07.49
 $7438.85 ½

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